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  1. I need a time machine by Friday!!!!!
    So, I work as a cook/door man at a sports bar, and three of my incredibly beautiful co-workers came in to show everyone the outfits they bought for a party this Friday. The party theme is a...
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  2. Random Videos
    for the nintendo fans Midget DOuble kicks his face and still lands on his feet Female Drivers The Hardest part of Rollerblading
  3. Does anyone watch soccer? or futball as some people call it.
    if so what leugue and whos your fav. team?
  4. Homeless Drummer
    This guy is my hero Homeless Drummer
  5. Getting something off youtube
    Would anyone know if it's at all possible to get the audio from a video off youtube? Or even save a youtube video ( i know there are sites to do that) and then get the audio from there? If it's not...
  6. Apparently we are all gay?
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  7. Ok who felt the quake in Cali
    Cali had a 5.8 quake that was felt from L.A to san diego and even up to vegas.
  8. Favorite WWF wrestlers/moments
    I was a huge wwf wrestling fan when I was a kid. Who were your favorite wrestlers and moments back in the day? I went crazy when the Ultimate Warrior came running down to help the Hulk out. Still...
  9. step brothers
    anyone who is over 17 should def see this movie. Hands down funniest movie of the summer. what did you guys think?
  10. I have an idea...but i need your help
    well after reading Svatorm's thread on time travel and after contemplating about the fragility of the young mind and what it would be like to meet your younger self...i have come up with an idea....
  11. Cheech & Chong Reunite for "Hey, What's That Smell?" comedy tour
    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Now that their feud is up in smoke, Cheech and Chong are high on plans to reunite for their first comedy tour in more than 25 years. Cheech Marin (left) and Tommy Chong made a...
  12. Any fisherman out there (from or have fished MN)?
    Just wondering if there's any MN fisherman out there??? More specifically some who have fished Rainy Lake and could give me some tips... We're staying at a place in Black Bay (which I heard was good...
  13. Question to fans of HDNETS Inside MMA
    I don't have HDNET so I rarely get to watch the show Inside MMA unless I see an episode online. So I was wondering if any of you guys who watch the show regularly would be able to help me with a...
  14. Any Dexter Fans?
    I just finished season 2 last night as I was unable to watch the season during it's original air time. Now that I have Showtime I will definitely be watching the third season (airs Sept. 28th). I am...
  15. My Birthday!!!!!
    Yeah, its here just like to let everyone know and, now after 20 days i have been on here without any bans or warnings for a year, pretty cool if you ask me.
  16. What do you think would be the perfect fighter?
    Wrestling- Couture Stand-up- Wandy Submission- Royce GNP-Fedor Leg Kicks- Cro Cop Footwork- Gomi Clinch- Anderson Chin- Cabbage
  17. I DID IT
    i had wat some of you were talking about where you post in every forum and your name in uo under everyone one
  18. I Found Carmen Sandiego!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    To think that it was this easy...
  19. Ken Griffey Jr. to the Chicago White Sox?
    Pending his approval, KGJ may end up on the South side of Chi-town... STORY Bad, bad, bad move. They're wanting to use him in Center Field, too. Sorry, but those 38-year old legs can't be considered...
  20. D0wnUnd6e6r -vs- emfleek (The Rubber Match)
    First it was Lister -vs- Horn... Winner = D0wnUnd6e6r (Lister) ---------------------------------------- Then it was Siver -vs- Guillard... Winner = emfleek (Guillard)...
  21. Sopranos Anyone?
    Anyone here like the Sopranos, I know I'm gunna get one of those duh' post, but I never watched it because I didn't wanna start watching it halfway through season 3 or whatever, so the other day my...
  22. Top Five Favourite Bands?
    Just wondering what your top 5 favourte bands are here's mine: 1: ACDC 2: The TRAGICALLY Hip 3: Alice in Chains 4: Pearl Jam 5: Tom Petty Also love Godsmack, Audioslave, John Butler Trio and Steve...
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  23. free addicting online game
    can't stop playing it... it's like pong on steroids... So far I've gotten to level 8 with like 21000 points... I think it's called CURVEBALL clicky da linky
  24. Manny Ramirez traded to the LA Dodgers...
    Manny Ramirez's stormy relationship with the Boston Red Sox appears to be over. A baseball source has confirmed Ramirez has been traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers, has learned. Jason Bay is...
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  25. The Ultimate Warrior!!!!!
    I just posted this in another thread, but decided it was just too good - it needed it's OWN thread!! The Ultimate Warrior from back in the day was awesome, especially his silly, nonsensical...
