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  1. Avatar bet threat for UFC 84
    Mine is expiring I think and I want to suffer more apparently. Here are the ones I'm willing to bet on: Vera over Werdum, Swick over Davis, and Taylor over Liaudin. First come first serve, I prefer...
    O.K, who lost and who has to wear new avatars of shame. Avatars post.
  3. Chuck Lidell and Quinton Jackson in Mortal Kombat vs. DC You've got to be crappin me.
  4. Bloodsport Mentos Commercial
    link link
  5. Who Needs MMA?
    Where can i take lessons from this sempai? Linkage to Pwnage
  6. Tito Ortiz UFC 84 triangle on Lyoto Machida oh so close …
    … part of me was hoping for the stoppage — it would have been the perfect storybook ending:
  7. LMAO - Ironic
    I Find this to be hilarious, I was just looking at some old posts, and saw this. Its a thread regarding people that are banned. ***Read the one Third from the Top*** Link
  8. Gogoplata banned from competition!
    Link Wow, this is a sad sad day. But apparently that illegal chokehold crushes larynxs and injures to many people
  9. My gaming mashup video
  10. YESSSS!!!!!!
  11. MMAPlayground Magazine
    Just a thought. What if the powers that be published MMAPlayground the magazine. Who would grace the first cover? Content? Training techniques, upcoming events, recap of past events, regional amature...
  12. Avatar
    Well I just got to Full Mount, and I thought it might be time to get myself a new Avatar. The problem is I don't no how to make one, I'm not very computer savy. If someone Could make me a dope GSP...
  13. Canseco offers $5K for boxing opponent
    Just when you thought Jose Canseco's life couldn't get any more surreal, he goes and does something like this. Canseco, the former Oakland A's slugger and reality TV veteran who recently revealed...
    How long til it goes into effect? a couple hours? a day? i love the playground & thought it was time to show my support.
  15. Jose Canseco has an Opponet
    I was watching PTI (Pardon The Interuption) just 2 seconds ago and they announced the opponet for Canseco New York Jets Player vai sikahema will be fighting him. not like anyone cares just thought...
  16. Horror Movie Killers
    You ever go on wikipedia and then you go non-stop from one page to another since you find something you want to go deeper in on every page? Just happened to me. I watched Freddy vs Jason on the USA...
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  17. With the exception of MMAPlayground...where's the best place... watch videos of fights?
  18. ATTN: Sports Gaming Fans
    If you're a fan of MMORPG and football, Goal Line Blitz is something you'll like. I've been playing for a couple months now and I'm still addicted and still trying to perfect the creation of my guy....
  19. Fight Or Flight Scenario
    I was flipping through channels one day and a story caught my attention immediatly, it was about a man who had to fight off 2 men bigger than him breaking into his house to rob the place, the story...
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  20. question
    im not sure if this is the right room or not but i have a question under all the names and stats of people there are like phone reception bars and a number whats does that mean and secondly if it...
    WWW.MMAHITPIT.COM MMA HIT PIT is a new site based in the UK made by fans of the sport to promote it as best we can. We are looking for people to contribute to the site in anyways, if you have any...
  22. Great Moments in MMA Product Endorsement
    LINK Enjoy
  23. Premium Member
    I am very happy to say that I am finally a Premium Member, Thank you
  24. Stoked!
    Just confirmed today that my brother (aka chubbud22) and I have 2 tickets for Affliction:Banned on July 19th. I have never been to a live professional MMA event and am very excited for this...
  25. Downloading MMA torrents
    I just started doing this. But it takes forever to download just one torrent! And I even have a high-speed connection. Anybody know any tricks to make this go faster? I want to do as many as...
  26. Holy Crap! Its big John with a shotgun "Grabbin as many looters as he can" during the Los Angeles riots!
    Wow! Link
  27. Workout Music
    Ok, i did a search and couldn't find a topic on this: I'm a complete LOSER and just got an iPod. I know. I know. Anyways, i am looking to put some stuff on there that will be good for working out to....
  28. Unusual incident causes disqualification at MMA event
    Fred Mitchell has celebrated two milestones in his mixed martial arts career while fighting at the Alexandria Riverfront Center. During a March 1 bout, Mitchell hit his opponent so hard the blow...
