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  1. The Best Slap Ever!!!
    This was a devasting blow. DONTSLAPME
  2. Preliminary 2009 NFL draft top prospects
    Now this one's down I was talking with my fellow draftnik bud, and we were already discussing next year. So this are some guys I think will be at the top of next years draft, junior eligibles...
  3. Post Screen Names for X-Box Online!
    Mine is: IcyB For the following games. X-Box 360 Halo 3 Gears of War X-Box Mortal Kombat Armegeddon Mortal Kombat Deception Fight Night Live
  4. Holy Crap! Bas Rutten is in GTA
    In the new GTA, Bas Rutten has his own television show. If you sit down to watch TV you can watch the entire television show. Apparently its about a half an hour, and Bas uses local celeb Jeremy St....
  5. RedBelt
    Who's going to see this movie and why or why not. Personally i think this will be much better than never back down but it does have tim allen in it and that alone makes me question it's value but ill...
    alright, i seem to be experiencing some technical difficulties with my computer. i run Windows XP. so i was watching some MMA videos when all of a sudden this audio of a foreign language kept...
  7. Song(s) you rock out to that you wouldnt normally tell anyone.
    I cant remember if this thread was done before.Im sure we all have guilty pleasures with music. Some of Mine. Your Love-The 80's song Dont Treat Me Bad-Firehouse Hey...
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  8. Mike Tyson on E:60
    Nothing ground breaking but always interesting to learn more about the rise and fall of such a great fighter. Part 1 Part 2
  9. The Battle Of Pennsylvania
    Pittsburgh Penguins 4-1 beat the Rangers (8-1 playoffs) Philadelphia Flyers 4-1 beat the Habs (8-4 playoffs) Dallas Stars 4-2 against the Sharks (8-4 playoffs) Detroit Red Wings 4-0 sweep of the...
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  10. Dana loves Chuck, Proof inside!
    No doubt about it now. Link
  11. Other MMA Boards?
    I apologize if this has already been posted, but I was wondering what the other popular MMA boards were (not Sherdog. Sherdog sucks).
  12. Any Bone Thugs-N-Harmony fans on mmaplayground??
    Bone Thugs is pretty much my favorite rap group. Their fast pace delivery of their raps are amazing. any of you like them? what are some of your favorite songs? My all time favorite is "1st of Tha...
  13. The Men's Room needs to be a real show...
    On Spike TV or something. It would be epic!
  14. Dana White drunk and dancing!
  15. GTA 4
    How many people have Grand Theft Auto 4.If so how do you think this game is better than the other GTA series, and what do you think they shiuld have done to make it even better.
  16. If guns cause crime, then pencils cause misspelled words.
    there were several threads, here and elsewhere bxtching about matt serra's sponsor in his last fight. there was a list on matt hughes blog... FIREARMS REFRESHER COURSE “Those who hammer their guns...
  17. golden boy productions
    im not the biggest fan of boxing. 90% of my knowledge comes from me playing fight night round 3, but god damn can they make a documentary. i was glued to the tv for both of the 24/7's and im watching...
  18. Ten Signs You’re About To Be Cut From The UFC
    Found this and i thought it was pretty funny 1. Someone keeps leaving a book on conversational Japanese in your dressing room. 2. The UFC begins paying your fight purses in change, and your...
  19. D-block vs. g-unit
    hey who do you guys think are better i have a felling that most of you will pick g-unit cuz you all like dangling from 50 snitch's balls but i am not like that and am a D-Block fan and am Black Wall...
  20. Iron Man
    Just came back from it. Much better than I expected. Also, great soundtrack from what I heard
  21. Best Prop/Post Ratio?
    Just wondering who on the forum has the most props to posts That would be (Number of props)/(Number of posts) and get the percentage. Im not to good, 5.99% but I cant complain. Keep this post alive
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  22. Just Finished Reading The Kite Runner and found out the meaning of Babalu's Nickname
    If you are a Shiite Muslim then Babalu means Boogyman
  23. Delahoya vs Mayweather 2
    Anybody think this fight will go any different from the first? Im pretty stoked for it, i think oscar has a good chance. I dont think anybody was surprised at the dominance he showed in his recent...
  24. Trade it up
    I thought it would be cool to have a spot where we can trade up some extra MMA swag we may have...or things we are looking for....there was something like this on a music forum I used to...
  25. Just took a trip to the future!
    I built a machine that allows me to time travel in the future. This is what I have found out so far.
  26. MM-Eh! GSP's Got A Secret Admirer!
    Only putting it here because it's so ridiculous it's funny...apparently American pop star/actress/model Mandy Moore has quite the crush on GSP based on her reactions during the GSP-Serra fight at 83....
