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  1. What is your favorite flavors...
    My personal favorite is Skoal Cherry.
  2. Favorite SOAD Song
    It's tough for me, but I'd pick out of Cigaro, Old School Hollywood, Lonely Day, or Radio/Video
  3. ESPN Front Page
    I quit going to ESPN for my sports news because of their video that blasts across my speakers every time the page loads. The last thing I remember that annoying on a daily basis were those smiley...
  4. New Online Football Game - Goal Line Blitz
    Have any of you guys tried out this game? It allows you to create a player or team and develop them through an entire career by signing to a team, playing through seasons, and developing through...
  5. Can anyone recommend an XVID to DVD Convertor Software?
    Probably not the right place to ask this but I need some software that would convert XVID files to a DVD format. I have lots of UFC PPVS on my computer and wanted to put them on discs. I just need a...
  6. Hilarious Slam KO
    Check it out:]/
  7. Kenny Florian on Time Warp
    Yea so on the show Time Warp on Discovery Channel, Kenny Florian punched out his trainer for a camera so they could slow it down and watch how the face ripples with a punch.
  8. Playstation 3
    How good is the Playstation 3? I want to buy one soon, hopefully in summer at latest. I have a Wii and a 360. Do you think i should just buy games for the 360/wii... Cuz my older bro is moving out in...
  9. What drink does it to you? (Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde)
    Since it seems 97% of mmaplayground likes to drink, I thought I would throw this question out. I know for myself (personally) I am far from a fighter when I drink, nor do I go looking for fights when...
  10. FFS! My Pet Peeve of UFN aka UFCFN!!!!
    I know this is irrational and shouldnt annoy me as much as it is does, but still The UFC events on SPIKE used to be called Ultimate Fight Nights,this was never a great name as it didnt use UFC in it...
  11. Who did Diego Sanchez thank after this win?
    Win Jesus Sanchez TKO AC 1 - Aztec Challenge 1 9/6/2002 2 I had seen that before but thought id point it out, tho its likely he would pronounce it the other way But with that Diego became 2-0 and...
  12. Kimbo interview
    I put this in here because i have a feeling this will get turned to slush, but Kimbo actually comes across as a nice guy!! I like his motto on life as well. Heres the link to the interview.
  13. Midget Tossed Into A Sliding Faceplant
    A midget gets thrown during a wrestling match and not only lands head first on the mat but manages to slide about 10 feet across the mat on his face. This would be even funnier if the guy was average...
  14. Guitar Hero God!!!!
    I just, heard about that 16 year old kid named Chris Chike who got a 97% on Through Fire and Flames, the hardest song in GH3. If you haven't seen the video yet go to youtube and check it out, it's...
  15. You Know What Grinds My Gears??!!!!
    When you have people on here who dont pick ALL THE FIGHTS PER EVENT, but decide to choose 2-4 matches and thats it!! I love seeing guys here with 25-3 records, but then you look at mine and 80 % of...
  16. Ali vs. Marciano, who wins?
    Who do you think wins this fight?, here's some stats: Name- Muhammad Ali Height- 6 ft 3 Weight division- Heavyweight Stance Orthodox Boxing record- Total fights- 61 Wins- 56 Wins by KO- 37 Losses- 5...
  17. The Boondock Saints Sequel: All Saints Day
    Apparently, Troy Duffy, Creator/Director of Boondock Saints has posted a video officially announcing the sequel, that has been tied up in legal problems for years. This should be good news for all...
  18. Britney Spears on Souh Park!
    Please tell me everyone saw it! 1st Cartman gets AIDS, then britney comes to south park. seems like a great start to me
  19. Jason "Mayhem" Miller
    What's going on with him??? Haven't seen him for so long around anywhere, and to be honest I do miss his obnoxiousness very much, and i miss the mayhem miller show as well... I always thought he was...
  20. Mark Hunt is the most bad ass person to ever walk the earth
    Don't Believe me? Heres proof.
  21. techies help me!!
    Whenever i try to watch a video on youtube or dailymotion via full screen my video consistently exits full screen after 20-30 seconds of play. This happens every time without fail and happens again...
  22. im new
    im finally here, word
  23. Tribute to the greatest punch ever thrown
  24. Watch out for this cop!
    I came across this today, and man did it ever make me mad. If I ever came across this cop, I dont know what i'd do. Take a look for yourself. I dont skate, but this is so out of control, and for the...
  25. Liddell in Drillbit Taylor
    Saw a clip on youtube that had Liddell in Drillbit Taylor. Link is below. LINK
  26. Vote for dumbest cops ever!
    Which cop (s) is more dumb? #1 Cops that let bank robber go #2 Cop high on brownies and thinks...
