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  1. Protest? How should Starnes have made his statement?
    It's been bandied about that Starnes was making some sort of protest by his non-fighting. There seems to be a consensus that it didn't work too well. Let's have some fun with it. How should he have...
  2. GSP vs Serra #1 was rigged
    Even though I don't normally take conspiracy theories too seriously, I often find them interesting nonetheless...but this guy just makes me want to punch babies Link
    The Cincinnati Bengals have consistently made it known, publicly and privately, that they will not trade receiver Chad Johnson. But, nevertheless, an effort has been made to trade for him. According...
  4. Funny Fedor/Randy love song.
    Not sure if this has been posed yet, but it's pretty funny. LINK The end is hilarious.
  5. The MMA Benny Hill
    Click here for video.
  6. Dear Guy Attending This Live MMA Event: An Open Letter
    Found this on Cagepotato, thought it was great. Dear Guy Attending This Live MMA Event, Hey dude, how’s it going? I can’t help but notice that you’re sitting in the seat right behind mine. That’s...
    Chad Johnson isn’t the only disgruntled veteran wide receiver who has been the subject of trade inquiries from the Washington Redskins. Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that the Cardinals have...
  8. Kids in the Hall
    Anyone with Interwebingz skilllz know where i can find (for free) a site with all of the back episodes of the show. I haven't watched them for years and years but snagged front row tix for the show...
  9. Jared Allen traded to the Vikings
    Vikings gave up their first and two thrid round picks to make Jared Allen the richest DLman in the NFL... This shakes up the draft a little... With KC getting two first round picks, it's pretty much...
  10. James Lee interview
    hey guys, I jsut finished doing an interview with former KOTC LHW champ, and current UFC LHW James Lee its got some pretty interesting stuff in it, he's a really cool guy. you can check it out at...
  11. Kalib Starnes
    He was bound to find his way into my
  12. One option left for Chad Johnson. Retire?
    CHAD SERIOUS ABOUT NOT SHOWING UP? Though we’ve long believed that Bengals receiver Chad Johnson will huff and puff about holding out but ultimately show up for training camp, there apparently is a...
  13. FHM 100 Sexiest Women 2008 List
    Yeah, that time again. I just like to glance to see how messed up the list is...oh yeah, it's messed up. Here goes: 100. Britney Spears (WTF?) 99. Victoria Beckham 98. The Olly Girls (Who?) 97. Amber...
  14. You won't believe who the UFC just signed...
    You just got Hoffed! There!
    Somewhere, John Madden is smiling. And eating. While smiling. Madden’s long-time football I-just-wish-I-could-quit-you guy, Brett Favre, will adorn the cover of the Madden 2009 video game, according...
  16. Kimbo Slice has a surprising ground game
    “We’re continuing to work on polishing his striking and we’ve changed his stance, which has made him an even better striker. He is more explosive now and fit. But for a guy who has had only two MMA...
  17. LOL Liam McCarty's Latest Win
    Funny mistake, did you guys see him beat Ed Herman at UFC 83 because I didn't.... Wonder how long it will take their editors to fix this mistake... Link
  18. Stupid Facts
    The ashes of the average cremated person weigh nine pounds. The skeleton of an average 160-pound body weighs about 29 pounds. By age 60, most people have lost half their taste buds. A person who...
  19. Frank Shamrock and his ‘Right Hand of Death’ (Video)
    Nine head staples, broken right arm, 30 stitches, titanium plate and six screws all thanks to Cung Le... Anyway heres the Link if you're brave enough!
  20. Name a genre of music and 5 "must have" albums
    This has probably been done before, but I feel like doing it again... It sounds easy, but it's not: Name a genre or sub-genre of music and recommend 5 albums that you consider essential. Only 5. Not...
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  21. Maxims' Inappropriately Named Sports Teams
    Pretty good read..I had to agree with the Pittsburgh Pirates and The Maple Leaves. LINKster
  22. If torture works......
    There has been a real shortage of good dicussion topics lately and quite frankly I am tired of hearing about Kalib and GSP. I was watching The Agenda last night and the show featured an interesting...
  23. Regulations on Painting/Drawing Fighters From Photos.
    Does anyone know what the rules are on painting/drawing and then selling or auctioning portraits of fighters? I know Evan Showman does this but I'm not sure if he's bought any sort of rights to doing...
  24. Mega Millions - $164 Million Winner (funny)
    Not sure what I'd do first, but this guy might be onto something. Video
  25. Zewkey HL Contest
    MMA Highlight Contest Entry Deadline: Monday, May 19th prior to UFC 84 Public voting will be open from Tuesday, May 20th and close at the beginning of the first fight on the PPV Card. Winner gets...
