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  1. Kurt Angle training hard for MMA! (Video of Sparring Session)
    Just kidding...faking it is much easier! Video
  2. Quote of the Day: Ken Pavia on Frank Shamrock
    .Frank Shamrock is a dick for blowing the whistle on his brother's alleged steroid use. It is one think to hype a fight; it is another to accuse someone of illegal acts without support. It is off...
  3. Cung Le vs. Frank Shamrock... Two Worst Haircuts in the Cage at the Same Time?
    What do you guys think? Is Cung Le vs. Frank Shamrock the worst pair of coiffures in MMA history? If not then which fighters take the top spot for having the worst hair? Include pics if possible
  4. Movie line game
    This is how it goes you say a line/quote from a movie and then someone has to guess what movie its from, the movie could be old, could be brand new . Alrite, Something very easy, "Stay gold" now what...
  5. Trying to find a vid... need help
    Does anybody remember the HL of the first GSP vs. Serra fight that had Team America **** YEAH! Dubbed in over it? Well that video is awesome and i cant find it anymore. If someone could link it id...
  6. Fake movie trailers
    Some great fake trailers for horror sequels to "The Incredibles": Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Incredible The Grudge III: Dash Returns I can't even think of anything clever to say about this one; you just...
  7. Worst Album Covers
    These are very bad. What were they thinking when they made these album covers? (Am I dating myself If I know what an "album" is?)
  8. The "try to spot the pedophile" game
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  9. New Affliction Vid Rocks Your Ass!
    LINK With the likes of Fedor, randy, rampage, GSP, Barnett, Sugar ray, and of course you gotta have a random clown....... amongst others whats up with that music
  10. Who ya got at Westlemania Mayweather or Big Show
    Gonna be epic; lol. Who ya got
  11. Midget Mui thai
    link I dont know if it works this whole web link thing is not working 4 me, but it is in the mma video sec. pretty funny stuff
  12. Goal Line Blitz (a great football MMORPG)
    CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT If you enjoy football and online gaming, this website is where you need to be. Be careful,'s rather addicting if you're into this sort of thing. I usually...
  13. My wife just gave birth to my new Daughter
    I know this is'nt really about fights but, hey I'm way blessed she's healthy and beautiful.... The bad ass part is my Wife, this her second kid with no drugs 100% natural The babies name is Amaya...
  14. Sports Trading Cards ?
    I have alot of complete sets from around 1989 to 1993 of Football,Hockey and Baseball Cards that i plan on trying to get rid of.But beckett changed their format and doesnt list card prices from back...
  15. Devastating punches!
    What was the last time you saw someone get hit an thought "Wow, that was a friggin bomb!"? My favorite one was Arlovski's big overhand right on Tim! Everyone i watched the fight with jumped up!...
  16. As I prepare for March Madness
    I will be attending the Phoenix bracket of the Sweet 16 & Elite 8 and managed to nab 200 level, front row, center court tickets. The only question is. Who's mmaplayground avatar should I paint on my...
  17. Baseball Predictions
    Ok Ok So the season started last night in Japan,and Boston won. So I know we got some baseball fans here and im wondering, who can predict the MVP, Cy Young winners, and world series champ? Let me...
  18. Grand Theft Auto 4 (leaked game map!)
    HERE IS A LINK TO THE OFFICIAL GTA4 SITE Im a massive GTA fan and desperate for this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In fact i love GTA so much im unable to enjoy many other games, ive played Vice City an...
  19. can anyone help me with my computer problem?
    When I try to open my nero express dvd/cd burner,this message pops up "this action cannot be completed because the other program is busy" It then tells me to click on the "busy" program,which i'm not...
  20. Quick Toughness Test…
    LINK listen to the song. If you can make it through the whole thing, you have ice-water in your balls.
  21. A Rampage slam is 3.5 times harder than a car crash!!!!
    This is awesome!!! Rampages face is priceless all the way through! He slams harder than a car crash an produces 400 G's! Here's the Link
  22. Anyone else hate WEC Announcer Joe Martinez?
    I really hate how the way he talks when he announces the fighters and their stats and stuff i mean his voice is just so annoying.
  23. Hey! Is It Just me Or......?
    Maybe i was really high, but did Steve Mazagatti shave his mustache?
  24. Walmart is messed up...
    If you have not already heard, Walmart has decided to take $470,000 from Debbie Shank, a 52 year old mother of three (One of her sons recently died in Iraq), who was involved in a terrible car...
