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  1. Kickboxing Leg Break
    The first time I watched this it sent a shiver down my spine. I can only imagine the kind of pain this guy was in. OUCH!!!
  2. Funny Picture: Add a Caption.
    Saw this picture, thought some creative minds might have some fun with it.
  3. UFC Action Figures!!!!
    UFC Action Figures. Fun for you and the kids. See the Video
  4. Movie Remakes
    I was just thinking. With all these new movies out today that really ain't worth a damn. What movie do you think would make a good remake? Personally, I would like to see Bladerunner or Conan. I...
  5. Stupid people suck!!!!
    Jesus I hate stupid people!! We've just been watching the Randy Vs Chuck fights in our kitchen when some of the girls from down below came up to visit with one of their boyfriends an a few of his...
  6. 8 Signs That You May Be Drunk
    Pretty True, except the first one maybe, because i dont drive drunk Link
  7. Fighters who look like movie stars
    This one has always been in my mind, Time to post it. Any others out there???
  8. FUNNY Dell tech call!
    This was recorded by DELL support tech all I can say is WOW hahahaha LINK
  9. Most dominate athlete of the past 25yrs?
    i also wanted to add Mike Tyson here.
  10. Video Games you are looking forward to
    I am a huge gamer. And I know alot of people on here are too. My question is.... what are the games that you just can't wait for them to come out?? My list: Metal Gear Solid 4: Huge fan of the whole...
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  11. your most horrible sports stories.
    Lets see how many people have some nasty stories, while playing there sport. lets see my all time worst thign that happend. I was playing highschool football, i beleive junior year. Some dousche bag...
  12. Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports
    (10) Big Wave Surfing sharks, rocks, hitting the board, drowning, other watery dangers like storms always make it dangerous (9) Rugby by far the most brutal of regulated professional sports, some...
  13. Todays early internet funnies
    Dude gets punked on subway, total ownage I sincerely hope thats his underwear The wussiest kid in the world.
  14. Lottery
    So MegaMillions in my area is $270,000,000 and 68 people from my work all tossed in $2 each to get a pool going to buy 136 tickets, it would basically shut this plant down because there would be no...
  15. Chuck's Book
    I just finished the Liddell book, and it was great. I gave it to a buddy to read, and when he is done, I'll send it to thew first person to PM me an address, as a "Playground Present." You just have...
  16. Who Here................
    ........... has the nimble feet and swaying hips to do the undoable. To make Richard Simmons shake in his tighty whities. Who here is man enough to do the Spidey Dance? Behold the avatar
  17. Dream Rules
    Has anyone heard what the rules will be for the new Dream promotion? The thing I miss most about Pride are the knees to the head of downed opponents and stomps to the head. I hope Dream will allow...
  18. Avatars
    Where can I find the picture of Kyra Gracie so I can use it as my fight camp avatar?
  19. Movie Quote Trivia
    Post a quote from a movie. Make your guesses. Winner posts a new quote. I'll start with an easy one. Just go man! Oh. That sure is warm.
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  20. Which MMA Highlight is Better?
    Which mma highlight do you think is better between, UFC's Baba O'Riley Montage Video or Pride FC Tribute? If you haven't seen either or one of these go to the mma videos on mmaplayground, and search...
  21. Rampage on 'Free Radio' TV Show tonight @ 11:30 PM EST (VH1)
    Should be entertaining.
  22. Hangover cures?!!?
    Please give any up! I have the worst hangover i have ever had in my life! All i know of is the drink water and aspirin! Props to any that work! (Also i fell asleep hugging my laptop last night so if...
  23. Bas's Prank Call
    Soundboard prank call using Bas Rutten's street self defense video
  24. NFL Draft Talk
    Anybody a fan of the draft? I sure am. I got so excited, that I decided to write a blog about the players to watch out for some 2 months before the event takes place in NYC. Click below to read it,...
  25. anyone from springfield missouri?
    if you are tell me.
  26. Bullshit scams LOL
    Friday, I got a P M. I can't remember the guys name on here. Sorry. He got banned anyways. Well, anyways, he told me he was a representitive for this old man that died in a plane crash, and he was a...
  27. Casino Royale
    I know its been out for awhile but I just watched it on DVD again and still am amazed with it. How did you guys feel it compares to the other 20 bond movies? I liked it most because it felt more real...
  28. 2008 Yahoo Sports Tournament Pick 'Em
    With the NCAA Men's Tournament right around the corner, I started a Tournament Pick 'Em Fantasy group on Yahoo for those who are interested. Tournament Pick 'Em Game Group ID#: 8108 (use this when...
