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  1. Anyone wanna burn me a dvd?
    Did anyone tape the 2006 WGP? I would be so damn greatful if anyone has it taped.
  2. Digital video to DVD
    I've got a mini-DV digital video camera. I want to take my mini-DV tapes and burn DVDs that can play on a typical home DVD player. I've figured out how to capture the video to my PC via Windows Media...
  3. Has anyone used
    I have been using for awhile now, and I was going to cash out some money for the first time. All they have available right now is a courier check with a fee of $50. So I called them to see...
  4. Online store
    I want to buy a MMA T-Shirt and a pair of short. I looked at, Tapout, Hitman, ect... Is anyone using a online store to order mma gear? Which is your favorite and which one gives a...
  5. "The Trump" going broke????
    I don't even like the guy that much, his hair is totally awesome though anyways stumbled upon this today... don't know what's gonna happen with that...
  6. the mmaplayground city.Help it grow! cool game
    Check this game out.The people who visit your city make it grow.I made one for mmaplayground.Check it out.Maybe we can make it the biggest city yet!
  7. Are Action Movies Becoming Boring To MMA Fans.
    I've been watching MMA and action films since I was a kid, but over the past few years I haven't been able to watch an action movie with a fight scene and not go, "Oh, come on! He'd be out after...
  8. Internet Funnies
    Go here lol business hours are over...
  9. Athletes that you think would be Beasts in MMA
    I'll start it Marius Pudzianowski Height : 6 feet 3 inches tall Weight : 315 lbs - 3 Time Metrix World's Stringest Man Winner Training Video Post some of the people you think would do good in MMA
  10. My TRIP!!!!
    I just got my conformation email back today and its a go!!! Flying from Manchester to Bangkok then 3 weeks travel down to the tip of Thailand! Taking in some of the culture, some of the clubs, some...
  11. Please Look, I Need HELP.
    Hi guys, OK, Can anyone shed light on the date for the Forrest V Jackson fight, I am taking out a huge loan and im planning on going to that fight, I cant find a date as it probally doesnt exist, I...
  12. When do we get to see Jardine again?
    Whats taking so long for the UFC to set a fight for Keith with there being so many light heavies they should have set something by now. Your thoughts???
  13. Munsters or Addams Family
    Just seen an episode of the Munsters and thought Why not, I will make a thread.
  14. Favorite Flavor of Chicken Wings
    Im assuming since most of here are men you gotta love your chicken wings what flavors do you like..I guess im asking so if their is type of wing that i havent eaten next time i get some or make some...
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  15. Mallrats
    I just watched it again last night and laughed my ass off a few times. It's one of my favourite Kevin Smith movies for sure but I remember reading that when it came out a lot of people hated it....
  16. MMA fighters, Clothing and all.............
    Not to sure about you but i dig some of the fighters clothing and such. never really knew where to get any of it, but my boy, said there's a site with clothing and a forum and all, give it a look....
  17. can anyone help me i need some music
    i need good beats for a demo, any good songs with good beats no words would help me out i need it today thank you
  18. Drunk Judo Balance
    Here's a couple of pics from about a year and half ago. It was a slow friday night and a few buddies got together, I was the only one drinking hard and I eventually passed out around 11:30....
    So, every year I enter a Yahoo Public league with an Auto Draft as something to hold me over until my other, more important and/or money leagues start up. My first draft took place over night, and...
  20. College Football Recruiting
    I'm a big fan of the recruiting in college football, and I actually wrote a blog wrapping up the big day yesterday. If you would like to read it, the link is below. LINK And if you are the type that...
  21. 2008 NFL Draft
    Hey Fellas, hows it goin? I know it's a little early, but every year my best buddy and I sit around for a weekend, drinking beer and grilling stuff while watching all day coverage of the NFL draft......
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  22. is there any new news about the 2009 UFC game
    I'm just wondering if theres any new news about the game. Because I can't wait for it to come out.
  23. photoshop time ........... 2
  24. Couple of Questions about tatoo's.
    I want to get my last name on the side of my neck in some like handwriting or graphiti, about 3 inches tall and 10 wide. 6 letter word. I was wondering how painful this would be for a first tatoo,...
  25. Video of Kimbo's other talents
    Youtube Check about 23 seconds in.
  26. Lennox Lewis > Tito Ortiz on Celebrity Apprentice
    I hate to admit that I've seen most of the shows this season, but I have. Tito Ortiz hasn't come across poorly, but he is quiet and seems a little overwhelmed. Lennox is a soft-spoken guy, too, but...