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  25. *BREAKING NEWS* - Tim Sylvia's Big Announcement!!!!
  26. $20 for big tim?
    so i went to tim's web site to find out what this "big thing" is and i saw that tim wants $20 for a signed photo of him. i've never gotten into autographs, but to pay for it? and to pay for big tim?...
  27. Quote of the Day: Frank Shamrock
    Sam Caplan: You made the accusation in an interview with **********.com that Ken Shamrock has been using steroids his whole life. published a statement earlier this week in which Ken...
  28. Joe Rogan has a f*cking cool car!
    Just look at it! Come on its awesome!!!!!! I would let Joe get tender with me for a ride in this! This has got to be the coolest car in the UFC parking lot!
  29. Goal Line Blitz- Football MMORPG
    For those interested in football and mmorpgs this game is pretty sweet. It's browser based and free to play. You create your own players and give them statistics then the actual football games are...
  30. Cartoon Wars!!!
    what is the best cartoon show or old....mine are Ren And Stimpy The Simpsons Rocko's Modern Life The Boondocks South Park American Dad Looney Toons Futurama Samurai Jack Angry Beavers...
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  31. The greatest boxer ever was....
    Their was a thread posted by Taylor8766 here a few days ago about who would win in a fight between a prime Ali and a prime Marciano *cough Marciano cough* and its pretty much took over the gym where...
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  32. Anyone else check out the final of Pro's vs Joe's last night?
    For the first time in the season I truely felt sorry for the competitors. The poor bastards that had to get in the ring with Bob Sapp... Oh the humanity. Didn't look like old Bob went easy on them...
  33. Secondary League Stats "Take a backseat!!" (What really grinds my gears!! Part 2)
    Just curious and not trying to start shit. But why is it that on the boards we are only able to see stats from UFC. Even with career record, its just the UFC. On the forums we can only see the...
  34. HELP ME OUT!!!!!
    hey i really need some help here im making a magazine for skool and its due in two days i need to make some advertisements in the magazine so sum1 can u plz make something like a poster for a product...
  35. ‘Ricco’s World’: First Look
    We’re short on details right now, but this video was posted to YouTube yesterday with the description “A trailer for up coming Bio pic for Ricco Rodriguez.” Could this be Ricco’s version of The...
  36. Snapshot of the Day
    A billboard along the Long Island Expressway (North 27th Street). ..Props to Bloodyelbow for the pic.
  37. Fake braces banned in Thailand!
    For those of you who were selling fake braces to Thai women, be aware you can now face a 6 month prison stay. LINK
  38. Spike TV
    Guys, I need your help! I live in Australia and we do not have Spike TV here, so I can not watch UFC Fight Night Cards. I downloaded TVU and that had Spike TV, up until a few days ago!!! It is not...
  39. Cents Sports
    If you like making wagers on MMA playground with out using real money and you like to place bets on other sports without using real money check out this site.
  40. Playground members
    Hey I was just wondering if there is anyone else out there from New Brunswick or even Miramichi ?
  41. New Brunswick Playground Members
    Hey i was just wondering if there is anyone out there from New Brunswick or even Miramichi, just curious
  42. Get your very own UFC Championship belt!
  43. any1 rent dvds frum tihs site? any1? im thinking about joining what do you think?
  44. Will It Blend?
    This old dude has the sweetest blender. Blend It
  45. Where, oh, where can cheap video games be?
    I've been going all over the internet trying to find cheap, used video games. I checked eBay and Amazon. com, but they are only, like ten bucks cheaper. Can somebody let me know where to buy used...
  46. NCAA Football fans?
    How many college football fans do we have on this sight?Any LSU or FLA fans? Im willing to make an avatar bet that UGA wins the national title this year as well as having Calib King and Knowshun...
  47. Funny DUI videos
    Not sure if we have a topic on this. But wasn't going to look for 30 minutes either. Funny video of drunk guy. Too funny to miss. sounds like they grabbed Samual L. Jackson.....j/k post some if u got...
  48. MMA for Kids/Teens?
    Did anyone else hear about this? I am so excited. If this is true, im definitly doing fulltime training. No doubt. Anyone hear about this? Yahoo was talkin about it. The rules are UFC rules but no...
  50. UFC Console Game
    Who else here is hanging out for the new UFC game? I hope they have some great features!!! I am really looking forward to be able to create my own fighter and training him up, having some fights and...
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