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  1. hey guys check it out
    as some of you know, i am launching a MMA clothing line...well we finally have our first to shirts printing (they are a little different then the first one i posted up a while back), and I will have...
  2. redbelt
    has anybody heard any reviews on the movie or anthing on the movie. it was released to the theartes last week in california and new york. or has anybody seen it? i was just wondering if it was worth...
  3. Help Stop Dr. Uwe Boll from producing more crap movies.
    A Summary of Uwe Boll's Directorial Record Number of films released in the US: 3 However, he currently has 7 other, equaly bad, films to his directing credit never released in the US. Number of...
  4. Pimp Quest
    was a little bored looking for some free games and came upon this Pimp Quest
  5. who dips?
    do you dip? what kind do you use? Grizzly Wintergreen here
  6. MMAPlayground is the best!
    I just want to say that I've been to a number of different sites and I think this site is by far the best. When I visit sites like Sherdog and Junkie and then compare with the playground, I feel that...
  7. What movie motivates you to train and/or compete? [SNT]
    What movie do you watch to get motivated? It doesn't have to be for Martial Arts or can be any sport. For wrestling, Vision Quest always seemed to do the trick for was a ritual to...
  8. More crime from a collegiate athlete
    From Yahoo! sports... GAINESVILLE, Fla. — A Florida football player was kicked off the team Friday after turning himself in on charges he used...
  9. When you can't afford a Roor
    Authorities are investigating an admission from theft suspects that they dug up a grave and stole a child's skull. One of the suspects even made the disturbing confession that he and his friends went...
    4 of my friends have already told me they forgot til i reminded them so i thought i'd post this as a reminder in case anyone else might have forgotten also.
  11. Knicks get Mike D'Antoni
    Knicks get Mike D'Antoni for head coach but how do you think the knicks will do with him with the type of all star players the suns have and the knicks don't have.
  12. Anyone looking for a new avatar?
    I'm going to post some I found in this thread. Enjoy
  13. Nick Diaz applies the Scorpion Deathlock...
    Or Sharpshooter...can't remember which is which.
  14. Met Anderson Silva last night May 10th
    I had a VIP ticket to the Link FC show in wichita, KS on may 10th and anderson silva was there cornering his training partner Damaso Schubert in the main event. I got a couple of pictures with him...
  15. This is why mothers should not home school their kids...
    ... Video Link... They become socially inept, depndent soley on their mothers. So they have a unique skill, its still useless in the real world. In fact the only purpose it serves is for the mother's...
  16. Avatar Bet
    I have an avatar bet on BJ to beat Sherk, and am trying to find some thing clever to give to the guy I am betting. I dont know how to make them, so if any one has a good one PM me or post on this...
  17. Can anybody resize this for me?
    I don't know how to mess with these things that well but I'd love to have this as my avatar if it can all be visible and the right size
  18. Good Dojo or not
    I was thinking about training with ernie boggs i dont have any info though on him i was wondering if he is legit or not
  19. Jimmy Fallon to take over "Late Night" when Conan repalces Leno in 2009
    NEW YORK (AP) -- Jimmy Fallon will officially be given the keys to NBC's "Late Night" franchise following Conan O'Brien's exit. Jimmy Fallon will become the new "Late Night" host in 2009. The...
  20. showmanart
    Every one needs to check out show man art it has some good stuff[L=][/L CHECK THE POST BELOW THIS ONE DOES NOT WORK
  21. The Bachelor: London Calling (Spoiler? If anyone cares, that is.)
    Okay, who was man enough to admit to watching this?? I watched the entire season (first by coersion by the chick of course) and it ended in Matt picking my darkhorse candidate Shayne Lamas (the hot...
  22. American Gladiators Season 2
    I thought there was another AG thread here, but couldn't find it...anyway, season 2 premiered last night, didn't watch it all but I was happy after the first 30 minutes or so. Gina's still got it big...
  23. Next Light Heavyweight Champ
    Who do you think will be the guy that will beat Rampage and how do you see the going
  24. Guess who's back in the MFing house....
    ... with some fat posts for yo muthaf***ing thread. (wow, I always wanted to quote that and now that I did it looks stupid ) Anyways, just letting my friends and aquaintances on the playground that I...
