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  1. Would you rather...
    Lets play an absurd game... next person answers the question and makes their own question. Would you rather spend 24 hrs with Richard Simmons holding hands wherever you went. (Had to include going to...
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  2. Top 10 hockey bloopers
  3. My little brother won and i'm now a woman!
    I bet my little (15 year old) brother that i could run further than him. He's only been training about 4 months!!! I thought i had it! He ran 9.6 miles in a hour an 10 mins! Thats unhuman! I got 7.4....
  4. Favorite Place & Thing to eat when your drunk
    After a night of drinking i seem to end up at Denny's for their MiniBurgers and a big pile of Ketchup to dip them in and French Fries with Ranch Dressing.Sometimes to switch it up being that the...
  5. Jardine's next opponent
  6. look what i found
    i will be the first one to say i loved this show link any of you remember this??
  7. Celebrity Rehab,” Ricco Rodriguez Debut Tonight on VH1
    A new series called “Celebrity Rehab,” which features former UFC heavyweight champion Ricco Rodriguez, debuts tonight at 10 p.m. ET/PT on VH1. Dr. Drew Pinsky, perhaps best known as a host on the...
  8. Shouldn't, but you would!
    What women do you like but you know you wouldn't tell your friends. Everyones got them so i thought i'd just share a few on here. try to include pics if you can. It can't just be me who thinks these...
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  9. How good would Remy be?
    Ok so since I wrote a big long post earlier today then didn't work because my internet had a hicup I decided to let my frustration subside before re doing it...and here it is! So we all know who Remy...
  10. look at this
    lol this is pretty cool, this is my mom and dad. this is the art i started in which is kung fu san soo, i just though it was cool to find my mom and dad take a look link
  11. is this how to get a girl now a days?
    imoo this guys wants her to bad lol link
  12. lion king 5 sec
    lol you need to watch some of the 5sec vidoes this guy made pretty funny link
  13. Which MMA Clothing Company Would You Want To Be Sponsered By?
    Theres plenty of good companies I wouldn't mind wearing on my shorts if I were to fight. A great deal of fighters are sponsered by Tapout, Affliction, and Warrior Wear but there is also Sinister,...
  14. Fomer K-1 and PRIDE Fighter Matt Skelton to Fight For WBA HW Title
    Matt Skelton will challenge Ruslan Chagaev for his WBA HW Boxing title. Came across this on ESPN and thought it was interesting. Skelton is 41 years old....
  15. You've seen Xtreame Couture,but are you ready for Juicy Couture? As far as I know,Randy had nothing to do with this,and this is Liz Claiborne's moster.But from their banner down to the name,it seems like a cheap copy of Xtreame...
  16. Kenny Florian Ranks UFC Lightweight Division
    KENNY: Excluding the guys fighting for the lightweight title on the 19th and excluding myself, I think the top five, in no particular order, are Sean Sherk, Frankie Edgar, Roger Huerta, Tyson Griffin...
  17. Best pranking of a telemarketer eva
    I couldn't stop laughing the whole damn call. Link
  18. BIG NEWS!!!! CLICK ME!!!!!
  19. Mike Tyson, cool video imo
    i liked tyson back in the day, i was lookin up some stuff and found this it made me remmeber how good of a boxer this guy was link
  20. Funny Backround Pics
    Enjoy: BTW, let's try to use only orig. pics, not photoshops
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  21. best prank calls ever..... Ned
    this is ned from bubba the love sponge radio show, i actually was laughing so hard i had tears running down my face ned calls ncaa ned calls cops ned calls caveman show protesters
  22. Never get any work done again...
    In case you didn't hate me already, here's an evil little number called Monster's Den .
  23. Green Bay Packers vs Seattle Seahawks game...
    anyone watching this?...its snowing like crazy!!! were i live we dont get any snow so i guess it's crazier for me...
  24. Why the Kitty Cats???
    So I was wondering why do people use CATS as or in there Avatar???? I hate Cats
  25. Does anyone on this site watch BLEACH???
    Does anyone on this site watch the anime BLEACH? If so do you watch the english or japanese version? If you don't then i suggest you try it out, definitely the best anime of all time imo. Personally...
