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  1. Great Bill Wallace (The first UFC commentator) video.
    Funny stuff and its amazing how far we have come! Link
  2. Which MMA fighter(s) would you like to party (drink) with and why?
    I'd like to kick it with Alexander E. i bet that guy can throw a party, and if somebody gets too wild he'll just kick their ass. I'd also like to drink with and hang with the Diaz bros. Nuff said,...
  3. TUF soundtrack here
    If you've been trying to hunt down the TUF soundtrack like I've been, at least here's the original version that was used in the early UFCs. I have the TUF version also but in really really lousy...
  4. New Footage of Ninja Gaiden 2!!!
    ******* amazing new gameplay video of Ninja Gaiden 2 exclusively for the XBOX360 My fav part is the 0:26 - 0:24 mark where you see heads flying off cant wait!!! New NINJA GAIDEN 2 Footage!!!
  5. Funny High School pic of Randy Couture
    This is so funny
  6. Spiderman & Batman make a good tagteam
    Spidey and Batman dish out a beating "The police are on their way, Batman!" lol
  7. Time machine to bet on past events
    Comeon guys, help me fund the building of a time machine. I'll put 10 grand on Rampage over Liddell by KO in the 1st. Whoever finds me a working flux capacitor can split the profits with me.
  8. UFC Tag-Team Division
    With WWE trying to rip off MMA lately, Dana White should return fire and introduce a tag-team division to the UFC. Here are some of my proposed tag team names. The High Rollers (Nick and Nate Diaz)...
  9. The **OFFICIAL** Chicago Cubs Thread
    Any fellow Cubs fans? It looks like Hendry may be in talks with Baltimore trying to work out a trade for Brian Roberts (2B). Potentially a great move!
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  10. The Shock Doctrine
    There is nothing like using a little bit of equivocation to support your argument. Regardless, This movie is awesome. It is only 6-ish minutes long. This is totally worth the time. Also, I think it...
  11. Win Ricky! Win!
    I don't know about the rest of you but I really hope Ricky Hatton beats Floyd MAyweather this weekend. I've seen Ricky fight quite a bit and have seen interviews and different shows with him and I...
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  12. Star Trek trivia !!
    ok, this is a trivia about star trek, everything from the series and the movies are include in the trivia. Brain only please !! PM the answers !! 1- What was the name of the 2 whales who were bring...
  13. MMA Fighters in Football(Dream Team)
    This would be a crazy Football Team Offense: QB: Chuck Liddell (hard to get down, good arm) RB: Paulo Filho FB: Dan Henderson WR: St. Pierre WR: Anderson Silva OT: Cabbage OT: Tom Erikson C : Mark...
  14. Zombie Attack at Hierakonpolis
    click me ...... BS or not, you decide
  15. Ordering Hatton vs Maywhether??
    Anybody going to order this fight. I was thinking about it until i realized a couple of weeks ago that the Ultimate finale was on tonight.
  16. Election Year in Iowa
    Well it is 3pm on a Saturday, and so far I've recieved calls TODAY from Joe Biden, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Ron Paul, Mike Huckabee, Chris Dodd and John Edwards. I have been bombarded all week by...
  17. Maywheather vs. Hatton(Tonight-Who Wins?)
    Who do you think wins this battle of undefeated's, I think that the battling brit has it in the bag, he's been training like an animal for this fight and he has some sick KO power. However...
  18. worst nut crack u've ever taken
    My first actual MMA fight We were in the clinch and he pushed me off so we could continue the stand up and he comes straight flying in with a knee I caught his arm but his knee came straight to my...
  19. I Am Legend
    During the TUF 6 finale I saw the trailer for the film "I Am Legend" Starring Will Smith. This looks like one of the best movies eva ! Don't know too much about it and I only like Will when he's in...
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  20. WoW and UFC
    Sweet, my 2 fav things, FOR THE HORDE!!
  21. Dave Chappelle in german! (lmfao)
    dave chappelle in german, ******* hilarious
  22. What was Mac Danzig's Theme song?
    I heard him come out to a song last night on the finale and the song was hot! Just wondering who sings it. please tell me!!!!!!!!!! Thank You
  23. WWE RAW 15th Year Of Showings
    Monday December 10th WWE will host a 15 year celebration of RAW. For more info go to
  24. UFC Tapout 2
    How good is it, never played it before, thinking about getting it... Is create a fighter/career mode/gameplay good... rate it out of 10... i just want to know, i am dying to play UFC 2009 so i wanna...
