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  1. Michael Vick files for bankruptcy
    Imprisoned quarterback Michael Vick filed for bankruptcy protection while serving time for federal dogfighting charges, saying he owes between $10 million and $50 million to creditors. link
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  2. Brewers fans beware...
    Harden and Gaudin, baby. Ohhhh yeah! (Please, if there is a God, keep Rich Harden healthy!!!) And for those keeping tabs...cowcatcher and I have a 6-month avatar bet on the outcome of the NL...
  3. Bobbydoomoccultas' Favorite Band
    Man these guys rock...seriously ABBATH
  4. Is there anyone from So cal in here?
    Im from So. Cal. I was just wondering if there is anyone in here that lives in the area??
    i think i'm gonna quit them
  6. Prank call chick gets owned.
    So i dont know if this is something everybody else laughed at 5 years ago and ive only just stumbled across it know, but i though it was awesome. You can pretty much skip the first 5 mins or so...
  7. Affliction - A one upper?
    Ok, everyone knows the UFC has the world renown voice in Bruce Buffer. However I'm checking out the Affliction site the other day and my ears hear only what is comparable to a voice of an angel. The...
  8. World Series Of Poker
    Anyone else follow this nearly as closely as I do? It's been ongoing for a month or so now (the "Main Event" is going on as I type this) and ESPN is starting up its TV coverage in a couple weeks. Of...
  9. Camp Badge
    Saw a topic for the Top Poster badge and got made wondering about the camp one. Few questions. 1. Do you keep your top camp badge if you leave the camp once recieving it? 2. When going into a camp,...
  10. Greatest threads of all time...
    So what do you think are the best mma playground threads off all time?? Kracker_Jap's Banned members cracks me up every time... My thread on my thingy I thought was a stroke of genius on my part til...
  11. Very Old School
  12. Your tale of the tape
    I mean, how old are you? How tall? Weight? If you've got a fighting record, what is it? You nickname? You can even post pics here of yourself if your keen. 20 y.o 6'6 tall 310 pounds (Built like...
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  13. Favorite Tv Series
    What are you guys watching on tv besides MMA? I like Reaper, Chuck, Two and a Half Men, and The Unit. King of queens is always fun to watch too.
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  14. Roy Jones Jr vs. Joe Calzaghe
    I'm not sure how many boxing fans their are on this forum. To those of whom there are I wanted to see what you're thoughts are on this fight. I am a pretty big boxing fan and am pretty excited for...
  15. people keep giving me stuff and it's only 7:35AM
    my buddy brought me coffee & lunch my other buddy went to go get me some breakfast tacos de papa con huevo is anybody givin' y'all anything today?
  16. ATTN: Jack Johnson fans...
    Help me settle this debate between a co-worker and I. Personally, I don't think there's any question about it. Brushfire Fairytales is BY FAR his best release. In fact, I don't think any of his other...
  17. Hey, let's join the Minnesota Senate race too!
    OK, this is a bit of a serious topic...Riiiiight. It's politics at its finest, which means more nyuks than a 3 Stooges short. Oh wait, we've kinda got that in Minnesota-no, not Larry, Curly, & Moe...
  18. i'm soooooooooo bored
  19. A "Friendly" Bet With A "Friend"...
    With hockey season fast approaching I'm thinking about making a "friendly" bet with a good friend of mine on another board we're both members of. We're good friends who, if he were a member here,...
  20. MICHAEL VICK: Does he deserve to die for what he did?
    This topic came up in another thread. Another playground member and myself have gone back and forth arguing this very stance on Michael Vick's actions. Here's the quote from the other thread... I...
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  21. Joe Rogan makes fun of an affliction-wearing heckler
    Found this at random and its hilarious. Link
  22. MMA Eliminations Season 1
    Yes this is an exact rip off of Mayhem13's MMA Survival, but I was eliminated for missing a pick lol cause i thought it was only secondary events, so here we go rules- no fighter can be picked by...
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  23. Big John vs Dana White in MMA match?
    would you pay to watch Big John vs Dana White in the Octagon? since Dana is having thrash words with Big John , I will not be surprised if these two would have an exhibition match in the UFC, ... I...
