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  1. MMA: Live for Inspiration Video I Made
    MMA: Live for Inspiration
  2. Diaz Brothers vs The Armenian Cousins
    Everyone knows about the drama between Nate & Karo & everyone knows Manny got hurt in the finale & hasnt gotten a rematch w/ Nate & Karo's talk of all this got me thinking....... Who would win if...
  3. Crazy Cartwheel KO in MMA
    Good NIGHT Irene!!! Cartwheel KO
  4. Rich Franklin Loves PLayboy
    Rich Franklin showed up in a house we are staying. I heard he is George’s pupil. As soon as he arrived, he was glued to Playboy. In this house, there are nothing but Playboy magazines. I asked him,...
  5. You Knew This Was Coming, Right?
    If you haven't checked out ESPN in the last hour, to nobody's surprise Brett Favre is, as he does after every season that should be his last, thinking about a comeback. He retired after last season...
    Under cover cops known as operation village people caught him and arrested him !! Dana looks so scared !! police attack dana
  7. Funniest Sitcom moments
    There is tons of trash on television as we all know, but there are a few shining moments of absolute hilarity! Post your favorite scenes from sitcoms! FRESH PRINCE...
  8. Stepping Out for a Bit
    Well having some family issues right now and wont be able to get on due to this, hopefully things will turn around and get better, and I can return to the normal life. Reason I say and post it...
  9. I know this is old but.......
    still one of the best. Link
  10. hey, got a question
    The song that plays during the credits for this HL, does anybody know who it is? or what the name of the song is?
  11. Funny Commercials
    Ok i saw the funny sitcom thread.and came up with this thread to post your favorite funny commercials Here are a few of my faves.
  12. manning bowl
    does anyone think the manning bros will meet in the super bowl this year seeing how eli won last year and payton won the year before it would be fitting to see them battleing it out in the manning...
  13. Caption Contest (7.3.08)
    Add a caption for this picture...
  14. Its Vacation Time
    Well I just started a 2 week vacation from work and I F'n happy as I can be it well needed and I goin up to Twin Lakes one of the most beautiful places in the word right in Colorado my home state I...
  15. Hotboxing!
    I just pulled off the greatest hotbox ever! For those of you that don't know what it is, its when you shut all the windows and doors and fart. Don't make a big deal out of it and wait for the...
  16. Rickrolled
    check this out
  17. July 4th...
    Happy Birthday to the greatest nation on earth.
  18. Hulk Hogan Is A Dirty Son Of A B........
    my how is little girl has grown. Daddy Hogan was happy as a clam watching his half naked pride and joy pose seductively at a Maxim photo shoot. Link
  19. Howto pick up a chick 101
    Maybe the best voicemail ever left! LINK
  20. Nintendo Wii Fit
    Does anyone have Wii fit? I just purchased it on Ebay and I'm pretty excited. I've played it one time briefly and I just had to get it! It seems kind of silly, but fun, none the less. My question:...
  21. The future of MMA
    May I present to you the future of MMA. My son, Little Fire!!! Picked up a rash guard and thought I would take some training pics. His promo shot Couple of pics training The boxing one is a...
  22. Le Tour De France
    It starts really soon and im looking forward to watching it, should be pretty good. the cyclists are so INSANELY fit its well INSANE. Anyone else follow it or watch it or even know what im talking...
  23. Fail!
  24. Good way to Rick Roll
    I just thought of a good way to Rick Roll someone and am currently testing it on my dad. The best part about this is that he is either gonna crack up or get pissed. So what i did was went on his...
  25. Looks Like We Clinched it!
    Mad props to team sure shot for making it such a close race, good seasoon, Glad to see the MMA Army taking the LHW Belt
  26. Ending the season STRONG
    Great job all the top pickers out there I was vary happy this morning to find out I finished 7th in earnings I have never finished so high ever with the new season starting I happy to finally do vary...
  27. Anyone???
    Anyone know where I can get the Rampage/Forrest Post Fight Interview? I can find the fight easy but the interviews after I can't find anywhere. SO you guys got a link for me?
  28. Me Vs my brother
    hey i was just wanting to show you guys a few of my boxing vids against my brother Tyler, ive never had any professional training so im no Forrest griffin (though people tell me i look like him) so...
  29. MMA SIM League
    IF any of you guys are interested in an mma sim league, come check mine out, its back and better than ever, here's the link
  30. So I heard that at UFC 100...
    They are going to have Royce Gracie vs. Ken Shamrock.. Anyone else hear anything about this?
  31. Anyone remember these? LOL
    Make sure volume is on. Ad 1 Ad 2 Ad 3
  32. Burn Notice
    This show is as cool as the other side of the pillow. They even use Billy Squier in their promo for the new season. See? Cool. That's Jeffrey Donovon, who plays a spy who's been "burned", and...
  33. Funny Movie Scenes
    Alright guys lets post some funny ass movie scenes. I was just watching Grandmas Boy and here are imo 2 of the funniest scenes in the movie. Enjoy. Grandmas Boy DDR Sh*ts Weak
  34. How did you come about your
    Log in Password and what is it? Since we had a thread about screennames, I thought it might be fun to do one about passwords. Who will start?
  35. inventions of the future
    What inventions do you want to see in your lifetime? I think some kind of teleportation thing would be awesome
  36. Any tricks for passing a drug test??
    So I have a drug test on Wednesday(it is now late Sunday night), and I need to pass. The last time i smoked will be 3 weeks on the day of the test. Any tricks for me? Will I be okay if I just go in...
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  37. cubs fans beware
    the brewers just moved into a tie for second in the central, are 10 games above .500, and oh yeah just got CC sabathia from the indians. for some reason when i think cubs right now all that crosses...
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  38. Top Poster badge
    I have noticed members w/ this w/ less posts than me, & im assuming i didnt get the badge bc i was banned for a month a while back im curious as to how long that ban will keep me from getting this...
  39. do you have the cajones to watch this video?
    no its not one of those pop up scare videos. my cousin sent me this, saying after he watched it he had to wait for sunrise to go to sleep. so do you have the balls to watch the whole thing? because i...
  40. Tired of Rampage V Griffin
    Time for funny stuff
  41. beer pong table
    so me and a few of my friends are gunna start building ourselves a beer pong table tomorro, but were having troubble thinking up of a scheme or a way to decorate it. does anyone on here have any...
  42. Fantasy Baseball Trade Help!!
    I have been offered two trades. I would like to know what everyone thinks of them. I was offered Miguel Cabrera for Aramis Ramirez and I was offered Tim Lincecum for Brandon Webb what do you guys...
  43. 360 Mafia vs the BubbleHeads
    I challenge the Bobble heads to a season long avatar bet
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  44. Neg's Urban Sport
    "Neg's Urban Sport" is a segment that is done off the "Balls of Steel" program that i have to assume airs or used to air in the UK. I just discovered it on youtube by way of a friend and felt i had...
  45. I'm back.
    Alright unable to get on for about a week or two was due to family probs and everything is still not going as smooth as they were but better. I thank the ones who dropped in a said a word in the last...
  46. What are y'all havin' for dinner?
    I'm making conchitas.
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  47. a year ago this video changed my life, it can do the same for you now
  48. Fight Shorts
    What fight shorts do u guys think are the best. And how do u size them when u order them
  49. Funny
    Pretty Funny
  50. IM tired
    Im tired of people complaining about Jackson Vs Griffin, it is what it is, it happened already let it go. Rampage lost his belt, yes it was a good fight and i honestly thought Forrest was going to...
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