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  1. John Rambo
    Just saw this. Its exactly what you think it will be. The acting is for the most part really bad, especially the female lead, but its an absolute bloodbath and Stallone does a great job of being...
  2. Controls for UFC Tapout 2
    Hey i was wondering, how to get from their guard to sidemount or their guard to mount? and if u guys know any other awesome controls. but i just mainly wanna know how to move from their guard to the...
  3. happy bday tito(video)
    what he thinks about ufc 81, and a lot lot more Fight Instinct
  4. Computer Virus
    I missed a couple of picks on the secondary league. I had a bad computer virus. It was so bad that Geek Squad couldn't even fix it. Every time they tried to get rid of it, it would double and attach...
  5. The Top 25 Truths About Chuck Norris
    So while the bearded ass-kicker is busy selling loco for Mike Huckabee, enjoy the definitive Top 25 Truths About Chuck Norris…and his beard: the truth 25. Chuck Norris counted to infinity - twice....
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    does anyone got any good free movie download websites? thank you
  7. Jersey Douche Bags **classic pictures**
    Holy shit, remember these guys from that Sherdog post about 3 years ago?? They made it to the front page of Digg today. There is a whole photo spread of these guys and other similar social rejects....
  8. Supreme Boxing Game
    A new Online Boxing Game is currently in Beta testing. Supreme Boxing is a free online boxing game in which you have the opportunity to build a fighter and take on the...
  9. UFC 1
    i found the whole video, for anyone who hasnt seen it i suggest watchin it, its the whole event.. LINK
  10. ok so OWGP ufc IS ON!!
    on the computer lol this should be fun...this is the top 16 fighters in the UFC and ive matched them up accordingly 1st Seed Randy Couture 2nd Seed Noguiera 3rd Seed Rampage Jackson 4th Seed Anderson...
  11. Ex-Military Celebrities
    I read recently that Mr Roger's rumored Vietnam Navy Seal, sniper, bad ass service was false. He was too old to even serve in Vietnam and there has never been any proof. But I got thinking, how many...
  12. Playstation Network
    I know there have been a couple of threads regarding xbox live, but is anyone on the PS3 equivalent? I've only just become 'online' with mine, and as everybody I know plays xbox, thought I'd see if...
  13. Just Curious
    i've just noticed that some people say "i'de give you props if i could" so do we have a limit on props that can be given out or is this for some other reason? and if so what is the other reason?
  14. Ricco Rodriguez
    wow. ....... first off, sorry if this was mentioned before, but i JUST caught the celebrity rehab show last night that featured him being added on the show. I'd heard plenty of stories of his past...
  15. Myrtle Beach
    Anyone ever Vacation there? Im going down the week of 6/28 to 7/5/08 I guess im just wondering what are some good Bars,Restaurants,and anythng else worth checking out while im there other than the...
  16. Chuck Liddell on Conan tonight
    FYI...just saw a commercial for it.
  17. TUF7 Cast
    article on the fighters known to this point that will be in tuf7 and a little bit about the fighters, like their background and pro, armature stats Fight Instinct
    I'll be starting an MMAPlayground League as soon as registration begins for Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball. Ideally, I'd like to have at least 12 teams in the league, but depending on interest, I'd be...
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  19. I am legend
    ayone see this movie? i did i really like it, what about you
  20. Favorite Zeppelin Album
    My personal favs are 1 then 2. Like the darker blues stuff.
  21. 1800 posts again..
    i just hit 1800 post again, had 1800 the other day but a topic got deleted so i droped to 1799 so i posted 10 more then 1800 so it will not happen again so... i hit 1800 posts id like to thank you...
  22. rampage the best dancer in mma?
    link his got my vote
  23. Oh Rampage will you ever cease to amuse us?
    Rampage's dance inspired me to look through some other Rampage youtube vids, this one i found excellent
  24. UFC 81 Fight talk, Mir and Lesnar (video)
    they talk about UFC 81and their opponent Fight Instinct
  25. Forbes Magazine's 25 Top-earning athletes, 2007
    Forbes Magazine has published it's World's Top-earning Athletes of 2007. I'd be surprised if any MMA fighters were even in the Top 500 best-paid athletes. I seem to recall Dana White saying that the...
