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  1. whos watching...
    Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao fight David Diaz this weekend? i think pacquiao will knock him out with a doubt, haha, since pretty boy floyd is gone pacman is the best pound for pound fighter in the...
  2. affliction ....
    I heard on the affliction press conference via setanta sports that the affliction card is on ppv in the UK aswell as in the USA. Does anyone know where ???
  3. Is Clinton Portis from this planet
    Ran across this today. Clinton Portis is a pretty funny guy. The video on the link I guess could be related to MMA. I wonder if Bud Foxx is on the fight finder. Hope you guys enjoy Clinton Portis
  4. Why Men Shouldn't Have Action Figures
    This is Great.
  5. Female TUF???
    Could it work? (non-UFC of course) 16 young women, stuck in a house together, with nothing to do. You see where I'm going with this? It's perfect for the TUF/Spike/18-34 year old males demographic....
  6. brandon sene battles post traumatic stress disorder
    poor guy LINK
  7. Prop Meter
    It has now been changed to the Rainbow colors and we all know who has adopted the rainbow. So who will be the first to have their "gay meter" full???
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  8. New Purchase
    So i've been humming and hawing for a while on whether or not I wanted another bike...this is what I picked up a few days ago. I'm pretty jacked to have another bike. EDIT: oh and it's a YZ125,...
  9. American Gladiators Game
    Has any one played this online if not here is the link Link To Fun
  10. Things you hate to do but sometimes you have to do them
    Heres a list of stuff i hate to do and sometimes i had or have to do it.Feel free to add your own..Or just laugh at me #1: Poop In Public Places....This includes far one of the worst...
  11. Sony has lost Over $3 Billion
    Think you paid too much for your Playstation 3? Investors have reason to sweat Mario and Master Chief seen hi-fiving. Link
  12. Inmate leaves toilet paper rose after jail escape
    WOW!!!! Link
  13. Cement Chop Video
    Ey everyone I just want to share this video link h slow motion I found from the clash awhile ago. Actually the featured video is the karate chop in the most painful in slow motion video. Gosh!!!...
  14. Simple Pleasures
    What are some of the things in life that you consider to be a simple pleasure? Sure, some people may think, "What's so great about that?" but to you, it's something you enjoy and/or love doing. 1.) I...
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  15. ref doesnt take it
    dont know if you guys have seen this yet but if not here it is Link
  16. Official "I'm Stoned" Thread
    heres a story to start off the thread..... so i was smokin a fat blunt in the car a few years back and this cop pulls me over (for a broken tail-light) so i put the blunt out and light a cigarette, i...
  17. Then vs. Now
    This topic just came to me, when I turned on the TV this morning and they were comparing the movie Dazed and Confused to Superbad, and I got to thinking about alot of past events, sports teams,...
  18. What can I do?
    I'm going to fight a kid this summer, I'm getting revenge on him for giving me a black eye last summer. He's half an inch taller than me and he had a lot of fights, I haven't had a single memorable...
  19. MMA Playground gets the cold shoulder!
    Was reading last months issue of FIGHT magazine. And they had a top 25 list of MMA internet sites that mma fans should go check out. Top of the list was sherdog. And I was shocked to see no...
  20. divorce help
    Has anyone here gone through a divorce? If so, can anyone give me some pointers on how to start the divorce process? I have a 2 year old daughter that I'm afraid I will not get custody of, even...
  21. Is anyone here a Juke...Box...Hero?
    now before you start scratching your heads and then remembering that Foreigner song, let me explain. have any of you guys ever experienced a moment in your life where you witnessed an object, event...
  22. Snapshot of the Day : Affliction playing a dangerous game.
    thats a picture of the Afflcition Marketing, I’m sure the Affliction guys probably said “Hey, they’re already going head to head with us on July 19th, so why shouldn’t we do stuff that pisses Dana...
  23. Crosby or Ovechkin
    The two best players in the NHL, and the future of the NHL, who do you think is the better player, and will do better throughtout their career.
  24. Teen decapitated at Six Flags
    The Batman roller coaster at Six Flags over Georgia, was going full speed when it hit and killed a teenager on Saturday. Read more
  25. Dodgers no hit.....and win!
    I have been a Dodgers fan for a long time. Tonight my beloved Dodger were no hit by the Angels, and won. Should I be happy, or dissapointed? With the way the season is going, I will take a win no...