  27. Doctors vs Guns
    Doctors: The number of physicians in the U.S. is 700,000. Accidental deaths caused by Physicians per year are 120,000. Accidental deaths per physician is 0.171. Statistics courtesy of U.S. Dept of...
  28. The Incredible Hulk
    Most of you probably already heard of this new version of the hulk. For those who haven't, they got Edward Norton staring as Bruce Banner this time around, wich I think is a real good move and is...
  29. TNA Turning To MMA - Angle vs Joe To Be Shoot Fight?
    Thought this was interesting/humorous. In a strange statement from Kurt Angle on this week interview he said TNA is looking to move toward a more serious, MMA-type of atmosphere...
  30. Worst injury you've had from training/competing?
    I haven't been training this week mainly because i had a boxing match last thursday an i tore a ligament in my arm an my hands were swollen. This got me thinking though! What's the worst injury...
  31. Kings Without Crowns
    The eight greatest MMA fighters who have never won a championship or major tournament… 8. Gilbert Yvel (32-12-1) There are two reasons “The Hurricane” hasn’t risen to the lofty heights of champion:...
  32. Wanderlei Silva toilet paper Ad Video (Funny Stuff)
    Wanderlei Silva has done a lot of ads over the years but when he became a toilet paper spokesman for Paloma it was a big surprise to say the least. This is funny
  33. PSP or Nintendo DS??
    Trying to decide which one to buy. What do you think? Give reasons for me too. Thanks.
  34. will boetsch be able to bitch toss hamill?
    i dont know who to pick matyshenko is similar to hamill but it would be nice to see this again
  35. Iowa Wrestling is Back!
    Iowa clinched it's first national championship in a couple years tonight! Tom Brands is going to lead the Hawkeyes to another dominating dynasty. GGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAWKEYES!
  36. My new favorite KO
    Tito Ortiz vs Evan Tanner. It is the last KO on the ultimate KO vol 1. Tito delivers a "double underhook pick up, Flying head butt slamm" Tito picks Tanner up sweeps the legs aside and slams him on...
  37. What did you think of Barack Obama's Speech?
    Please no political flaming in either direction... Personally i thought it was a great speech and was moved by it. He handled the situation very thoughtfully and you could tell that it wasnt a speech...
  38. No Country for Old Men
    Anybody seen "No Country for Old Men?" I watched it last night and I thought it was pretty good. The ending didn't sit to well with me at first but after I thought about it, I thought it was pretty...
  39. The Best Worst Impressions You Will Ever See
    You will find this to be great or awful...there is no middle ground. The best part of the video is the friend laughing hysterically in the background... it almost makes you think it's good! Link
  40. Your Favourite Movie of all time?
    What's your favourite movie of all time? Mine is Tombstone
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  41. College wrestling championships on ESPN
    It's kind of late, but I just noticed that the NCAA Division 1 wrestling finals are on ESPN tonight, in about 15 minutes (8:30pm ET). ESPN: Hawkeyes enter as favorites; Minnesota looks to defend...
  42. Any Spread Heads out there?
    I'm going to my first Widespread Panic show on April 18th at the amphitheater in Orange Beach. I've always heard they were great but wanted to know if anyone has seen them personally & could give...
  43. Top 3 (Worst movies you have seen)
    Question to all you. What is one of the worst movies you have seen, especially with all the hype out there. Doesnt have to be the worst movies you have seen, but a movie where you feel like you were...
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  44. Morning Tongue (Funny BK Commercial)
    Some of the BK commercials are pretty funny and I just came across this one tonight. This one cracked me up. Morning Tongue
  45. The New and IMPROVED Keith Jardine....MUST SEE
    Looks like Keith Jardine I swear LOL
    Saw it last night, pretty good. Little slow at parts, but ending was somewhat good. Overall I liked it. But I heard from someone that, there is an alternate ending. Well I checked the dvd i rented...
  47. Randy and Fedor Funny Ass Video
    You have got to see this I pissed my pants. What a great love story Punch Me
  48. happy easter
    mmaplayground and all the people who post here!
  49. Who is The Legend of Legends in sports?
    There is so many legends, from each sport that have retired as the best of the best (except Tiger Woods), and changed the sport they have played, and it's hard to pick just 6, for a poll. However, I...
    look guys, this is serious. i want someone who knows how to do a webpage at all to help me out with this b/c i think it'd be a hell of a thing to see. i mean come on.... me and Ralph Maccio (karate...
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