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  1. Floyd Mayweather KO's The Big Show!!!!
    lol...I would never pay to watch this,but if anyone knows where to see it for free i would like to see how it all went down...yea..even though its fake..
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  2. Jarred Rollins A.K.A. J-Rock Knock hiself out lol!
    i was watching The Ultimate Fighter Season Season 6 nad on Episode 7 after jarred loses and he bummed out about it Dana goes outside and talks to him. Dana cheers him up then the all get up and go...
  3. xbox 360 or PS3?
    I am trying to decide which one to buy. I have looked at each one very carefully and cant decide because for everything one has better the other has something else. Which one would you reccomend?
  4. ‘Settle Your Grudge’ Not so Good IMO.
    LINK …and now there is video proof. favorite parts? 1) “You ripped it up lookin’ for guns, well, I got ‘em. And I’m gonna beat you with ‘em.” 2) The theme song (0:45-1:13), which makes “Jesus Didn’t...
  5. *report* Serra breaks leg.out VS GSP
    April Fools....HAHAHAHAHAHA suckers
  6. Official X Box 360 Gamer Tag Thread
    Here's a Thread to post your Gamer Tag and the Games you Play on Live Tag : Hotrodttt Games : Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4 Modern Warefare
  7. Snarting = not cool
    Sneezing and farting at the same time is very painful. Just an FYI. It feels like I just passed a brick of lit firecrackers.
  8. couture scorpion king picture
    .... Im not so sure if the acting path looks good for randy ... ???
  9. Fedor Gets $1.6 Million Payday...
    ...because this fradulent honey commercial does not "fit his powerful image". Video Story (Touch of gloves to Mania for the story, and this is not an April Fool's joke, it's legit. But still kinda...
  10. My Tyson-free top 12 HW boxers of all time
    1. Joe Louis : 69-3 (55): Champion through a record 25 title defenses. Known for fighting “bums of the month” but actually fought and beat more hall of fame fighters than anyone on this list—11 and...
  11. Some talents are stupid and pointless
    this is not one of those talents Woody Harrleson
  12. ***OMG***Big Bang Theory Correct?***
    This is actually serious. they have found new gasses that have been used to definitively with 99% certainaty that proves the Big Bang Theory correct. an ion of neon that shows traces of explosive...
  13. Which Major Leaguer are you?
    An amusing way to piss away five minutes of your life, if you like baseball.
  14. what kind of tattoo should i get?
    i'm gonna get a tattoo(s) soon. i was thinking on my upper back, forearm and chest. what kind of designs do you think i should get? nothing stupid like a cock on my chest(Brock Lesnar) or CAGE RAGE...
  15. Kenny Florians Playground Twin?
    Twenty20Dollars, is a member here at Playground. And I swear damn it he is KenFlo's Twin!!! Twenty20Dollars KneFlo
  16. video request
    can someone upload the Dan Lauzon Spencer Fisher fight from UFC 64?
  17. XBOX 360
    I have a xbox 360 for about 15 months. It's my 2nd one. I have had major problems with both. More with this one though. Seems to freeze upalot on me, also put in a game and it says it doesn't...
  18. Rampage vs. the guy who never backs down
    :43 seconds in is gold
  19. How do you post an animated gif as your avatar?
    I uploaded the animated gif but then it does not show up as animated...its jus avatar right now is supposed to be animated......they should be swimming
  20. Any fantasy Baseball geniuses out there???
    Wassup Fellas... I'm a football junkie myself, but some buddies talked me into playing fantasy BB this year... So I thought I'd give it a try, and realized that I am in a little over my head and...
  21. I'm so, so, so sorry!
    Blame cagepotato!! I checked it out an now, well now i need others to see what i'v seen! Its bed time here for me! I need to know i'm not alone with this haunting my dreams!
  22. Video Sites
    hey sorry if already been thread bout this but does any1 kno of a site i can find gd fight vids i wanna c ken shamrock vs cung le but been removed from youtube cheers
  23. South park fans...
    if you have not seen the newest episode, then you will not get this joke, pal. What What in the butt? gayest thing ive ever witnessed. Now Butters doing it
  24. The 11 Gnarliest Head-Kick KO’s
    11. Rashad Evans vs. Sean Salmon (UFC Fight Night 8, 1/25/2007) 10. Chris “Red Bull” Willems vs. Akoni Nakila (ROTR: Beatdown IV, 7/14/07) 9. Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic vs. Aleksander Emelianenko...
  25. stupid people rant....
    I cant STAND when people can't let go of stupid highschool bullcrap drama, I was out with a bunch of friends, and the night was going fine until one guy had to get in anothers business saying he was...
