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  1. Britney Spears to Chute Boxe
    Confirmed by Spears herself
  2. Donald Trump vs Rosie in fight
    who would win
  3. Revenge stories
    Maybe I'm petty or vindictive or cruel or immature or any combination of those things, but I love revenge, and I know deep down inside, so does everyone else. Does anyone have any good revenge...
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  5. Cant Wait!!!
    I got Xbox 360 and i just bought the HD DVD upgrade for it! Lots of movies out but im really waiting for some UFC and Pride HD DVDS to come out!!. MMA in HD is amazing makes the viewing expierence...
  6. Locations
    Where is everyone from? Colorado here....
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  7. Anybody seen the movie "Chopper'?
    I don't know how popular the film was around the world, but it wasn't very publicized in the US to my knowledge... A buddy had me watch it a few years ago, and I've been hooked ever since... If you...
  8. Should Chief Illiniwek be banned??
    I dont think so because... 1. There isn't any living Illini left 2. They are honoring indians, not disrespecting them 3. GO ILLINI!!
  9. Spike TV replay of Tim Sylvia vs Assuerio. Silva . Timmy boy craps in his pants on national TV
    Spike TV will again air a replay of a UFC Fight Night event tonight — as the channel has each Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET this month — and tonight’s episode features a legendary main event of Tim Sylvia...
  10. NOOBS
    since its been brought up lately in some of the posts id like to officially say that im a NOOB and id like to give props to DoTheMMath & madmarck for their comments and zephead for all his info. ive...
  11. UFC 89 ..Hulk Hogan vs Dan Severn
    Coming out of retirement at th ages of 65 and 68....The Beast and Hulkamania fight an MMA match.....I got hogan by KO LEG DROP
  12. Joe Rogan's Alien Theories
    After seeing the whole Joe Rogan vs Mencia thing on youtube i thought i would see if Rogan had his own website and what he had to say about it all, and sure enough i found not only...
  13. Tommy "Gun" Morrison to fight tomorrow
    Tommy Morrison Returns The star of Rocky 5, Tommy Morrison, is stepping back into the ring tomorrow. This is a guy who tested positive for HIV in 1996, basically ending his career. He has been in...
  14. Wouldn't it be hella cool if there were a chat room here?
    instead of going through thread over thread wouldnt it be cool if there were just a chatroom where we could all hang in?
  15. What in the World is Donald Trump doing in the WE?
    I saw a commercial about this. Donald and Vince in a head shaving contest? I doubt ethier one is going to happen. Good marketing or bad television? Or is it a desperate attempt to stop a crumbling...
  16. Chuck Norris Jokes
    Here is a good thread to beat to death more Chuck Norris Jokes. Ill add some of my favourites. Hope noone finds these offensive Its a proven fact that 97% of women lose their virginity to Chuck...
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  17. Who Am I?
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  18. Vasek Klouda - Footbag World Champion
    This dude spends a lot of time with his footbag. Hacky Sack Champ
  19. Now that Hendo is a champ in two weight classes.....
    He can buy some teeth. HOLY CRAP!
  20. Gomi
    found it on another forums, priceless.
  21. Keith Hackney teach me
    So I told my trainer that I'm leaving his gym and training strictly Keith Hackney kempo by watching the old UFC videos. My trainer gave me a liver shot and then guilotined me for that outrage. I...
  22. who would you not want to date your daughter?
    who wouldnt you allow/disallow to date your daughter as far as MMA fighters go? the not list: Baroni--->obvious Shonie Carter---> she'll be doing porn in a week Crazy Horse---> She'll be...
  23. Anyone going to metalfest?
    The 9th Annual New England Hardcore and Heavy Metal Festival is being held in Worcester, Mass at the end of April. I go every year, but this year looks kind of weak. Heres the line-up if anyones...
  24. Tax return purchases
    Anyone buying anything good with their tax return, provided you get one? My big splurge is this in .44 Magnum.
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  25. My Fedor Highlight
    I made my first MMA related highlight on Fedor and i'd like to hear some more comments than what i've gotten on youtube so far. I will admit i got a little ahead of myself in that I just wanted to...
  26. John Brown lost the white rapper show!
    The king of the burbs got eliminated. can you believe it. Im reppen tv's, suv's, and keg parties till I die! Halloluia Holla back
  27. whats the best game of all time?(each console)
    NES........................Mario bros 3 SNES.....................Super Street Fighter ll Turbo N64........................Starfox 64 Playstation............Metal Gear Solid...
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  28. if you were me..
    what car would you get ? A) nissan altima 2007 sedan B) infinity g35 2002-2005*coupe C) Audi TT 2002-2005* D) BMW Z4 2005-2006
  29. Tag Team Matches in MMA??
    How bout a tag team or better yet a survivor series match between UFC and Pride???
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  30. Chuck rode in on Friday stayed 2 days and left on Friday???
    How is this possible??
  31. When did you get into MMA??
    I got into MMA late 2001 when a guy showed me the Wandy - Mezger fight. What about you guys? When did you start following MMA and what got you into it?
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  32. Important INFORMATION!!!!
    he really does....
  33. Just a question
    Check one
  34. I saw this video on sherdog about a fighters UFC debut
    Pretty funny. can't wait to see this guy's debut in the UFC
  35. Which chicks are the hottest?
    which chicks are the most attractive?....choose wisely... i know i know....we want them all!!....tough choice huh
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  36. Your favorite all-time band/artist....?
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  37. What is the dumbest thing goldberg has said?
    what is the dumbest thing goldberg has said during a ufc event, i would have to say any time he kisses rogans ass and tell hims how much he learns from him.
  38. Mirko's Movie
    anyone seen this movie, is it any good?? never even knew he made one Click Me
  39. ring worm
    how tha hell u get rid of it
  40. Poor Chuckie
    Poor chuck fell asleep during an interview
  41. Who will win the NCAA Tournament???
    badgers woo!
  42. Did anyone see Joe Rogan tapout Rampage?
    HAHA it was on inside the ufc last night they had a grappling match and Joe Rogan caught Rampage in a rearnaked choke. Did anyone else notice that Rampage was smoking?? He must not be that serious...
  43. Best Kool-aid flavor..?
    Which is the best Kool-aid?
  44. The Best Fighting Game?
    I'm not going to make this a poll because people write in there own answers anyway. Even though I hate Pro Wrestling, all the THQ wrestling games were fun as hell to play and I'm stoked to see how...
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  45. MMA Look-alikes
    Danny Abbadi and a young Ghandi Kenny Florian / Ben Stiller
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  46. pimp my ride ireland you have to copy and paste video at bottom page
  47. Fast Knockout
    yamamoto k-1 Tha Knockout
  48. Who here is gonna watch Baseball after tonight???(lol)
    Baseball IS a boring ass sport.. just like Rogan said.."how can you watch baseball after tonight"???
  49. Best Comedy?
    Which of these movies is the funniest? Sorry couldnt fight Harold and Kumar in.
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  50. rogan goin overboard w/ coture?
    props to coture but was rogan going overboard saying how amazed he was. that thing he kept doing w/ his eyes was soooo funny
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