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  1. Chuck Liddell only $49:99!!
    Its happened.... The moment many have waited a lifetime for... Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell can be in your front room! Haha its so cheesy its almost good! Hahah it just sold out!!! Chuck TOY!
  2. Avatar bet?
    Anyone interested in a bet for the Hendo/Silva fight? Im going with Hendo by a hair... I know there is not going to be a shortage of Silva fans willing to take this bet. whats the time length for a...
  3. Funny Picture: You add the caption
    Saw this pic on foxsports or somewhere, and thought it just looked a little funny... I'm not as creative as some of you guys out there, but thought we might get a good laugh out of it... Remeber no...
  4. Wonder what happens when you eat your own hair? Not sure if anyone posted this, but I remember this not too long ago, and could not believe it. Take a...
  5. Who thought the NHL wasn't dangerous?
    Last night Richard Zednik has his throat slashed by his teammates skate. He is now in stable condition, but almost was killed. Lets hope he makes a good recovery....
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  6. Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira amazing tribute vid
  7. American Gladiators
    this is the first time ive watched it...and that justice guy is HUGE!!!!! 6'8 295 lbs.......thats massive
  8. Kimbo's Playlist
    Kimbo picks his 5 favorite videos on and it looks like he's going to have another series on Break called "What Would Kimbo Do?" which premieres on the 13th. Kimbo's Playlist
  9. Wandy's sister is Hawt
    About 4:30 mark or so Enjoy
  10. Vid Report: New Iraqi weapons law debate
  11. Street Fighter IV...(Updated with Video Gameplay)
    Have you all seen the new screen shots? as an MMA fan Im sure we all have a love for fighting games, especially one of the first best fanchises like Street Fighter...Just like we have a love for...
  12. Hows your NHL team doing?
    I seen the topic cowcatcher had on the NBA and well i dont have an NBA team in Pittsburgh... But i do have the Pens who are "at the moment" in 1st in the atlantic which is a real tight division right...
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  13. Xbox 360 or PS3?
    Ok so I want to get one of these gaming systems in anticipation for GTA4 and the new UFC game whenever it does come out. I was wondering which system you have and do you recommend it? I have heard...
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  14. Roger Clemens Hearing (considering people still give a damn)
    Watching it live as we speak. Pretty hard to know at this point who's lying and who's not... Right now though it looks like Clemens is sinking for he is avoiding pretty much any direct question asked...
  15. Morticia Addams or Lily Munster?
    A second part of the Munsters vs. Addams Family. Which do you think is hotter?
  16. What would Kimbo Do? *** Video ***
    Funny Video Link
  17. Internet craziness of the day
    here Umm.... yea.... wow
  18. Beware All Halo Players!!!!!!!!! On XBOX
    I recently took back my XBOX to get a new one because of the Halo game. There is some kind of virus on it. I found it on Microsoft website. For a short time, you could send back your Halo game and...
  19. Red Belt Trailer
    Looks better than Never Back Down at least, but still heavy on the cheese. Link
    ^^^^ thats what i want to do to every tapout poseur at my friggin school!!! Theres this guy named chris and he wears tapout everyday k??now not only does he where tapout but he claims to be an...
  21. Possible trip to Japan
    Well since hearing the news today I started planning a trip to Japan to watch Dream.1. haha It would be a trip. So far we've figured out the flight, we'd stay there for 3 days, friday saturday sunday...
  22. who on here has the most career wins?
    i know it's not me, but ive been here since the beginning and am curious who has the most career wins? there's a guy on my team named jujigatame with 139, but he has never posted on the forums, so...
  23. (not so) famous people
    I got a kick out of the fact that there's a Kristen Bell in one of my classes. And, kickin' it a little old skool, there's also a Taylor Dayne (although it's a guy). Well, I thought it was funny......
  24. Indiana Jones 4 (trailer)
    Just saw the trailer today Link Anyone else geeked to see this?
  25. AV Bet
    I'll take Halverson if anyone wants Gurgel in an AV bet that lasts until UFN.