  27. Just made it to standup guy
    Ive been waiting for this for a long time now and i finally made it to standup guy just thought i would share my excitment with the rest of you.
  28. 10 of the Dumbest Quotes in MMA
    10. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson Quote: “When I be losing I be gettin’ my ass whupped. But when I be winnin’ I be doing the ass whuppin’!” Admittedly, Rampage has had enough funny/dumb quotes to fill a...
  29. todays internet funnies
    #1 Batman, lego-style Mimefreak Girl owned, by gravity 500 impressions in 2 minutes Ultimate Cheap shot, lui kang stlye the slow jerk
  30. The Shaq trade:good for Phoenix or who cares
    just wondering what the playgrounds thoughts on the Shaq trade are. to me it doesnt make sense, but im only paying attention during the break between football and baseball season when college hoops...
  31. Need help, trying to find a fight
    I am looking to find out who fought in a fight. It was sometime during the first half of 2007 it was a prelim fight aired after the main event, pretty sure the last fight shown on the televised ppv....
  32. food that makes you wanna puke (smell or taste)
    for smell its limburger cheese for taste id say chitlins
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  33. Mountain Dew > Coffee
    i mean seriously 1 mountain dew has lots of sugar and more cafeine than 2 cups of coffee, for me coffee just isnt it its league, especially that MDX moutain dew energy drink holy crap too much...
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  34. Crazy Wrestling Stories
    So today it was a regualar wrestling practice at my school and I came in at the usual 3 p.m and all of the softball players stuff was in our room becuase our coach is also the coach of the softball...
  35. 10 Year Olds Fighting in MMA
    Was browsing around looking at fighter stats and saw this thread. Watch the video it's little kids fighting in MMA. Personally I think this should not be sanctioned and is rather dumb. Not that you...
  36. Anatomy of a Nut Shot
    ever wonder what happends when you get hit in the ole baggage? link
  37. Your WTF moment for the day.
    All I can say is wow, and I hope these guys get shut down soon. Link
  38. Never Back Down Preview
    Never Back Down hits the theaters on March 14. It is an mma based movie, that looks ok as long as your not expecting it to be 100% accurate to the actual mma world. Preview
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  39. New American Gladiator rejects
    These guys didn't quite make the cut. Link
  40. Top 10 Favorite Bands
    10-The Deftones 9-311 8-Bouncing Souls 7-Jimi Hendrix 6-Rage Against The Machine 5-The Doors 4-Sublime / Long Beach Dub Allstars 3-The Pietasters 2-Tool 1-Operation Ivy however this is just a top 10...
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  41. Goldberg trains with Kimbo
    Interesting video. Kimbo is looking in shape for this too, really hope Tank has been training at least half as hard, but I kinda doubt it. Should be a good fight and I hope it goes past round one at...
  42. Dude getting owned by a basketball hoop
    Check it out, funny as hell.
  43. Please Fire Mike Goldberg
    they need to get a new commentator, seriously a guy who actually knows what hes talking about like frank mir or bas rutten etc. i honestly have to mute the TV sometimes becuase both of them just talk...
  44. How's your NBA team doing?
    well im a bucks fan and they are horrible right now. i thought they could sneak into the playoffs this year but its looking pretty far fetched at this point. so how are you hardwood heroes doing?
  45. Riddle! props to the first to solve it.
    A mother is 21 years older than her son, in 6 years she will be 5 times older than her son. The question is, Where is the father? it is possible to answer this question with just the information...
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    For those of you who haven't found this yet... there is a fun little mma game called MMArmy... Go to and check it out.
  47. What if MMA fighters endorsed energy drinks
    I was just throwing some ideas out there and thought, what if MMA fighters endorsed certain products based off their name or nickname? As I started looking around I realized there are a lot of crazy...
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  48. Fight Quest: Ep. 7 - Hapkido
    i've been watching fight quest since it started, and i find it very interesting, if anyone didnt catch the last episode i just found it bloody elbow, and if you havent seen it before i suggest...
  49. UFC 82 seats
    I need to know how good are club level seats.How good is the view?
  50. Hotrodttt's Annual MMA Trivia Round 7 *** Answers ***
    This Trivia challenge from Hotrodttt is only for the MMA Masters Since I have been on this sight , I have stumbled across some MMA Triva. It wasn't 2 hard and I have always said I can come up with...
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