  26. Quick video
    Referee with mongoose reflexes here he took the red pill...
  27. Rainbow Sucks 2
    For all the hype around this game it sure didnt turn out to be that great. Online sucks and it still doesnt have smooth graphics.
  28. Halo fans?
    Hi all Well, I just finished Halo (part 1) on Legendary last night. I did it using no tips and no cheats, just old fashioned personal strategy. The "Hold me" thing at the end was funny. Anyhoo, I'd...
  29. Huge Collection of Unaired UFC Prelims
    I am going to post this link for anyone who is interested in seeing some hard to find UFC prelims. Enjoy
  30. Happy Tree Friends
    .... Link Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Link 5 Link 6
  31. Lollapalooza Line-up...
    Lollapalooza's lineup will supposedly consist of Radiohead, Rage Against the Machine and Nine Inch Nails as this year's headliners. The lineup will be posted on TOMORROW (4/7).
  32. ATTN: MMAPlayground Members - Where do you live?
    What part of the country/globe are you from? I know there are quite a few Canadians here and some folks from Europe. I'm just interested in finding out exactly what city and country you people are...
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  33. Thought this was hilarious
    I stole this from a thread in Sherdog but it is hilarious. It is known that BJ Penn brought Manny Gamburyan into his camp in order to prepare for Sean Sherk. Over the past week, there has been a lot...
  34. What's The Opposite of a Nuthugger?
    We're all familiar with the term "nuthugger" and it's definition. My question to you is, what's the opposite of a nuthugger? I'm sure by now we've all run into them. They're the people that...
  35. Yamma Pitfighting Promo Video
    If this is any indication of of the production quality of the PPV event, I think I'll pass. I didn't have high expectations by any means, but it almost sounds scripted for an episode of Springer. As...
  36. Fish On
    Any fisherman on here??? This saturday is the first day of trout season here in PA..Im just wondering if anyone on here enjoys to fish..Any stories,advice or secret bait tips?? ..$32.50 for a license...
  37. Holy Crap — Best Movie Ever?
  38. Funny find on fight finder
    Now this is an embarrassing loss on record for Daniel Moraes: Link I thought Charlie Brown's submission (exhaustion) loss to Gonzaga was bad....
  39. What would your MMA nickname be?
    I was having this conversation with my friends the other day. If you were a fighter what would your nickname be? My usual name would be "The Rabbit" but thats not very intimidating. I came up with...
  40. Jay hawks
    Anyone see the NCAA championship game today? Hell of a game.
  41. Now We Can Wear What TUF Guys Wear!
    At least their necklace. UFC just added the Octagon Necklace that TUF competitors wear on the show to their online store. It's been one of the most requested items. Here's a picture: I immediately...
  42. Arena Football
    I was bored Sunday and started watchin Arena Football. Chicagovs.Miami. I actually liked it even though there is so many different rules like the field goal is way different just a whole new concept...
  43. Roy Jones on Silva fight that won't happen
    Professional boxing champion Roy Jones Jr. is disappointed that UFC President Dana White recently put the brakes on a fight that would have pitted him against UFC middleweight titleholder, Anderson...
  44. How crappy has become?
    As the question states..I want to know if you like the changes or if your like me and absolutely hate the changes that they have made. I use to check that site before any other when it came to MMA,...
  45. Is the new UFC game going to be on PS3 as well?
    Is the new UFC video game going to be on the PS3? Because on the THQ website it only says xbox 360.
  46. Request
    okay, I have NEVER seen Royce vs Sakuraba I. if someone will post it, me and my friend will BOTH prop you! We have been wanting to see it for a while but we cant find it ANYWHERE. or if not post it...
  47. Affliction prices
    Im looking to get some nice clothing online and during my browsing ive seen alot of Affliction stuff. Why is it so damn expensive!? I saw a pair of jeans for almost $250! What makes it so good they...
  48. SURVEY: Who gave you your first prop? And for what post?
    wolfman For the following post... THREAD: What's your weight division? MY POST: Sorry, I don't see an option for lardass. I guess I belong in the audience. Dang!
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  49. Karo Parisyan Owns Up to Failure
    .“You can look at the replay,” Alves said. “Even I looked at it after the fight. He was out. He fell. He had no reaction at all. I kept punching and punching, and sometimes when you’re out, when you...
  50. UFC Quick Quote: Josh Burkman to retire … maybe
    “No more decisions. I’m going to do everything I possibly can to make sure this fight doesn’t go to a decision. I’ll even retire if it does go to a decision. I can’t have them anymore…. After this...
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