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  1. Joe Riggs is Funny as Hell
    Man I just finished listening to Joe Riggs on Sherdog radio, I have always liked the kid but thought he was finished fighting top level guys! On the Sherdog radio he was talking all about his back...
  2. soccer? (futbol)
    Hey i was just checking how my team Arsenal did in the EPL and Champion's League this week. Anyone here like any teams who play in either the Champion's League or the English Premiership League?
  3. MOTO GP IS BACK!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!
    Hey people, Its now 5.53am and I havent gone to bed, I am sitting up watching the GP live. I just am wondering if anyone else likes the GP. I am no major sport fanatic or anything, I love MMA and I...
  4. Legitamately the best movie fight scene ever
  5. UFC Quick Quote: UFC President Dana White tirade continues
    “We’ll see who’s around in five years, me or Gary Shaw. There’s some ego for you. The reality is I know what the (expletive) I’m doing and Gary Shaw doesn’t. If you go and search Gary Shaw and mixed...
  6. MMA is healty in canada
    yesterday at three different channel in canada it was mma. Sportnet:Ultimate finale Pulver vs Penn Extreme Channel:IFL Battleground Fight Network:Bodog fight
  7. The Daily Ouch!!!
    This is the place to laugh at the misfortunes of others. Pics, vids or stories, they're all welcome here. I'll get the ball rolling. It doesn't look like much until you see it in slow-mo. The poor...
  8. Chuck Liddell's Bar-fighting Tips -- 1. Don't Do It but ...
    Asylum: What are your tips for bar fighting? Chuck Liddell: My number one tip is, "Don't do it." I worked as a bartender for a lot of years, and there's no reason to. Ninety-nine percent of the...
  9. So, now that I'm a "Belt Contender" who do I have to fight... win a title around here? ATTN: All champions... I was not impressed with your performance!
  10. And The Oscar Goes To…
    MMA-related movies have been coming out of the woodwork lately and among the viewing choices are the David Mamet project Red Belt, the Gary Busey-starring Beyond The Ring, Frank Shamrock’s Red...
  11. Future MMA CHAMP!!!!
    This kid is going to kick some ass when he's older! Look at the moves he's got already! Fear him!!
  12. Survivor MMA season 1
    ok..this isnt some gay show where you live on an island and eat worms, and take baths with your clothes on in crocodile infested lakes. this is MMA Survival. (stole it from another board...but its...
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  13. Smelliest Fighter? What?
    Im bored at work, so ill post some retarded shit in the padded room. Anyone got picks of the potentially worst smelling fighter in MMA? Fedor and Aleks - Potential to be quite smelly Giant Silva- Has...
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  14. BJ Penn Nuthugger Thread
    haven't seen a thread devoted to THE BJ Penn & all his wonderful glory in a long time, so thought i'd make one. So how many of you guys find yourselves constantly swinging from BJ's pubes? How many...
  15. Funny Work Stories
    Anyone got any good work stories...I got a bunch The best would happen to be one sunday a few months back.As im sitting at my desk reading i hear this rather large lady talkingto the lady behind me...
  16. Pedro Rizzo-Randy Couture 1
    If anyone knows a link to the video could you send it to me. Everyone says it is one of their favorite fights and I haven't seen it yet. There would be props involved.
  17. Joe Rogan giving away his isolation tank (Video)
    What the F*ck is a isolation tank?! Joe Rogan is a true giver!
  18. Best Goaltenders In History
    No Order Martin Broduer Patrick Roy Dominick Hasek Terry Sawchuk Vladislav Tretiak Grant Fuhr George Vezina Ken Dryden Jacque Plante Miikka Kiprusoff Evgeni Nabokov Ed Belfour Marty Turco Tony...
  19. The Funniest Video I've even Seen in my Life- Powerthirst
    I was Laughing so Hard my face Hurts Click for some Fun
  20. Jiu Jitsu sucks!
    Stolen from SD: The Foot Fist Way
  21. did i just see porn links in the ads here?
    or am i tripping. i'm gonna be pissed if i got myself a virus. is anyone else seeing this?
  22. Would You Vote for This Man?
    I don’t pretend to know anything about the Oregon political scene — and apparently neither does the state’s Republican party, who failed to submit candidates for several critical offices in time for...
  23. Elliot Spitzer - client #9
    I'm always amazed at how quickly things like this develop: Cafepress T-Shirts
  24. Anderson Silva vs Roy Jones Jr.- Boxing Match, who wins?
    It's not official but if it did actually happen, who do you think would win? I honestly think Anderson would slaughter him(Not because I'm on a MMA site ) but because Roy Jones Jr. sucks now since he...
