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  1. NFL Playoffs: My Predictions
    Wildcard Redskins vs Seahawks: I think I am going to take the redskins, they have alot of energy winning 4 straight. Todd Collins not making many mistakes, Portis is running good. Seahawks arent...
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  2. Any New Years Plans?
    I dont really have any big plans at all. Just going to be hanging out with my friend Amy. Hey wish me luck.
  3. mma torrent websites
    any1 belong to any?
  4. The best Torrent ever
    Link Enjoy, I am Edit: Guys, this is EVERY Pride event. But you don't have to download the whole thing. You can choose which to download.
  5. MMA DVD Recomendations
    Hey Everybody, I've been getting some pm's of people asking me what MMA DVD's I would recommend so I'm going to list my top 5 DVD's that I enjoy the most. Happy New Years ! 1. Pride 17- Championship...
  6. Favorite styles
    What're everyones favorite styles to watch in the cage? You value exitement and blood or do you enjoy watching slick technique?
  7. Help with MMA DVD's
    Hi guys, I'm new to the board, so please don't shoot me if this is in the wrong place etc. I'm after getting hold of some copies of some MMA DVD's. I've looked around and it seems impossible to get...
  8. Greatest forum ownage in internet history
    This guy spammed an internet gambling site on NSX Prime (an Honda NSX owners forum) and got taken to town in legendary style. He has edited out the first page or so of his responses but keep reading...
  9. Van Damme's wink
    A little creepy:
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  10. Got extra money? Buy Ricco's belt.
    lol. Ricco Rodriguez put his UFC 39 HW belt from the Randy fight on Ebay. If anyone would like to donate 30k dollars to a poor person you can PM me, and we can work it out. Although I cannot promise...
  11. My New Avatar!!!!
    My new avatar for the next two months. You got to love it!!! Chuck is the best!!!
  12. luv ur wife?
    This may be old...but it's funny. Sorry if it has already been posted. How much do you love your wife? It's not in english, but you won't need words.
  13. SURVEY: Guilty Pleasures?
    C'mon, everybody has them...spill it!!! SOME OF MINE: 1.) Farting and then walking across the room to observe the reactions of others. 2.) The Biggest Loser (the TV show) 3.) The smell of gasoline....
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  14. Joe Lauzon in next UFC game!
    Link Thats pretty much all i need to know in order to be in line at 12AM the day this comes out
  15. Marius Zaromskis vs Ross Mason- Amazing Fight from Cage Rage 22
    Wow....i suggest people watch this fight, its a great action packed fight with a great finish..... Great fight if anyone has great fights...fell free to post them up
  16. What's Up to the Late- Nighters : Official Late Night Chat
    I'm sitting on my couch with my computer checking my MMA Playground Account every 20 minutes while watching Spike's ManSwers eating a power bar because I'm cutting weight for a Wrestling tourny on...
  17. Anyone else see GOMI at UFC 79?
    After the chuck, wandei fight as the camera was going around did anyone catch Gomi in the front row? I had my pvr and rewind it to see IT WAS him. What does this mean? Hope Gomi comes to UFC. Love to...
  18. Create you own fighter MMA fantasy game (who wants to play?)
    I've been working on my own fantasy game for a few days now.It's very simple,but if enough people get involved chances are it will get more complex the longer it goes. THE BASICS CHOOSE YOUR ATTACKS...
    My new addiction. What a great show!
  20. Celebrity Apprentice
    Had to miss the premiere last night (it's on too late for me), but was just reading through what happened...oh yeah, for those who haven't heard, this season has celebs like UFC's Tito Ortiz, Gene...
  21. Teaser from the new UFC game coming out next year.
    Link Looks pretty impressive!
  22. AV Help??????
    I'm no computer genius, so can someone explain how to put the animated/ moving avatar in?
  23. look what i found
    link i didnt know they fought
  24. Gonzaga's Fight History
    I just saw where Gonzaga beat Charlie Brown in 2004 It says he won by Submission due to exhaustion....... Sounds like Charlie needed to run a few more sprints with Peppermint Pattie (Sorry for the...
  25. Top Eight Lamest Entrance Songs
    This list is from, i' summarize it, but i'll leave the link if you are interested in knowing why they were chosen.... LINK 8. Ed Herman --->"in the air tonight" by phil collins 7 ....
    Just noticed this site in the bet real money section of the fantasy wagers. Anyone here know anything about this site, if its a legitimate betting site? How it works? and if odds are the same as they...