  26. NE Patriots vs JAX Jaguars Game..
    Great game so far....Patriots always pull away in the 4th,but i hope the Jags take it......I would be the happiest man alive if the Patriots lose
  27. How would you do against Butterbean?
    Jackass was on the TV the other night and noticed this little clip. Man, I'm not sure what I would want to do, hook electrodes up to my scrotum or fight butterbean. Butterbean vs. Knoxville in the...
  28. Greatest Guitarist of All-time?
    Who do you think is the greatest guitarist of all time.
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  29. MMA Masters (Preview)
    This is the preview from National Geographic's show about MMA. It looks like its going to be good quality. Slow motion cameras capturing four of my favorite fighters (Bas, Tito, Lister, Couture). It...
  30. My thoughts on the movie "One Missed Call"
    This is a horrible movie, there is the suspension factor, thats probably the only good part, The acting is horrible, the character names a very uncommon or just plain weird, and the deaths are so...
  31. Anyone one own No Rules - The Movie
    Just wanna know how good it is, i might get it. Randy and Shamrock are in it. The last MMA movie i got was just crappy, it was Maximum CageFighting, it was very bad, but Renzo Gracie is in it, so i...
  32. My pre-season Superbowl Prediction looks good so far...what were yours?
    At the beginning of the season, i had the chargers and the giants in the superbowl. i picked the chargers as the next champion, but then with new england turning into the greatest team in history and...
  33. Rock of Love 2 !
    Are you guys going to watch it tonight, think of all of the HOT CHICKS that's going to be on the show TTT if you guys are going to watch it
  34. Joe Rogan LIVE on (just click on the bubble above the monkey to view the last time he was on..pretty interesting stuff) I go to this site alot...its a good...
  35. NFL Fans?
    I blog on, and I thought that maybe some of you would like to read my weekend recap. If you are interested, then just click on the link below. NFL Weekend Recap
  36. Fantasy Band
    With the "greatest guitarist" thread ongoing, I thought I'd challenge you all to present your "All-Star Band(s)." There are rules. Actually, there's only one rule: It must be a plausible band, in...
  37. Favorite Beatles Song?
    This is a very tough one for me to do. I don't think The Beatles ever made a bad song, and they made so many great ones. I know we have some Beatles fans on here (as they are everywhere), and I just...
  38. MMA fighter power levels
    This was something I worked on the other day out of pure boredom.I noticed in a street fighter cartoon,and through those DBZ cartoons,that they measure how good a fighter is,partialy by reading their...
  39. Ur Tattoo's & Ur Fav MMA Tats
    So I Have a few tats and was wondering who had the coolest mma is one of my yours as well.......
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  40. mir vs lesnar - special rules match
    since they are already in a cage they should have a hell in a cell match
  41. The dreaded hat incident at the cancelled WCO fight.
    Pretty funny stuff. Link
  42. can someone tell me
    does this work for any of you? this is what i fight in and i got some guys that fought on this card but i cant seem to get it to work link
  43. I would like to see... the loser's nickname taken away
    A fight where the the "winner" takes the loser's nickname away from him. ie. If "Rampage" fought "Iceman" (again) and chuck loses again he would no longer be known as the "Iceman". I would think...
  44. Buttered Floor Roommate War
    Link I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Epic Pwnage PS. Gotta have the sound on!
  45. Walk out song
    What was Spencer Fisher's Walk-out song at UFC 78.Joe Rogan loved it,and i thought it was pretty good but couldn't remember the name.I think it was a Johnny Cash song
  46. Animation on Shogun
    Haha I was just looking through the video section and came across a newer one of Shogun in a hospital bed, but the face is animated and it makes him talk. I laughed really hard at it, not because I...
  47. Rivers or Eli Manning?
    With the playoffs going on, there is a lot of talk about which young quarter back is doing the best so I thought I would ask the question, who is going to have the best career? I think Rivers has...
  48. Tapout Logo
    Does anyone have a tapout logo with a awesome design on it? Im soon going to get a tatoo and i want the Tapout Logo on my back... So if anyone has the logo with an awesome design please post it. If...
  49. xbox live
    just wondering if any of you guys play call of duty 4 online if so lets play.
  50. Science finally answers the question. Is staring at breasts the equivilant to a 30 min. workout?
    Finally the question that has been nagging at us all is answered. Link
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