  26. Last Man Standing UFC match
    Ok i decided a way to settle who the top fighter in the world is...A last man standing match with the top 6 guys in each weight class all get in the octagon together and the last man standing wins....
  27. Any fans of Dawkins, Hitches, Dennett, Harris?
    Have you watched the Four Horsemen discussion yet? What are your thoughts? These men are my idols. Heres a link to the first hour of the discussion. Watch it if you have time... expand your mind a...
  28. 'scuse me while I touch the sky.... Redneck style.
    Crazy Redneck games with a Sidekick.
  29. MMA Playground underogs
    Wow, I was looking under the picks overview over the last few events and saw that : 99% of playground users picked Cro Cop over Gonzaga 98% picked Jardine over Houston Alexander 98% picked GSP over...
  30. Your brushes with famous people, good or bad.
    I used to work in the hotel industry for a long time, right out of college and working in room service you meet some very interesting people. Some famous, some not. I was wondering who are your...
  31. favorite type of pie
    i know many of us might want to say pussy pie but seriously what kind of pie is your favorite mine is chocolate angel pie
  32. I met Tyson Griffin Yesterday !
    So I was at my league wrestling tournament at the high school that Tyson used to go to, Albany High School. And let me tell you, the guy is BIG, he is bigger than I thought. So I didn't know he was...
  33. Favourite TV Show?
    What's your favourite tv show, ever? I have to go with Friends
  34. Song Using only Windows sounds
    whoever made this has too much time on their hands but its impressive Link
  35. Old Gregg *Funny*
    This is one of the greatest things you can watch. Old Gregg
  36. Svartorm vs. The Kidnapper
    So, around 9pm tonight, I'm watching tv at the bar next to the store I work at, and I see a truck pull up in the employee parking lot. I walk out of the bar and start to walk back to the store, and I...
  37. Quick Movie Quote Trivia
    Name the move and the actor / actress. PM me the answers. Winner gets props and can post more questions if you want. 1. People who talk in metaphors oughta shampoo my crotch. 2. Keep your friends...
  38. OUCH! Pics of a fatal/weird motorcycle accident (not gory)
    Wow have never seen this before.....
  39. Funny Rampage Interview *** Video ***
  40. Fighter rankings
    Hey I was just touching up my rankings and I wanted to see if we could get a 145lb ranking. I know alot of people don't know any of the 145lb'ers since they don't have a div in the UFC but I think it...
  41. Anyone Watch The WWE PPV Last Night?
    I can't get PPVs but read the live recaps online and have to know if anyone watched, particularly the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match-supposedly a wrestler named the Undertaker, who has a...
  42. Vonage or Comcast?
    Vonage is $24.99 for the basic package. Comcast is $39.99 for the basic package. Vonage should be a no-brainer right? Anything I'm missing?
  43. Whoever determines NFL Schedules
    Must have a Huge Hardon for the Steelers..After seeing their 08-09 schdule i almost pissed my pants..Peter King has an interesting article on it today.I dont see how a 10-6 team gets a harder...
  44. The Greatest (non-mma) Wrestler Discussion
    I was debating with my friend the other day about who was the greatest professional wrestler to ever grace the ring. We came to the conclusion that the things that make a wrestler truly great are his...
  45. Fidel Castro resignes
    Looks like The Cigar has hung up the gloves so to speak... Surprised me to hear it, and thought it was interesting... Hopefully with Castro gone, Cuba can go the way of democracy and start...
  46. Ever seen an orca catapult a sea lion 50 ft into the air with its tail?
    Now you have. here
  47. Karate teacher breaks hand in SLOWMO!
    This is pretty sick! I don't do Karate but i'm pretty sure your bones aren't meant to go like this! WOW
  48. For the 4chan fans
  49. What's Your I.Q Score ?
    I just took an I.Q Test to actually see how smart I am because I got a 4.1 GPA and it was 157 which is Genius Take this Little I.Q Test A Years of Knowledge is Just 1 Click Away !
  50. Star Wars Battlefront 2
    Does any one on here play SWBF2 on xbox live?
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