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  1. Ben Rothwell vs. A kid who got lost on his way to buy magic cards Sorry, had to post it here as well. Its just so hilarious. How did they let...
  2. Annoying things your girlfriend does!
    I could reel off about 30 things that my girlfriend does that piss me off so bad i want to drown her ass!.... But i wont i'll just list 5 and see if I'm justified with them pissing me off! I'd just...
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  3. Anybody seen the mcpherson tape?
    I think it also goes by alien abduction, incident at lake county. I remember watching it was a was like 13, and i couldnt watch it all the way through becouse i was to scared. So after reading the...
  4. Check out my fairy tale (feedback) - please no gay jokes.
    No joke, i have a literature class at my college and our assignment is to write a Fairy Tale. I came up with the following, ive gotten mixed reactions from different people and would like some...
  5. Hows Your NBA team Doing Now Sucka?!
    Hows your NBA teams doing if they made it to the post season... Have they tasted defeat already or is there still hope. Upsets in the making? Who do you think will be raising that trophy at the end...
  6. Funny training gif of Jess "The Joker" and Joe Stevenson (New Escape)
    I just saw this on Sherdog and thought I'd share it with you guys. Pretty funny "escape" by Liaudin.
  7. What Belt are you in Jui Jitsu and What's your Grappling Record
    Here you can discuss Jui Jitsu, belts, Tecniques, etc. Currently I'm a Blue Belt under Majhee Reeves, I've been doing it for 2 Years now. My Grappling Record is 12-4 because I can't restrain from...
  8. A Place to watch UFC 84 in Shreveport, LA?
    I just moved here for the summer, and I really don't want to spend $45 to watch it by myself. Does anyone live near here, or know any places that would show the fights?
  9. Whats worse then catching some guy doing your girl?
    If this happens right after. That would have to be the worst night a guy could have.
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  10. UFC video game
    Can anyone tell me when the ufc video game is coming out? Ive seen the trailor and am getting all kinds of frustrated.
  11. Kimbo Slice to present at Country Music Awards tonight (Sunday)
    That’s not a typo. Apparently Elite XC heavyweight Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson doesn’t have enough fans, and he’s looking to add more from another genre tonight as he makes an appearance as a...
  12. Who is Sean Sherk?!
    LINK Its a must watch EDIT: also Noticed this is my 2000 Post
  13. Funny Graffiti
    post the funny shit youve seen on toilet doors, random walls, school desks or the net
  14. Steroids rock!
    With stories like this floating around, I honestly don’t know why EVERYONE isn’t on steroids. They sound freaking awesome: Three days into the cycle, my nipples began to itch: onset of Gynomastia....
  15. Hornets / Spurs - Game 7
    Let's go Hornets baby. Make daddy some cash! Thoughts?
  16. I need your guys' help!!!
    Since i'm always changing my avatar picture,I was hoping you guys could vote on one of these five,that I can keep for a long time.I always want to change my avatar,but hate doing it.Here they are: My...
  17. I know i did a few of these b4
    but i found a simulator that can save link
  18. Favorite Old School Gaming System
    i lived thru them all, atari, nintendo, sega etc id have to say sega was my favorite
  19. Man beats kids
    This is the most brutal child beating I've ever seen....
    JAGS FOR SALE, TOO? Buried in Michael Silver’s report that the St. Louis Rams are for sale is an even bigger potential bombshell. Citing an unnamed “high-ranking league source,” Jaguars owner Wayne...
  21. Pens Vs Wings Whose Bringing Home Lord Stanley
    I didnt put option for how many games cause there isnt enough options. Well seeing as I gotta be a homer..Im saying the Pens bring it home..Atleast im hoping.The Wings Experience scares me and Im...
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  22. Owned
    Owned by swingset Owned by urine Chicken owned by horse Owned by the laws of gravity Owned by gravity, again
  23. NBA Lottery Results
    Click me, sticky buns. Wow. Was hoping that the Knicks would get higher than #6. Surprised that the Bulls snagged the top pick.