  29. Saved By The Bell Tournament!
    The website, I write for is having a tournament featuring old castmembers from Saved By The Bell. How it works is you e-mail the admin with your votes for each round. It's been getting lots of...
  30. THQ's Ultimate Fighting Championship 2009
    Things I am hoping for on this game... Create a Ultimate Fighter Name -Like every other sports games, pick a name and announcers will call you that Nickname - Choose from about 100 or just make your...
  31. Anybody Play Poker? (Any Style)
    theres so many fun poker games, anybody play any of these Texas Hold'em Omaha Hi Stud Hi Razz Omaha Hi/Lo Stud Hi/Lo Horse personally i play them all and make good income playing these games in...
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  32. Which poster do you respect?
    Which poster(s) oppinion on this forum do you respect most? for me Hippysmacker, CMill and madmarck are the guys i always make sure to check out there recent posts. what are yall's most respected...
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  33. anyone in STL?
    If you are tell me or else!!!111one No seriously...I'm here for business until late March and I'm bored.
  34. Stupid Things People Or Friends Say During Or About MMA
    man i think ive heard it all, its so annoying but theres probably always going to be people who have no idea that these are trained atheletes and in fact they cannot "kick there ass" as easily as...
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  35. Pretty Boy Floyd to work his magic in the WWE
    What an idiot. LINK
  36. The Seven Nastiest Illegal Knockouts of All Time
    7. Anderson Silva upkicks Yushin Okami Before The Spider was the deadliest dude in the UFC, he was just a guy trying to get Yushin Okami the **** off of him at Rumble on the Rock 8. His knockout...
  37. Jackass 2.5
    You guys have got to watch Jackass 2.5 if you haven't already seen it. Below is a link were you can watch it for free. Jackass 2.5
  38. Pens win Pens win
    Oh so good Pens Win Hosa! Hosa to Pens
  39. Who wins?!?!
    Its the age old question! Who would win in a mma match...Superman or Spiderman? The rules 1:- Its UFC rules (Only Dana could bring these two giants of the warrior spirit together) 2:- They're in full...
  40. Fleek's Video/Artist of the Day #1 (Left Lane Cruiser)
    LEFT LANE CRUISER Joe Evans - Guitar, Vocals Brenn Beck - Percussion, Vocals Left Lane Cruiser is an American blues band originating from Fort Wayne, IN. The...
  41. Fantasy Baseball (Midwest Fans!)
    I started another league on Yahoo (Midwest Fantasy League) and we need ONE (1) more manager. If you're interested, here's the info. First come, first serve! Thanks! League ID#: 35794 League Name:...
  42. Fleek's Video/Artist of the Day #2 (Bob Log III)
    BOB LOG III Left Foot - Cymbals Right Foot - Bass Drum Left Hand - Slide Work Right Hand - Pickin' Mouth Hole - Talkin' Bob Log III is an...
  43. THQ's UFC 2009 : Fighter Roster
    Who would you like to have in the roster. They need to be currently in the UFC. Unless you want Unlockable Fighters. My List: Heavyweight Champion - Antonio Nogueira Andrei Arlovski Gabriel Gonzaga...
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  44. Anyone going to the Arnold Classic?
    Anyone else going to the Arnold Classic? I'm on my way down there Friday. This will be my first time down there for this event. Lots of UFC talent going to be there. Just wanting to know if anyone...
  45. R.I.P Myron Cope
    Im not sure if any of you know who he is but he was the long time announcer for the Steelers and Creator of the terrible towel. Cope’s tenure from 1970-2004 as the color analyst on the Steelers’...
  46. WMMA
    do you play to this game give your comment about the game.
  47. Pop Quiz, Hotshot: The MMA Version...How Well Do You Know MMA?
    LINK The quiz sports questions to test how much you really know about MMA - specifically how fights end, i've got 9 out of 10. The questions/answers are pulled from FightMetric’s extensive database...
  48. Ashley Gellar
    Have you guys seen the MMA Authority cover girl Ashley Gellar? Wow. She was from August 2007. Here's a link. Ashley Gellar
  49. Keith "The Demon" Jardine... A possible change in Nickname
    I think it would be really Cool if Keith changed his Nickname because it is so long, and he actually does look like a Demon when he was punching Chuck. Post your Thoughts
  50. Fleek's Video/Artist of the Day #3 (CLUTCH)
    CLUTCH Neil Fallon – vocals, guitar, harmonica Tim Sult – guitar Dan Maines – bass guitar Jean-Paul Gaster – drums Mick Schauer – organ...
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