  26. Snapshot of the Day
    i hadnt seen this pic before, and i tought it was pretty cool, so why not post it
  27. My idea of what the new Yamma Pit Fighting will consist of.
    I'm gonna guess something like this.
    well i've been dabbing in graphic arts for some years now.. completely self taught and also self taught in html & div layouts for myspace for example.. in my spare time i've started making MMA...
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  29. footage request - Nagurimono
    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone got a copy of Nagurimono when it was released on DVD. I know it was extremely short printed, but just wanted to check... I need dvdrip quality footage to remake...
  30. favorite football players
    top ten football players of all time?
  31. do you hate
    do you hate drunks?
  32. Mr Woodcock
    What did you think about that movie movie mr woodcock with billybob thorton I didnt think it was going to be as funny i thought it was gonna be
  33. What's your favorite film?
    I'm just curious? Considering everyone on here is into mma we might have the same movie taste too. If not i could find some new movies to watch! Here's my top 3: - 1- Fear and loathing in Las Vegas...
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  34. This is just Wrong
    Ifound this on CNN and these people really deserve a harsh penalty...IM not a Vegan or big animal activist i do love animals alot but this is just wrong...Its a little Graphic but most of all its...
  35. Home-brewed alcohol
    Does anyone here home-brew? I learned how to make some stuff this summer and decided to try my hand at it. I've got a gallon of Strawberry wine brewing for my lady friend and a gallon of wild berry...
  36. Fail Thread
    I say we start a thread that is full of fail pics or gifs. We can all get a good laugh out of it.
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  37. I went to the Down concert in Pittsburgh, PA last night
    It was awesome, these are 3 of the like 50 I took
  38. Weeds - "Masturbation Lesson"
    I don't know if any of you watch the show Weeds, but here is a clip that just cracks me up every time I watch it. Link:
  39. Project Censored
    Anyone ever read anything by them? They basically list the most important stories of the year that did not make it into the major news. I notice a lack of political and media discussion on here so I...
  40. Coincendece?? I think Not! Ok Maybe
    Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846. John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946. Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860. John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960. The...
  41. Best Weekend of the Year
    Forget Christmas, how can you get any better than UFC on Saturday night and the superbowl on Sunday? Well, IMO, you can't so I am officially declaring this weekend "Manfest 2008". good fights, good...
  42. BEST fighterof all time?
    your opinion?
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  43. Brock Lesnar Needed 4XL Gloves, has longer reach than sylvia
    According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer: "Lesnar's hands are the largest for any combat sports athlete in the history of the state of Nevada. He needed 4XL gloves, and even they were...
  44. Have a Great time watching UFC 81 !
    I haven't been on the forums lately because my computer is jacked up and I have been really busy with wrestling. North Coast Championships start up in a little bit and my team made the playoffs....
  45. Rock , paper, scissors!@
  46. UFC 81 Videos
    Just uploaded 1 fight from UFC 81, Tim Sylvia vs Antonio Nogueira, I'll have all 9 of them up as soon as I get them uploaded. I'll keep on adding videos on this thread on a direct link so you can...
  47. Why
    Showtime XC just signed Kirt Angle to a 6 month contract... He expressed that he is a better wrestler and fighter than Brock Lesner and he wants his chance.
  48. Could Lesnar kill a bear with his bear hands?
    Screw the can CC KO a horse. I believe Lesnar would kill a bear easily. Out in the wilderness, you fight to the death and are allowed to punch you opponent in the head as hard as you want. Lesnar...
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  49. You think steroids are overall benificial in short term performance?
    I wanna know. I don't really see top level competitors in MMA gaining an overall performance edge over elite fighters. You might be super strong and tolerant to pain but you can't really think and an...
  50. Patriots LOSE!!!!!!!!!
    Way to go NYG Poor Billy Belichek and Tom Brady :
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