  24. Redneck Tank Top
  25. He took a seat at Rose Bowl — 39,250 times
    Jim Purol took a seat at the Rose Bowl, and then another, and then another, until he broke a world record. Link
  26. Most Hated Bands and Why
    Figured we had a fav list so why not one of these. I searched and couldnt find one. Mine would have to be Nickleback, A Simple Plan, and Creed. I dont believe these bands offer any artistic merit to...
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  27. Al Bundy a Black Belt in BJJ
    I'm not sure how old this is, or how many of you already knew this, but I found it to be cool. Al Bundy Mr.Poke High is a black belt in bjj under Rorian Gracie. Al Bundy Black Belt
  28. Sweet video of Maynard from Tool showing his bjj skills
    Maynard Chokes Fan lol
  29. Star Wars
    Ok so since misses1112's thread turned in to a star wars thread then why not give star wars its own thead. this can be for any star wars topics that you would like to talk about, Like which battle...
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  30. Private Messages
    Thank you all for the crazy PMs i've been getting here lately. They are like magic rays of sunshine that come down when i'm feeling blue. you guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  31. MMA in family Guy
    I just seen an episode with a few UFC fighters in it has anyone else seen this? I didn't know how to post the link but tell me what you...
  32. So, tonight i used a kimura...
    To keep a drunk driver, that t-boned an elderly couple, from leaving the accident scene. I pulled over since I was about 30 yards behind them when I saw it, and the drunkard gets out of his truck and...
  33. Heart Break...
    Im just sitting round thinkin about my Ex girlfriend Megan, and i just feel like crying and its pretty lame that im posting this on a Fuc*ing mma forum but have any of you guys had your heart broken...
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  34. Laugh and you Lose
    Saw this on Sherdog. I lost it on the first post. I have never laughed so hard for so long in my entire life. So lets see how we go on this one. If you laugh, you lose. Easy.
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  35. mmm Dunkin' Krispy Kreme...
    Dunkin' Donuts blows Krispy Kreme out of the water. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  36. Wrestlers entrance music
    What WWE wrestlers have the best entrance music? My favorite is the big shows, and its my ringtone. Honourable mention - Batista, Triple H, Mark Henry, Kane.
  37. Unreal Tournament 3
    Anybody have this game for the XBOX 360. It recently just came out and I was wondering who else here has it.
  38. favourite beer/liquor
    i know there's gotta be more nightly drunkards then just me.. favourite beer: 1) Yuengling (the one and only) 2) Stella Artois 3) Spaten Lager favourite liquor: 1) Rumplemintz Schnapps 2) Gran Patron...
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  39. Best Martial Arts demo ever
    I PROMISE it's legit! Link It's an oldie but I'm sure some of you haven't seen it yet
  40. SURVEY: What were you drinking when you got drunk for the very first time?
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  41. High as a kite
    what is the easiest way to get high off one joint my friends want to know
  42. *BREAKING NEWS* - Brett Favre asks Green Bay to be released!
    HATTIESBURG, Miss. -- Three days after a conference call with Green Bay Packers team officials on Tuesday in which quarterback Brett Favre emphatically expressed his desire to play in 2008, Favre on...
  43. This is Great
    The ending is great.Its not very long Self Ownage
  44. Prank Vote
    Anybody ever see these before...Poor Ernie and Tanya . All the Episodes are at the bottom..sometimes they take a while to stream.. Link
  45. or those of you that missed it...
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  46. Cung Le VS Chuck Liddell!!!!!!!!!!! (I had a dream about this)
    I had a dream last night that Chuck Liddell and Cung Le fough eachother live on tv! In my dream,Cung Le came out and immediately slapped a flying triangle choke on Liddell,and I said; "What the F**K...
  47. soccer simulator
    ok i know of mma sims with NHB simulator and UMMAS but does anyone know of a soccer simulator
  48. Ever had to use your combat experience in real life?
    I can only think of 2 offically, I dont think it counts if you get into fights when your young or with no combat experience since you were never properly trained unless it was a vigilante situation...
  49. Battlefield Bad Company. X360
    anyone play? I just got it, its pretty cool, but really glitchy, cant wait for CoD world at war! Add me- NoneSurvived
  50. Ginger WAR!!!!
    OK, the Ginger episode of South Park was on recently... got me to thinking about the best possible Ginger fight.... Carrot Top vs. Danny Bonaduce. Both are ridiculously roided out and washed up.......
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