  27. Lycra, the miracle fabric?
    Today's MMA athletes continually strive for advantages in their drive to be number the GOAT. Steroids were seen as a holy grail in terms of combative advantages it could bestow. Some provides...
  28. Hackleman Asks: The toughest interviews in the game
    Are they the worst interviews ever done or are they so good it just blows your mind? You be the judge. Somewhere along the road of coaching the likes of Chuck Liddell to championships, fight coach...
  29. Today You Die
    So I just turned on Spike TV and a Steven Seagal movie was on. I was kind of watching and all of a sudden Karo Parisyan showed up on the screen as some gang member. He has one line but I can't...
  30. wow i got a nice find
    link this is espn classic wow
  31. Ramon Dekkers Muay Thai Highlight Vid
  32. American Gladiators... donkey schlong. It took me about 5 minutes to determine that it's very annoying. The contestants talk WAAAAAY too much. It's the first episode and all so I'll give it another shot. But...
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  33. Canada's labels slam proposed digital 'tax'
    Source TORONTO (Billboard) - A revolutionary plan that would effectively legitimize file-sharing here has been slammed as "a pipe dream" by Canadian labels. The Songwriters Assn. of Canada proposes...
  34. The Kimbo Silce Story with Pictures
    Put a Story or Caption on any picture you want Picture # 1 Caption Kimbo Slice : This how a ^%**@ EAT ! Seth Kleinbeck : Shave that beard bro Kimbo's Manager : I'm hungry, you going to eat that bread...
  35. What do you find more entertaining? "Bad Blood" or "Good Sports"...???
    What kind of fights do you look forward to watching more? some examples.. Bad Blood Nick Diaz vs Diego Sanchez/Lawler Tito Ortiz vs Chuck Liddell Melvin Guillard vs Rich Clementi BJ Penn vs Jens...
  36. Cool Maze Game
    This is a pretty neat little maze. You have to click on play, and as soon as you do you the maze begins. You just have to move your mouse along the path and reach the red space at the end. You can...
  37. MMAPLAYGROUND Birthday?
    Isn't this site's birthday coming up soon? This site was started last January, correct? Anyways, this site keeps on improving. It is amazing that it is just coming up on one year. The member size has...
  38. Anybody Wanna Make Fun of Me?
    OK, so my Buckeyes lost in the National Championship Game. But don't worry: I'm a tried and true fan, and I won't do something that other fans would, such as changing my avatar or something like...
  39. Best MMA Attributes
    Basically who has the best MMA history Best Takedown - Matt Hughes Bets Sprawl - Chuck Liddell Best Judo Throw - Karo Parisyan Best Slam - Rampage Jackson Best Armbar - Big Noguiera Best...
  40. this is my ''look what i found'' of the day
    this is why when people say nobody can beat them i lol this video is great link
  41. Do you believe in UFO's,Bigfoot,Lochness Monster,etc?
    Curious to see who believes in things like the Lochness Monster and Bigfoot.I always watch shows on TV about these kind of things become I find them pretty entertaining.So do you believe in any of...
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  42. Go vote!
    I don't care what state you're in, you'd best get your ass out and vote when your time comes. NH looks like its going to set some kind of record today, as people want a new direction in this country...
  43. Mike Tyson
    i dnt kno much about the guy but in the short vids ive seen of him he was a preety gd boxer but does any1 kno y hes crazy? for example
  44. Worlds first real time machine?
    Check this out, very interesting stuff. First the theory Link And now the machine Link Can you imagine what it would mean if this thing acutally works.
  45. Very clever little animation
    Made me laugh for sure. Link
  46. Should i take up the opportunity?
    so i was working and sean loeffler came into my work today and i got to talking to him and he offered me to set up some fights for me at TFA (local mma org) and KOTC. he's seen my JJ skillz and my...
  47. goose to the hall
    so rich "goose" gossage was the lone member inducted into baseball hall of fame today, its been coming for awhile, but its too bad others like jim rice(who was close) and andre dawson didnt make it...
  48. Favourite Record Label
    Just wondering what record label everyone likes the best and thinks has the best band. For me it's Fat Wreck Chords, Fat Mike's label. It's got so many good bands like NOFX, Lagwagon, Mad Caddies,...
  49. Best singer/frontman out of these
    I know i can't put more than a few on here..but these are some that come to my mind.I know theres like a million i could put but..Im sure im forgetting someone else who is good but these just came to...
  50. guillard dont know if this has been posted but man...i knew he had said he was gonna kick rich's ass next time he saw him but this is really getting...
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