  29. Deep Questions of Philosophical Significance...
    Post your "deepest thoughts".... I'll start. If Jesus came back today, would he cut his hair and shave or still rock the "hippy" look?
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  30. Celtics Vs Lakers
    Lakers in 6 Boston=cant win away, and miss their free throws when they matter debate
  31. Heading out West again.
    Hey folks! I'm heading out to Montana to work on building my house again on Monday. It should go up quick and I expect to be back in 4-6 weeks, but I will have very limited internet access until...
  32. He's back!!!!! Return of the Ultimate Warrior!!!!!!!!!!!
    After a 10 year absence from the squared circle,the Ultimate Warrior is returning to fight the heavy-weight champion of the NWE. The one above is the warrior at...
  33. Truly a deep question of philosophical significance. (No jokes, please)
    I am definitely one to blame for the other thread getting loose on a tangent, but let's try to get it back on track with a serious discussion this time- One of the things I always pondered when I was...
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  34. Alien Life Form
    Did anybody else find it funny when the commentator said Kimbo should be aiming at the alien life form on the side of James Thompsons head? I thought it was funny.
  35. Dragon Ball the movie (pics!)
    In case you haven't herd,they're making a Dragon Ball movie.Here's some pics from the movie.What do you guys think?
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  36. The Strangers
    I saw this movie last Friday and I'm not even going to lie, that was by far the scariest movie I've ever seen. I was so tense the entire movie that I had a migrane afterwards haha. There was a full...
  37. new UFC game trailer?
    my friend told me of a new trailer for the upcoming ufc game, and he said it had a bit of gameplay. anyone seen it? anyone know where i can find it?
  38. Am I alone in this?
    Did anyone see Phil Baroni's ring entrance on Saturday night? I've been stewing about this for a few days now and I'm only saying something with the understanding that this is not fighter bashing....
  39. Army of Two
    so, i recently bought this video game and i have to say that it is probably one of my favorite games of all time. however, it seems to be a hate it or love it type of game. just wondering what you...
  40. mma teams
  41. Epic Fail: Nick Serra
    I was holding off on posting about this because I thought a video would turn up by now, but it looks like the video-sharing sites aren’t on fire with undercard matches from EliteXC: Primetime, so...
  42. MMA Coverage on ESPN/ESPN Radio
    It seems since Saturday, the coverage of MMA on ESPN and ESPN radio has picked up. Just wondering if anyone else listens to ESPN radio and has any thoughts of their coverage? I think for the most...
  43. War Obama!
    Looks like it's all over tonight, Hillary is going to concede. She's not going to formally end her campaign, but senior advisers acknowledge it's over. But noy formally ending she might be able to...
  44. Spike TV Announces 2008 'Guys Choice' Winners
    Link Looks like Anderson was awarded "Most Dangerous Man"...that's awesome news. I wonder if he speaks English for his acceptance speech, or if he needs his translator. Looks like it will be aired...
  45. Who is the mole on ABC … former UFC ring girl Ali Sonoma?
    I hadn't realized that Ali was to be on this show...not sure if that's enough to get me to watch or not, but interesting nonetheless. Link “Ali is a model, who has worked as a ring girl for the...
  46. The Hulk
    I actually want to see this movie even though I hated the first one. Norton is one of my favourite actors and this actually looks like a really good movie. Anyone else gonna see this?
  47. Coke is a bad drug!
    This guy was on coke when he decided to plow through some cyclists. 2 people are dead according to the Valley Morning Star.
  48. Kimbo's mug shot
    This is from TheSmokingGun's website...they often post mug shot's of various celebrities. I'm not posting this to bash Kimbo...don't really care that he has an alcohol offense to be honest. I just...
  49. Top 5 Favourite Films
    What are your top five fav films? IN NO SPECIFIC ORDER!! Reservoir Dogs Shooter The Boondock Saints Pulp Fiction The Departed
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  50. Who's seen Indiana Jones 4? Don't open if you plan on seeing it!
    I never make threads, but I just had to for this subject. I know there's a few threads about Indiana Jones 4 trailers, but I haven't seen one on the actual movie. I saw it the other day and I must...
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