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  1. Best first round upset?? (in ncaa tourney)
    if you pick winthrop your a homer
  2. Anyone see the Barrera vs. Marquez fight? (Boxing)
    Damn...what a kickass fight man!!! out of my whole family and friends who saw the fight tonight(maybe 30 of us)...I was the only 1 who was going for Marquez,but then again im prolly the only hardcore...
  3. WOW
    Anyone play world of warcraft? A friend of mine talked me into buying it and I have now realized it is the most addicting game I have ever played. I stared friday afternoon and have already logged...
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  4. Mayweather vs Ocar de la Hoya
    I know this isn't a mma topic, but how can you not ignore this matchup in boxing. One of the biggest fights in a loooooong time. I am for one not a big boxing fan, but I am really excited for this...
  5. The Funniest Show Ever!
    Just thought id share my love for the most politically incorrect show on Irish Television with the rest of the uninformed MMA international community! Its a show about a puppet called Podge who was...
  6. how old
    how old were u guys when you moved out of ur parents house, cause im 19 and ready to get the hell out
  7. This Forum has Potential!
    It's got all the right topics. The wager system is awesome! I hope to see more people on here in time.
  8. The meaning of the F-Word.....
    Check this out....very funny.. Meaning of the F-word.. ...(if the F-word offends you...dont click..)
  9. the face of intimidation
    hahaha.. wtf is ratner doing?
  10. Nothing like a blunt after a long day of training??
    With all the hard training.....nothing like chilling with the training partners and "putting one in the air"? I would love to train with Diego or Diaz.
  11. GET rid of Guilloteen choke!!
    Easy way to get out of a fight. GET RID OF THE GAY ASS CHOKE. I could choke someone out with that with no traning. However a gogoplata, an armbar now those take a lot of skill.
  12. Hilarious thread from sherdog about Fedor
    This is an interview from Fedor and the comments are hilarious.
  13. Favorite WWF/WCW Wrestler as a kid???
    Everybody's got a price.....The Million Dollar man Ted Dibease ..Tatanka.. ..Papa Shango... ...Yokozuna .....Kamala ...Giant Gonzales ...THE BOSS MAN ...Rick Flair ...Hogan
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  14. Favorite Sports Movie of all Time??
    Hoosiers is my favorite sports movie of all time, but then theres RUDY and Remember the Titans.
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  15. Physcedelic Mushrooms??
    WOW...ever with a ufc fight????
  16. Would u take a bare knuckled punch
    Would you take a bare knuckled punch to the face from Cro cop for 20 dollars?
  17. How do you un-subscribe to a thread?
    I'm "subscribed" to a couple of threads that i am no longer interested in. Anyone know how I un-subscribe?
  18. Peyton manning SNL united way skit- Comedy! That was classic!
  19. What did you waste your money on?
    Ever sit there looking at a pile of something and say "What was I thinking when I bought that/those?" I think pretty much everyone, when you're a kid, teenager, or maybe an adult, has blown large...
  20. wiggers funny video, if you take offense to this screw you, you deserve to be laughed at
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  21. Calling all (Soccer) Football Manager fans
    For all of those of you who fancy themselves as the Next jose Marinho have you all heard of Xpert Eleven? It's a free online football management leagues. You can transfer play league and cup matches...
  22. Is this a good or bad thing?
    Good or Bad? EDIT...damn..too late,but i should of added a "I dont know" option to my poll....cuz i really
  23. Fantasy moguls
    Hey all if any of you are into movies theres a great Movie fantasy league game at just sign up and click join league and search for The Underground Forum and join us there. Only...
  24. best hockey double digit number
    these numbers represent gretzky lindros coffey, bourque, turgeon lemieux i forget who's 55, maurice richard maybe pronger
  25. A. Silva- "Randayyy"
    Does anyone remember at UFC 68, when they were asking all the fighters in the crowd who they thought would win the Sylvia/couture fight, and then it gets too anderson, "Randaaaay" in the most high...
  26. NEW, Reggie Warren Jr is Back
    Reggies new video!
  27. My buddies in Cancun
    Greatest pic eva!! Apperantly it was some tourist attraction, this bonobo takes pictures with people for money, and it looks like he picks up quick... They even got it up on collegehumour...