  25. check this video out!
    Beer Bottle Orchestra here's a new one Mozart in the office
  26. Pele's Leg Shatter *** Video ***
    Check out his Leg flopping around at 20 Seconds Link
  27. Interesting..
    You may think this is dumb and whatnot....but if you do is only because you are dumber. you may remember my old thread about Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy interested in that sort of...
  28. Awesome Pic of Anderson Silva
  29. PUMPERS!!!!
  30. Support MMA playground
    I'm a premium member of this site and it's worth it to do so. Anybody that is not a premium member needs to become one. Show our support of this site. This, by far, is the best site 4 MMA fans wher u...
  31. Crazy Ref Or Justified Beatdown...You Decide
    .....just watch it through Link
  32. Football - Champions League Draw
    So im sitting here eagerly awaiting the draw for the quarter finals and semi finals of the Champions League (for any yanks that dont know its a tournament where they have the best teams from all the...
  33. Scary
    I was listening to ESPN radio the other day, and they were interviewing Shawn Merriman of the Chargers. He is a bad MF on the football field. He went on to say that his off season training consists...
  34. Chris Leben is a funny guy!!!
    Haha he takes a pretty good punch from one of his friends! He looks like a funny guy to hang out with! EDIT: Man i just watched it again an that was a pretty sweet punch right to the temple! I'm...
  35. Apparantly
    jess laudin and paul taylor will be rematching at ufc 85 in london. I havnt got a source, just the cagewarriors forum where paul posts. There first fight was a good battle, so this fight should be...
  36. Throat Punch
    How dangerous is it to punch someone in the throat? Is it more dangerous then getting hit in the temple? I'm sure most people would think that it's lethal. I was wondering if anyone knows if it is or...
  37. Music??? Name your top three bands
    What kind of music doeas the MMA fan listen to? What are you top 3 bands I listen to everything but love ROCK Top 3 Red Hot Chile Peppers Rage Against the Machine White Stripes Honerable mentions...
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  38. Free FOX sports FANTAYS BASEBALL
    We are looking for 6 more owners out of 12 total. We would appreciate it if only those who consider themselves an expert ,and will play out the whole season apply. E-mail me if you are interested....
  39. Name my new female Dog(Shih tzu)
    I just got my kids a new dog and we really can't think of a name I thought I would come here and ask for some ideas
  40. Triva - Video Games (mostly classic gaming) - Answers are posted
    PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS Here are some trivia questions based on mostly classic games. I understand that there are some younger gamers on here that will not know these. So... You may use any and...
  41. Juan Manuel Marquez VS Manny Pacquiao Fight Last Night the 4-5 people who actually care.. Damn this fight was a war!...I for 1 wanted Marquez to win and i actually had him winning by 1 point.....I really thought this would be an other...
  42. Is Gene Simmons bald?
    I was watching Family Jewels today and Shannon pulled off what appeared to be a wig. Was this a stunt or is Gene really bald? You tell me?
  43. Elmo Pimps Ho's
    Elmo Pimps Ho's Elmo Pimps Ho's....And He'll Pimp You Too
  44. Favorite Video Game Genre
    Vote Or Die...Or P Diddy will put a knife through your eye.
  45. snoop is the shit !!!
    This song and video is awesome... enjoy guys !!!!
  46. kimbo what ... ???
    When i was searching the net for kimbo slice fights, i stumbled on this, and ... pissed myself. WTF, who put this on there ????
  47. NCAA Tournament Time!
    The brackets were announced a short time ago: Printable Bracket (Take it to KFC and you can get a $2.99 Toasted Wrap Combo) UNC, UCLA, Kansas, & Memphis are #1s, Coppin State vs. Mount St. Mary's is...
  48. Stress Reliever
    So everyone has something that calms them. Im sure the majority here will say MMA or Alcohol but I was just wondering what is everyone. I drink md when Im stressed.
  49. NCAA Tourny CBS Fantasy for MMAPLAYGROUND *ONLY*
    I created a league for MMA PLAYGROUND people only the league name is MMA PLAYGROUND NCAA password is mma its CBS fantasy sports, so you can google it, if this dont work. Its free...
  50. Muscle and Fitness
    If anybody has subscribed to Muscle and Fitness I just want to know how long it takes for it to get here I have already waited 5 weeks
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