  27. Metalheads ...... Megadeth in Cleveland!!!!!! AWSOME
    My little brother suprised my with tickets to Gigantour for my birthday. The show was last night, it was amazing, a beautiful night and great bands. high on fire opened up. Then Job for a cowboy(dint...
  28. Detroit Basketball
    2-0 !!! Just thought i'd share my excitement after another steller Piston's WIN. Now hopefully San Antonio loses tonight. Thoughts , opinions on the game tonight ?
  29. Georges St Pierre training routine for strength (Video)
    Wasn't too sure where to put this but its a cool vid! Heres the Link
  30. US Presidential Election (Poll)
    Who do you want to win the '08 Election? (Disregard the last 3 options of the poll. I guess I really didn't need to include them, eh?)
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  31. Batman!!!!!!!
    Is anyone else as excited about this film as me?! Its going to be awesome! I can't wait to see it! Jack Nicholson said Heath Ledger (rip) was a better joker than he could have ever imagined! Now...
  32. THQ UFC a few confirmed fighters listed
    Heavyweights Mir (Confirmed) Gonzaga Herring Kongo (Confirmed) Lesnar (Confirmed) July 13 2008 Vera Nog (Confirmed) July 13 2008 Werdum McCully Light Heavyweights Iceman (Confirmed) Rampage...
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  33. ATTN Mods: Log in Issues
    I really enjoy this site and all its great features, however there is one thing that has been bugging me for awhile now and I thought I would post my minor issue. Whenever I log in right away and...
  34. Attention long time playground members!!
    Where have you all gone? I feel like I'm being left all alone in the MMA Lounge and UFC/Pride FC forums. Some of the stuff being said in there is mind boggling (or bottling if you're a will ferrel...
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  35. You guys have got to hear this!!
    This is the funniest thing i have heard in a long while! Another Cheating Girlfriend Dumped Hard Danny Dumps the British DJ strikes again and this time he totally owns this cheating girlfriend. Link
  36. NLL
    Is anyone on here a fan of the National Lacrosse League? I've been an obsessed Buffalo Bandits fan since 2005. This saturday is the Divisional finals against the New York Titans. Anyone else a big...
  37. How to create MMA avatars?
    I keep seeing some really nice avatars by some of you guys and I'm wondering what programs you are using when making these MMA avatars??
  38. Musterbation: Who does it?
    Musterbation...who here does it? and before you ask, no it is not a typo. This is a survey i wish to do for my AP Psychology class using MMAplayground as the population. Musterbation is the tendency...
  39. Cameron Diaz Aging Not So Gracefully.
    Time was this chick was smokin' hot. Below are past, current, and future images. Cameron circa 'The Mask'. Cameron currently. Cameron in 5 years.
  40. Old school internet GOLD
    Crazy Indian Music Video When the guy arrives i immediately thought he was the indian Johnny Cage Unforgivable WARNING: Explicit material including Chicken sandwiches and Waffle Fries 500...
  41. Which Generation Changed Music The Most?
    In terms of revolutionary change in music and breaking barriers. -Some could say the 40's-50s was the start of african americans getting into the mainstream music scene for the first time was the...
  42. Herbert the Pervert
    Who here has heard of Herbert the Pervert from Family Guy if you have what is your favorite moments with Herbert
  43. Heavy Metal
    What are the top ten best Heavy Metal bands of all time in your opinion
  44. Going To A Wrestling Show Tomorrow!
    I know, most of you all aren't gonna care, but this is my first live pro wrestling show in 16 years. Which, ironically, was my first. Going to see Ring Of Honor (major independent promotion) in...
  45. The Official Nirvana discussion thread
    Okay I want to hash this out right here and now. Give me your opinions on Nirvana good or bad (since Nirvana bashing won't be fighter bashing ) I've seen this argument pop up here and there. I think...
  46. Funny or Cruel
    Hackers post pics that cause seizures on Epilepsy website. Is this funny, or cruel?
  47. Name the Actor,Role,and movie from the Pic
    Like it says post a picture of a scene from a movie and the first to get it right will get props and they can have their turn Name the Movie,The persons Name in the Movie and their real name.
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  48. Celebrity MMA
    Okay this is just for fun. 8 man celebrity tournement that takes place inside the octagon. 3 five minute rounds. Standard MMA rules. Who takes this.(Though I know some might not have MMA skills,lets...
  49. I need help seriously!!!
    Who's richer?! Batman or Iornman!? I'm going with Iornman but only because in the film he has some awesome cars an sweet house not to mention his own weapons company!
  50. Funniest Spelling Bee Ever - Warning : Explicit
    It's real footage meshed with funny footage, but there is really strong language and open at your own risk, I was dying laughing when I saw this. Link
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