  28. Best Coach of all time??
    Vince Lombardi? Bear Bryant? Phil Jackson? Red Auerbach? Bill Parcells? Tito TUF 3?? Pat Militich?? Bill Bellicheck? Bobby Knight?? Pat Summit??
  29. Favorite Guilty Pleasure TV SHOW??
    I LOVE NEW YORK is the shit, i dont miss it. Its funny, and new york is sexy. Damn!- Whiteboy
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  30. Must haves for UFC/PRIDE night??
    What must you have for a PPV event?? pizza?? beer? Chips? Marijuan? Chicken?? Cigarettes?? Brownies?? Big Screen TV?? Lots of people?? Not so many people??
  31. All Blacks - Haka - Must See!!!!
    Most intimidating Rugby team in the world! Thats american football for real men. Cro Cop would even shit his red and white pants if these guys came at him! All Blacks Haka
  32. Transformers
    Transformers Trailer Sorta old news, I'm still pretty frikken psyched.
  33. What keeps this guy going?
    Matt Albright Where does he find his motivation?!? And I thought Randy Couture had a strong will....
  34. Best Mini-Series TV show...??
    i dont really watch too many Mini-Series but i would have to go with WEEDS....that show got me by the balls and wouldnt let go!(and for only a 25 min show a week )...cant wait till the next season...
  35. GRINDHOUSE....
    Does this movie look amazing or what??? i heard the MPAA made them remove some scenes from the movie in order for it to be able to be released in theaters...which lead me to thinking if it was better...
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  36. Seen the new GTA IV Trailer?
    This game will be on both XBOX360,and PS3....I cant wait! The graphics look amazing!..i know its a CG,but they must be close to that... GTA IV Trailer..
  37. Political Debate
    Since most of you on this board seem educated I figured I would throw out some politics. I'm hoping you all have more to say about Bush then he is a redneck and what not, some good opinions are...
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  38. Please Help ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!VOTE FOR MY SON TO WIN
    Help us beat all these prissy kids.. Vote Tyn TYn FTMFW!!!
  39. Steve segal VS the Governator
    So after some beers me and the friends argue over who would kick whose ass between arnold and steven i look at it like arnold from the commando running man years...and segal in any of the...
  40. Do you listen to the Beatdown?
    Personally I'm a huge Beatdown fan. TJ and Josh is a great duo. I don't like SDS very much but I listen to it because of the interviews.
  41. Fictional Character Battles
    I know I'm not the only person who wonders this stuff. Which fictional characters (comic book or other wise) have you often thought would match up pretty decent in a fight? Mace Windu vs Cyclops...
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  42. FIFA?
    Am I the only person in america that watches football(soccer)? It seems like it... Everyone seems to think its boring... I however love it.... FA Premier - WAR CHELSEA
  43. Florida vs Ohio State - 2 Nutthhugger's cautionary tale
    Now that they are playing in the NCAA basketball final , after previously meeting in the NCAA football title game, I will relate to you a cautionary tale that shows why nutthugging anything is bad....
    Not sure if you've guys seen this, but from the makers of channel101 comes a new show on VH1 called Acceptable TV. It's on fridays following Best Week Ever, and it's a bunch of shows that only take...
  45. Ads On Front Page
    Is anyone going insane hearing the mosquito ad and the iPod Nano ad on the front page? They make me want to scream.
  46. Street Fight Videos
    Post any non-mma fights here... I stumbled across this good one. Ignore the first fight. Watch the second fight. Great use of body shots. Bas would be proud. link
  47. That Damn Buzzing Bug wont shut up on the Website so annoying
    on the other ads at least you can click a stop button . this thing you have to shoot or click to another page.
  48. Collectables (sp?)
    Just had a quick question for anyone out there that might have a little info to help me out... When I was young (about 12) I entered a drawing and won a Mario Lemiuex autographed hockey stick... It...
  49. Anybody ever bet on
    Anybody ever bet on Especially any Canadians?
  50. Anyone else here get the creeps when...
    when you look at a digital clock,and the time is at 9:11? I always feel like something bad is gonna happen when i see the time and its exactly at 9:11 at the exact time i decide to look at it.....
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