  26. Hotrodttt's Call of Duty 4 Clan - Looking for Members
    Hey I'm on my 3rd Prestige as of now and I have nobody in my Clan because I haven't been looking for members. But now I am Qualifications - At least Level 1 Prestige - You Pwn - Only Noob Tube when...
  27. jungle chaos
    hey any1 here a member on the forum at JC can you help me by telling the Owner junglechaos if he could activate the account colm murphy and can you plz pm amadeo assis how he knows colm murphy (me)....
  28. Keith Jardine and Wanderlei Silva moving to middleweight?
    I read that they were both moving to midleweight is there any truth to this? Has anyone heard anything about it?
  29. Couple of new characters being added to the Mortal Combat game!
    Have a screenshot from the new Beta!
  30. Dallas Morning News: Cowboys deal Ayodele, Fasano to Dolphins for 4th-round pick
    Jay Glazer of reports that the Dallas Cowboys have traded linebacker Akin Ayodele and tight end Anthony Fasano to the Miami Dolphins. Adam Schefter of NFL Network reports that the...
  31. Pat Kirwan's FINAL Mock Draft. Plenty of Movement
    Here is the link Final Mock Draft
    We’re hoping that the Saints and the Giants work out a trade for tight end Jeremy Shockey, because the story is entering the realm of the Brett Favre retirement/unretirement watch. Though it has...
    Though we prefer that those of you who don’t have NFL Network watch the NFL draft on NFL Network via your Sprint phones, there’s also another way to watch the league’s coverage of the event without...
  34. myspace users add my schools fight team
    we got around to making a myspace for our MMA team and we need friends so be cool and add team extreme Team Extreme thanks
  35. Question about the UFC: Best of 2007 DVD
    Do you think there were any fights that desrved to be on the DVD that didn't make it? The following fights are on the DVD Disc 1: Frank Edgar vs. Tyson Griffin Martin Kampmann vs. Drew McFedries...
  36. NFL Draft Rounds 1 and 2
    ROUND 1 Pick Team Player Pos Ht Wt College 1 (1) Miami Dolphins Long, Jake OT 6'7" 315 Michigan 2 (2) St. Louis Rams Long, Chris DE 6'4" 275 Virginia 3 (3) Atlanta Falcons Ryan,...
  37. Amature title fight!
    mmaplaygrounder and Oregon Top Team member mmamike is fighting for the 185 pound belt in an amature show May 3rd. Good luck Mike.
  38. Funny MMA Cartoons LOL!
    See the rest of the videos here .
  39. I have a fever, and Evan Tanner has my prescription
    The only prescription is...more cowbell !!!!
  40. Funny Kalib Starnes Parodies
    Since Kalib broke out the running man gimmick there sure has been some great internet parodies. Here are some I got of of Youtube, I'm sure there are some ytmnd's out there, as well as fake myspaces....
  41. What is your favorite entrance music?
    Hola Amigos..... I know this topic is kinda silly but I am just curious as to what ieveryones favorite entrance songs are. I run a music store sorry. ha ha Here is my top entrance music. 1. Cannon-...
  42. Want to watch WWE Backlash tonight?
    If you want to watch backlash on the internet here is the link: Channelsurfing You need Sopcast Sopcast
  43. Favorite non-mma websites?
    only2clicks - i have it set as my home page. its like a website of your favorites menu. you can catergorize , and it gives you thumbnail previews. link giveaway of the day - give away licsenced...
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  44. Rapidshare Happy Hour
    Hey guys. Its the rapidshare happy hours so you can download rapidshare links without waiting. Quick this happens only once at times!!!
  45. Favorite Video Game Franchise
    Whats your favorite franchise. Mine was Mortal Kombat up until this disaster with DC. I'll wait and see how that pans out before I claim its no longer my favorite. But my number two would be Street...
  46. GTA 4 is incredibly realistic - Video.
    GTA 4 video 24 Hours to go!
  47. Oh, those wacky Finns and their cellos...
    Some of you have heard of Apocalyptica ; some of you haven't.
  48. TUF Links Requested (This Season)
    Does anyone have links to watch them online; I missed the first few and am having to wait until the May 10th marathon to get caught up. I'd prefer to watch them now so I don't have to skip this weeks...
  49. Why does this guy hate himself?!!?
    Just watch...... Wow
  50. MMA memorabila.My column with an interview Let me know what you guys think.In my next article i'm interviewing Stephen Quadros,so i'll make sure to post that one as well!
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