  26. After long speculation it's been confirmed.Their is water on mars!!!! Pretty cool news for any of you space buffs out their.Frozen under the layer of Mars.
  27. Standup Comedy/ Who Is The Best
    I enjoy Standup Comedy. I am always looking for new Comics to listen too while I work. So lets hear it, who is your favorite Comic. Mine is John Caparulo
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  28. Bus passenger beheaded while sleeping...
    Holy f'ing crap!!! --------------------- (CNN) -- As horrified travelers watched, a Greyhound Canada bus passenger repeatedly stabbed and then decapitated a young man who was sitting and sleeping...
  29. The Contender: Muay Thai
    Anyone going to watch this. I really liked the first season of the contender and it will prob be more exciting with Muay Thai. I am seeing the first episode tonight
  30. well I hoped it was coming
    the not so front flip
  31. Favorite Movie
    mine is 21 the blackjack movie 1#21 2#Superbad 3#Die Hard 1 4#Saw 3 5#Never Back Down( joke)
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  32. biggest upset
    what's the biggest upset you have seen in mma
  33. College Football is at hand....make your picks!
    The college football season is upon us. Who are your picks and more importantly who is your "dark horse" for a BCS bowl game? Much to ask in one forum, however, what does everyone even think of the...
  34. Fantasy Football
    Hi all, im just testing the waters. I run a fantasy football league and have been running one for approx 5 yrs. I charge £11 to enter with £10 of each entry going into the prize kitty. Last year I...
  35. GSP Penn 2 The Comic!
    Found this on the UG and had to share it, great work by the creator Nickman9000. .
  36. Time travel
    Svartorm's 16 year old jailbait dilemma had me think about time travel. What one single event in time would you travel to if you had this option. Im not saying travel to the 1920's or 1850's etc....
  37. AFI's top 50 heroes/villains
    Found this on wikipedia while looking up information on the Riddler. Pretty interesting list. Post your thoughts! Top 50 Heroes/Villains
  38. Youtube
    Get on youtube and look up Jon Lajoie. Funny as you won't regret it.
  39. Playground's Hall of Fame? update in the hall of fame
    Can anyone answer me why we have season 1 and 2 Hall of Fame, but no more seasons? In league 2, there's only a season 1. Will there be an update for the Hall of Fame? What's the way you get into Hall...
  40. Yahoo Sports Pro Football Pick 'Em (MMA Playground Group)
    Think you know football? Then it's time to sign up for Yahoo Sports Pro Football Pick 'Em. I've made a group for us, here's what you need to know: The...
  41. Man Believes His Dead Wife is Contacting Him Via Cell Phone
    It was five years ago when Frank Jones' wife and son died unexpectedly. His son, Steven, died of a brain tumor at an early 32. Three months later, his wife, Sadie died from a heart attack at the age...
  42. Streamed Events
    the last time i watched a streamed event it was this past Dream. now, there were a few members from the playground watching it at the same time and we all discussed what was happening in the spoiler...
  43. NCAA football fantasy league?
    Is anyone a member of an NCAA football fantasy league i could join?
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  44. i just got out of jail...
    ok so i know ill probably get flamed for this and everyone will say i should have just walked away and that being comforatable with fighting had nothing to do with my situation but ive been thinking...
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  45. Breaking: Amir Sadollah Tasered by Police
    No, not after a high-speed chase. This actually went down during a recent seminar at the Fairfax County Police Department, where SWAT officers convinced Amir to get “tazed” for a demonstration. Looks...
  46. Betting on the WEC tonight
    Ok so I'm betting 300 dollars on Bodog on the WEC event tonight. I am going to do a 3 man parlay. My question to all of you is who do you think the most sure fire 3 bets are. It can be the all...
  47. What are you top 3 favourite/ least favourite sports?
    My top 3 is most likely 1) Football/Soccer 2) Hockey 3) MMA As for the bottom, it would be formula 1 racing, Cricket and Baseball. I really cant watch a full baseball game, sometimes i put it on just...
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  48. What do you think will happen in Green Bay
    i believe theyre going to say its an open competition with favre and rodgers but will start rodgers.. and theyre just doing this to shut favre up... hopefully they will trade him i would love to see...
  49. R.I.P. Skip Caray
    Skip Caray the long time Atlanta Braves announcer died today at the age of 68
  50. padraig harrington
    ranked #3 best golfer in the world behind tiger woods and mickelson and best of all he is IRISH, Im so proud of my fellow Irishmen.
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