  25. Joint Ops
    Anyone here play Joint OPS online?
  26. mma sim
    check it out link
  27. WKD original blue vodka
    anyone ever tried this shit its fuking amazing its like vodka mixed with some of that blue freezie shit amazing. Dam i love vodka mixed with stuff or sum fat frog stuff make it by using 1 bottle of...
    OK, so last night I was putting some post up and my wife comes over to see what I am doing. I tell her I am posting on my new favorite site MMAPlayground. She then informs me that that’s gay. I said...
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  29. what do you wear when you go out
    title says it, whther it be to the store,dinner,etc. what do you wear, casual clothes,mma'd out, once ina while wear a ufc/mma shirt, never .
  30. Chess
    Got any avid Chess players here in the playground i myself started playing about 6 months ago, and in that time i became pretty obsessed with it ..resulting in me becoming an above average player how...
  31. So, my 6 month Playground anniversary is coming up...
    ...on May 18th. What are you going to give me? If you can't decide, cash is always an option.
  32. Mission/Pacific Beach in August
    I've been looking on the net for a condo in the mission/pacific beach area for the weekend of August 15th thru the 17th. Some army buddies and I haven't seen each other for a little over a year so we...
  33. Andrew W.K.
    Does anybody like Andrew W.K.'s music? I think it is awesome, especially to work out to. It really pumps me up but everyone i know thinks it is the worst music ever made. Not that what they think...
    Dont know if you have seen this before. But a little more history on your avatar, which If I have been reading correctly you earned from a bet... Enjoy...
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  35. 13 Year Old Steals Dad's Credit Card to Buy Hookers...and more...
    A 13 year old from Texas who stole his Dad's credit card and ordered two hookers from an escort agency, has today been convicted of fraud and given a three year community order. Ralph Hardy, a 13...
  36. 1000 Ways to Die
    Does anyone else find this show to be in horrible taste and slightly disturbing? Yeah, re-enactments of innocent people getting killed and them making clever titles following the video...great...
  37. Curb Your Enthusiasm
    I abslolutely love this show, one of the greatest ever. i got seasons 1 to 5, hoping to get 6 soon. So anyone else love this show aswell. If u havent seen it i highly recommend it.
  38. Need some help.
    Hey guys and girls, I'm going to be adding something new to my articles and needed some help. Each week, I'm going to be listing the Top 5 hottest things and Top 5 Epic Fails of the Week. I'm going...
  39. Pride FC on Playstation 2
    I think it's the best game ever... What do you's think... Anyone played Pride Grand Prix 2003?? I think it was only released in japan...
  40. Charlie bit my finger - again ! The video that's talked about around the World
    Funnier than the dirty spelling bee Link
  41. MMA FIGHTER "Comic book" Look-a-likes????
    Well I loved the MMA fighter look-a-likes how about one's that look like comic book characters or cartoons? I will start with the easy one's.
  42. Manliest Team on Teh Playgroundz?!
    Is, without a doubt, The War Room Warriors. Just thought you should all be aware of this FACT!!!!
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  43. My new Haircut.....Funny as hell This link is not working, but if you go to youtube type in my new haircut and check it out it is pretty funny.
  44. Place to watch UFC 84 in Chicago???
    Hey fellas... Was going to be in Chicago for Memorial weekend and was looking for a decent place to watch UFC around town (I have to bring the GF with me, so if you know of a place that's less...
  45. who is your favorite MLB team?
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  46. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
    We all new it was a matter of time, but it looks like there's a date set for the new Wolverine movie coming out... It's still a year away, so maybe too early to get a little excited? I think not......
    Anyone ever been to this site Crazy site if u have been to it wat do u think of it? i personally find some of the stuff to be interesting, but some stuff is WAY out there
  48. Stimulus Check
    Has anyone else not gotten that stimulus check that was supposed to be here by today, I am getting screwed here.
  49. Cavs VS Celtics The game thats on Right Now
    so Cavs got the jump ball after a rocky start and a quick and early steal who is watching anyone basketball fans... my lakers are on next you be believe im pulling for em to smash the jazz but hoome...
  50. Street fighter 2!
    I remember playing this when i was about 6 and thinking it was the greatest game of all time! I was right!!!!!!! FIGHT!!
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