  26. Just a thought
    What do you think about bringing stuff from wrestling into mma eg tag team, hardcore match, royal rumble, special guest refs eg?
  27. Who would win: Goku or Fedor ?
    I think Goku takes this one, he's just to powerful. So it's Goku or The Last Emporer
  28. What is your favorite anime ?
    If you watch anime, I'm interested to what you all watch. My life long favorite(has been) and is Dragonball Z Others I enjoy are Blue Gender , Yu Yu Hakusho, and Street Fighter So what is your...
  29. Ghost!
    I don't know if any of you belive in them or not but either way this video creeps me out............ Link
  30. UEFA cup 08'
    yessssssss!! Spain won!!
  31. WANTED
    was f*cking awesome! that is easily the most hardcore movie i have EVER seen
  32. Richie Cunningham's MMA pic
    Richie Cunninghams fist MMA fight pic
  33. Drunk angry midget gets owned
    Here Its pretty funny watching him take off his little tiny jacket with his little tiny arms, he must have a short temper. & Drunk chicano girl gets owned by sloppy double leg takedown Rampage...
  34. For those interested in the subject of theology
    The book "Misquoting Jesus" by Bart D. Ehrman is fantastic. Its well researched and does a great job illustrating why there are so many variances between the many different versions of the bible in...
  35. Would you pay $35 for admission to a theater?
    There's a theater going in about 10 minutes away from where I live that is going to be $35 admission for a movie. I'll probably check it out once just to see what it's like. "plush, reclining seats...
  36. Proof women should be playing baseball..?
    Check out this amazing catch .
  37. Then vs. Now 2
    This is the second Then vs. Now the first one being Superbad vs. Dazed and Confused. This one I wanted to go with two undefeated football teams from different eras. The 1972 Miami Dolphins vs. The...
  38. LEAKED: Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz bedroom pictures
    *WARNING THE LINK HAS GOT THE PICS SO DON'T CLICK IT IF YOU'RE IN WORK OR THEIRS KIDS ABOUT! With the recent spate of celebrities "stolen" naughty pictures I don't know why I was so excited about...
  39. What will you be doing July 19th
    I think that I am going to record Affliction and watch Fight night, thank GOD for DVR.
  40. Fight Erupts On Live T.V.
    Dude this Crap is funny Link
  41. Guess who met the best 140 lb. Bjj practitioner in the world today
    I did, thats right i am awesome. Heres the story, I started training in judo a few months ago and today i decided to attend a judo class with my friend at a gym called knuckle up. Near the end of the...
  42. Dumb forum game of the day: your Zombie Apocalypse movie
    If you were in a zombie movie... 1. What genre would the movie be? 2. What would be your main weapon? 3. What would be your theme song? 4. Who would be your sidekick? My zombie movie would be an...
  43. Best comedy movie of all time ....
    I'm from the UK, and no matter what anybody says, the best comedy of all time, that still makes me crack up every time i watch it has to be DUMB AND DUMBER !! Jim carrey and jeff daniels were made...
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  44. Walker Texas Ranger, Love it or Hate it?
    Well I think it is pretty self explanatory, I have one of those oh so valued and oh so rare days off. There is nothing on television here except for an episode of W.T.R. It got me wondering what the...
  45. Hockey Free Agency
    Teams are going nuts right now. Here's the link Just refresh the page to get the latest
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  46. Wanderlei Silva Vs Rich Franklin
    Part 1 Part 2
  47. X-box 360 Media Sharing to Pc help
    Any help what-so-ever would be greatly appreciated. This is the situation. I have a small network in my home. I have my computer and my X-box 360 wired through a Linksys Befsr41 Version 4.2 router. I...
  48. David Blaine VS Criss Angel
    Who do you think is has the real power. I personally think that david blaine is bieng controlled by the devil unwillingly. and criss angel is just an entertainer.
  49. Random Funny stuff
    Time for more Funny
  50. D0wnUnd6e6r -vs- emfleek (the Rematch)
    AVATAR BET: Siver -vs- Guillard PS...If you're not happy with your current fight camp, drop me a line and we'll get you set up with Team Sure Shot for Season4.
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