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  1. EA Sports Fight Night fans... Whadayathink?
    Ran across this commercial somewhere's on the interweb and thought that it looked interesting since I've been waiting patiently for FN Rd4 to come out for like two years... Don't know if it'll be any...
  2. $50 is $50
    Morris and his wife Esther went to the state fair every year, and every year Morris would say, 'Esther,I'd like to ride in that helicopter.' Esther always replied, 'I know Morris, but that helicopter...
  3. Ovechkin Wins Hart Trophy as NHL's MVP
    Also won 3 other awards. His offensive ability is beyond questioning. He is starting to play the PK and be on the ice in the final minute with the Caps up. I'm hoping he is looking at Datsyuk and...
  4. A joke
    A seal walks into a club...
  5. Sherdog Sucks !!
    It seemes to me that most people on there have problems man, no respect and way to much anger. Maybe it's just me but alot of the stuff is just childish but to each their own Whats your opinion? ps...
  6. Celtcis VS Lakers Game 4!!
    Did anyone see this game?!?! Celtics were down 21 points after the first quarter and 24 points at one time. Then in the second half their defense clamped down and they came back to WIN the game 97 -...
  7. Banned for Kmart
    this is funny as hell and I just had to share with my Peeps
  8. Another joke but IMO way more funny.
    A man is in a hotel lobby. He wants to ask the clerk a question. As he turns to go to the front desk, he accidentally bumps into a woman beside him and as he does, his elbow goes into her breast....
  9. learn chinese in 5 min
    more funny stuff for you
  10. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
    Who's got it, who is loving it, and who thinks it is going to come to the 360? I'm enjoying this game too much. The online game is unlawfully good. Thought opinions? Also i don't own a PS3 but i...
  11. Random Videos
    I wasn't sure if there was a thread for random videos. Anyway, thought I would post up some stuff. Reporter doesn't pause...
  12. LOL at the "Red Sox Nation"
    The chick really lets you have it!! Poor Nation
  13. More priceless!!
    I loved this thread before.
  14. Men fillet Charlie the Tuna
  15. Happy Friday the 13th!
    Happy Friday the 13th!!!
  16. Any Art Fans Out There?
    Just wondering if anyone in the playground is an art fan. I'm a huge fan of fine art and i have a Chet Zar painting called "Weeping in the Brambles". I also just bought his Limited Edition Book (...
  17. R. Kelly found not guilty in child-porn case
    If anyone care's that someone else with cash get's out of jail free card. R. Kelly
  18. the happening
    has anyone seen this movie yet? and if you have is it any good? please don't tell me anything about the movie, i just wanna know if its worth seeing
  19. Video just in of Dana's big announcement!
    Finally he is breaking the big news! Link
  20. some pics i made
    i made a few pics on photoshop, what do u think? EDIT: shit there too large, ill resize them n post them later lol
  21. Great Site with MMA betting
    Hey this is a great free betting site that includes mma betting. Check it out if your interested.
  22. tattoos
    What are some tatts you have, or want? the 1st 2 pics are ones I already have. the other 2 are the ones Im gettin
  23. Tim Russert
    I am very saddened to hear about Tim Russert's untimely passing. His interviews on Meet The Press were crucial to so many people in learning about the politics of our country. He held politicians...
  24. Euro 2008! Rep Your Squad!
  25. Kat Williams-Weed
    Funny stuff LInk
  26. The Incredible Hulk
    Take away the first and last words and you have it- Incredible. This movie was far better than Iron Man! Bruce Banner was played perfectly by Edward Norton, and the special effects version of "The...
  27. Will Smith Is A Narcissist
    from his days on that terrible show fresh prince of bel air, will smith has always been a self admirer, from naming episodes with the title "I" in them (example "I, Done") to his movies.... which are...
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  28. Dumb State Laws
    I found a site that has state laws that are pretty dumb...heres the list of Pennsylvania..Feel free to add your state or province or whatever and debate what state is the dumbest..Some of these i...
    I make these flowers out of wire and they are actually pretty cool, not to pat myself on the back or anything. Yes guys, flowers. But anyways, i made a few for my grandmother's gravesite. They have...
  30. Best sports headlines-pics up know
    post you the best sports headlines you have seen.
  31. Water Park Prank
    Water park
  32. Happy Fathers Day
    Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers on the playground. I have 5 kids myself. 2 boys, 3 girls. My oldest boy wrestles with his high school team. Anyways, Cheer's. Have a cold one, you deserve it....
  33. This looks like it huts
    Nice knock out
  34. Any news about UFC 2009
    I've just been wondering if anybody heard anything else about the game, because i was really looking foward to seeing an update about it at UFC 84, but as we all know that didn't happen.
  35. Fantasy Baseball Trade Help!!
    Should I trade Brandon Webb for Brandon Phillips??
  36. Trailer Park Boys: The Movie
    Just rented it at blockbuster last night & let me tell far one of the funniest "tv show turned movie" movies i have ever seen for those unfarmiliar w/ the show i highly recommend the...
  37. US Open
    This is insane...Sudden death after 90 holes..WAR ROCCO!!!
  38. Scale
    ok so i need a scale for weed cuz im tired of getting ripped off here and i may even start selling to a few friends and have been looking around on the internet and most are like at least 50$ do you...
  39. Crooked Cop Stories
    feel free to share your crooked cop stories here, i got one while going the speed limit 50mph i got pulled over for "a broken tail-light" and when i asked if i could check it he said no, he then says...
  40. ps3
    i have one in every room how about you?????
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  41. Tito and Chuck
    It's funny the shit they're saying to eachother. Tito's snowman comment is too lame for words, but it's good for a laugh. Kinda funny
  42. Redneck Pictures are funny
    lets see em redneck swing and redneck mansion
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  43. Senior Pranks
    So I'm graduating, my last day of school is tomorrow, and people are starting to do the prank thing. Last week we had a guy run through the cafeteria naked with a megaphone, and he got away with it....
  44. Joe explains what drugs he's used and why
    I looked for this in here and didnt see a post before. But all I have to say is HUH?? It must be hard to talk about drugs when your so jacked up at the time.. JOE ROGAN
  45. Listen To The Black Keys
    If anyone out there enjoys good music listen to The Black Keys. I have seen a few people comment on my avatar so I know there are a few souls that are not lost. Ha ha ha Make yourself be known. The...
  46. Ouch (Low Blow From Adrenaline Event Saturday)
    Found this pic on Sherdog just now, one of the low blows that got Daiju Takase DQ'd against Terry Martin. I think Daiju's facial expression here qualifies as a Fail too, but in a strangely silly...
  47. Stan Winston, 1946-2008
    Stan Winston, 62; special-effects guru won 4 Academy Awards By Dennis McLellan Los Angeles Times Staff Writer June 17, 2008 Stan Winston, the renowned makeup, creature- and visual-effects wizard...
  48. just thought i'd share
  49. Ali Sonoma-photo shoot
    I think shes talking to much in this Link to photoshoot
  50. Lakers v Celtics
    Celtics stomped a mud hole 131-92, know thats what I call a good old fashioned ass whoooopin.
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