  24. The worst news ever!!!!!
    :thumbsdown Why jessica..... Why?!.... Sad, sad stuff
  25. Wonderful News!!
    On May 19 2008, 11.06 pm, God blessed me and my wife JungMin with a healthy and happy baby boy. Aidan SooMin-Kim Smith Aidan was born weighing just over 3kg and was 50cm long. (~6.6 lbs and 20") We...
  26. Rachelle Leah
    I have heard that she is doin Playboy soon, is this true?
  27. Epic Fail: Dokonjonosuke Mishima
    Mishimas Failed bacflip after victory over Imaniri at DEEP
  28. UEFA: i am surprised there isn't a topic about this
    WAR Chelsea...its in PK's now, Hell of a game so far stupid Drogba got a red card late in the second period of extra time so i am curious to see how this will play out
  29. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
    I dont know if it annoys anyone else but people writing multiple posts (2-3in a row) in the same thread get under my skin. I wont name names, and some of them have intelgent things to say but...
  30. Av's Up For Grabs
    some here
  31. Lakers Vs Spurs
    Lakers took game one by a slim margin, i expect Lakers Vs Celtic in the finals... who still in the play offs and who has hopes for next season
  32. Ed Herman Fight From High School Of all the fights I've seen from school...I aint never seen a high kick KO...
  33. Inspired by the annoying girlfriends topic: "Post Pictures of Your Girlfriends Here"
    Lets put a face to some of the annoying bitches that we so gracefully allow to make our sandwitches and control our lives (post mine in a sec)
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  34. Can CC KO a horse??
    I seen it on the "entrance" to the padded room... nobody's asked the question... so i will... Do you think Cro Cop can knock out a horse.... I think... Yes... Maybe even with a liver shot... I'd pay...
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  35. Fight Night
    I buy every UFC PPV, and watch just about every MMA fight card that is shown on tv. I was wondering what sort of things do you guys and gals do on fight night. Invite friends over, go over to...
  36. Free PPV on my computer?
    I was talking about this today at school with a couple of my friends and they said you can watch PPV for free on your computer, so i was just wondering if anyone knows how i can watch it for free...
  37. craziest thing youve eaten?
    title says it all really, whats the craziest, weirdest thing youve eaten? doesnt have to be food. For me its kangaroo, not really that crazy lol
  38. Deckagon - New Season Starting Soon!
    To all of those that already play, how did you do this past season? It was my first year in the game and I ended up winning my league and promoting to the Tier 3 leagues. The Bear Den is on it's way...
  39. This is AWESOME!! Check out this game if you like football.....and please forward this link to everyone you know. Cary Stayner
  40. If this is real its the weirdest thing ever.....
    But is probably not. Link
  41. American Gladiators HAHA
    check this chick out.
  42. Mike Tyson documentary clips.
    Here is a video that contains clips from the new Mike Tyson documentary 'Tyson'. Link Don't worry, it is not a rickroll.
  43. avatar bet for sherk vs penn anyone?
    im picking sherk if you want an av bet message me
  44. MMA at the 2008 Summer Olympics (fantasy, of course)
    With Beijing 2008 a few months away, I thought it was time to break down the MMA competition. (In case it's not painfully obvious, this is purely speculative. To my knowledge, MMA isn't even being...
  45. Who saw this on Myspace's front page?
    Me and my friends used to tool around Frankfurt and a lot of other towns in Germany with a video camera and record all the drunk ass german bums when they'd wake up in the morning. They'd always do...
  46. GTA IV
    give me your grade on 10
  47. Tim Sylvia sings about Penn, Sherk and other lightweights.
    Enjoy! Link
  48. I WON MY 1ST AV BET!
    Thanks BJ Penn! & thanks xxMALICExx for being a good sport! This will be his new av til June 21st
  49. Quick Question...Is Jardine's Jaw Broken?
    It sure looked like it
  50. I also won my 1st AV bet!
    Alright, thanks to BJ Penn I beat Atlas777 in an av bet. He said he was going to find the gayest AV for me ever, since we had a no boundaries bet. Anyways, thanks for being a good sport about it and...
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