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  1. Best Animated Television Show
    I'm watching South Park right now thought it'd be a good idea (as dumb as it may be) to post this thread/poll.
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  2. Craziest SOB
    I think yucko wins hands down .
  3. Who wins in a fight?
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  4. Animated Avatars
    How do you get an animated avitar to work? I have an animated gif which works fine on my pc, but when I upload it, it doesn't animate, it just stays on frame 1. I didn't create the gif, I found it,...
  5. I love the navy You will love it. Unless your in the army.
  6. when is "fall" in USA
    how long away is it
  7. If you like guns, and being a man...
    Check this out. Its pretty damn funny. Warning: Lots of foul language, so might not be safe for work.
  8. Should pot be legal...
    I really think it's ******* stupid that pot is illegal in the USA here is why. 1. cigarettes and alcohol are legal. 2. Alcohol to me seems to be worst, and does cause more accidents. 3. The...
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  9. Join My March Madness Tourney Pick Em
    On Yahoo. Group ID#: 19188 Password: mayhem
  10. campaign to put keith hackey on p4p
    'nuff said anyone else agree? padded room
  11. Tim Sylvia...
    Tim Sylvia on blind date... funny old video Blind Date
  12. babalu's walk in music
    does anybody know wat babalus walk in music was at ufc 68?
  13. questionable trigg pic
    anyone catch that playgirl style pic of trigg posted on sherdog few days back, please tell me it aint trigg, id post it but id feel a little queer looking it up, understandably so
  14. campaign to get james thompson on pfp top 10
    come on guys add him to ur pfp hes earned it
  15. Best Chicken Nugget dipping sauce....???
    which is the best dipping sauce for Mcdonalds chicken nuggets! :p Yummers!
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  16. All these white vs black movies...
    This is aimed at the "pride" movie coming soon... when will these movies end... I don't think this help repairs relations with white, and black people. The only way this country is gonna move froward...
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  18. Military Service?
    Thought this might be a interesting topic.I was in the Marines. US Marines btw
  19. Learning to Sprawl
    how do you get passed learning to sprawl, anyone know?
  20. so u want to be a ultimate fighter
    uve probably seen this but its so crazy its worth seeing again
  21. MTV true life
    i was watching mtv true life ( i rarely watch tv, let alone MTV..) and it was True Life: I'm A Genius. it made me mad because it should have been me on there not those scrubs. a genius being #5 at...
  22. Intriguing riddle for all of you intellectuals...
    3 guys walk into a hotel. They want 1 room. The room costs $30. Obviously, they each pay $10 and split the room. They go to there room and get settled in. The clerk suddenly realizes that she...
  23. UFC BUYS PRIDEFC??? inside info...
    I saw this post from an admin on check this out.... LINK well see if this comes out to be true?
  24. penn and teller on showtime
    just watched their episode on reperations, show was great and i must admit they have balls for making this show. if u want to catch it, it is set to air again monday night.. highly recomended, it is...
  25. i am drunk
    yeah im drunk, what is everyrones favorite beer?????
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  26. has anyone bought the gym class heros cd
    this cd is called papercuts, it is a great cd... just wonder if im the only one listening to it... butif you can get out and buy it...
  27. Lead singer of the band Boston dies
    Perhaps the Best Lead Singer Ever in Rock
  28. 14 year old cheerleader caught nude on webcam
  29. when you're bored..
    just discovered this neat little game neat little game longest time was 43 sec. (try and beat it) ! The game is french and called Shitty Game. 2s < haha do you at least have a brain? 6s < Bravo...
  30. Boom, head shot!
  31. Reggie Warren Jr is #1 PFP
    I know I'm going out on a limb here, but how can you not dissagree with his recent street fight upsets? If you don't know what I'm talking about here's a link to update yourself on the furry of...
  32. Epic
  33. Chicken Eating Cow
    Check this story out i thought it was kinda weird.
  34. In the NCAA tourney bracket, which team got screwed the worst?
  35. just curious!
    what do you call someone who has 1300 post in 2 months.. im not sure...
  36. just curiouS!
    what do you call someone who pays $25 to be on this website?
  37. Cell phone to buy ?
    i'm lookin for a cell phone to buy, i havn't kept up with the cell phone industry for a couple months so i know im out of the loop. my current phone is the motorola SLVR L7. i'm thinking of not even...
  38. Yahoo Fantasy Baseball
    If anyone here does fantasy baseball on yahoo and keeps up with it reguarly. i have a league that is drafting on wednesday. there are 4 spots open right now. the day of the draft, the spots will go...
  39. The Number 23
    did anyone see this movie?
  40. Soda or Pop
    Having a argument with ppl here at work . Do you call soft drinks Soda or Pop?
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  41. free movies
    for those who dont know about this site, it is awesome. it has a bunch of movies that are free to watch!
  42. What is your favorite color?
    what is your favorite color? we all know Black and White are not colors. Baby Blue is mine...i have like a 5 baby blue shirts and they are my fav(button shirts)
    Check this out, not sure how to explain it but its pretty cool, kind of like an illusion
  44. your input
    this f**king cute girl keeps coming up to me to talk, i think she is 16 and i just turned 19 couple days ago. y'all think thats to old to even concern myself w/ her. i know it dont seem like a big...
  45. How do you like your Pizza?
    i like mine from Peter Piper.....Pepperoni,Canadian Bacon,Mushroom,and Red Onion!!!....and top it off with a little Parmesan cheese and crushed Red Pepper as for the poll,i know the best pizza's are...
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  46. Anyone notice Zephead?
    He is so calm and cool. He makes jokes and brings joy to my life. Anyone else? Or is it just me?
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  47. Favorite martial arts movie hero
    I decided to leave Bruce Lee out of the poll due to the fact that i'm pretty sure he would recieve an overwhelming majority of the votes. From the poll, I chose Jet Li. I've been a big fan of his...
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  48. best conference in college sports
    i think its the SEC
  49. Funny Crank call w/ Arnold Schartzanegger and a drunk guy Must See
  50. funny thread from sherdog...
    link There's some real gems in there if you have the patience to go through the whole thing... I hope the mods don't see this as fighter bashing, it's all in good fun
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