  25. I'm going to be a Premium Member
    Yay ! I'm finally going to do it, in the next few days or so I will have it fully hooked up
  26. UFC
    What UFC event has been your favorite through 70-78
  27. Kid Rock at VGA's on Spike
    Did anybody else see this?!?!?!?!?! the hell was he trying to do there going off a medley of a cheaper redneck-ish version of honytonk woman...right in the middle of his ''single''. WHA THE HELL...
  28. PREDICT Michael Vick's sentence here...
    I say he gets 18 months in prison...he'll do 9 months and he'll get credit for time served.
  29. New Season of Pros vs. Joes
    I was watching the commercials for the new season of Pro's vs Joes and it looks pretty good I'm actually looking forward to it. I will admit it will be hard to top Roy Jones Jr. and Randy Couture but...
  30. SURVEY: Pet Peeves
    What are your pet peeves? 1.) People who don't say "Thank you" when you hold a door open for them. 2.) When passing someone on the interstate, I hate it when they speed up just so you can't pass...
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  31. As We Speak, The Mighty Zep Is Flying Again
    This is the set list they have played so far: Setlist updates: Good Times Bad Times Ramble On Black Dog In My Time Of Dying For Your Life Trampled Underfoot Custard Pie Nobody's Fault But Mine No...
  32. I think it's time for the term "overrated" to be retired.
    It's time for Overrated to retire. It was a great word, in it's day. Heck, I remember when Overrated had that 5-round war with TBA. What a fight that was. But, like all champions, time catches up...
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  33. Hitler and Xbox and Youtube = classy
    this is funny:
  34. Hilarious mma group picture
    Well, I found this and thought I'd share it with you guys. I got a real kick out of this picture. From left to right: Matt Lindland, Benji Radach, Randy Couture, and Dan Henderson. I think it was...
  35. Wake up Hollywood! MMA hits the silver screen... In Hong Kong.
    Asian action films routinely chump Hollywood. Here they go again... Donnie Yen in "Flash Point" , 2007 Golden Horse Award winner for Best Action Choreography.
  36. Why Do We Invoke Darwin? Evolutionary theory contributes little to experimental biology
    Here is an article I thought was really good. As a person of faith in scientific research, I feel the topic of evolution gets tossed around a little too much, especially by people that don't...
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  37. About Shodog Fight Wear
    So, some dipshit signed up to the forum and spammed the following in every forum catagory: Topic: "FIRST MMA DEATH!" Text: Man dies from injuries sustained in mma bout... for full story go to...
  38. Vote For The Best Rock Band Of All Time
    Get Your Vote On
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  39. Rangers vs Washington @ 7pm
    Tonight at 7pm the NY Rangers are going against Washington, winner takes first place in the Atlantic division. WAR RANGERS!!! WAR JAGR!!! WAR LUNDQVIST!!!
  40. Want to record PPV fights
    I want to record my PPV's onto a dvd, can I do this easily? I have a direcTV DVR and want to buy a dvd recorder. Someone told me that they didn't think you could record PPV's but they weren't sure....
  41. Going to the Outback Bowl in Tampa Bay
    Its true im going to see the Vols play the Badgers
  42. MLB: The Mitchell Report
    Major League Baseball and the Players Association share the blame for tolerating a widespread culture of drug abuse, George Mitchell's report on doping in baseball says, according to two lawyers who...
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  43. The Movie Blog's Ten Worse Movies of 2007 List.
    Link It’s getting to be that time of the year again… time for us to start talking about the best and in this case, the worst movies of 2007. This year gave us some truly awful films (but...
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  44. Hard Gay! (hoooo!)
    Japanese comedy show about a FLAMINGLY gay man going around terrorizing the folks of Japan. I'm laughing so hard
  45. Yay ! I've posted 100 videos
    Yay, I will keep on posting videos consistantly like I have been so check out the videos section today for some great videos
  46. Awsome knockout
    Ouch Mad guy vs. Confused guy.
  47. Put a Caption on this Picture ( Extremely Funny )
    Props to anyone who provides a good caption for this picture I'll go first... " HAMMER TIME ! Uh- oh, Uh- oh !
  48. Jens Pulver is the Man!
    Talking with Lil Evil prior to the fight and he was really focused. I know a lot of fighters talk about what they are going to do before a fight but Jens said "It's not going past the first I gonna...
  49. Thanks video posters
    just wanted to say thanks to the people who consistently add videos to the video section. i have been able to see several fights that i have never seen, and enjoy good fights that i have seen. it has...
  50. Best Karo Highlight Ever!
    Not gonna lie i think this guy makes highlights better than Boonbock or RHYS Watch Karo from Armania do his best.
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