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  1. The Contender: You watching??
    I'll admit, I haven't been watching this show, but I have watched before, and it's a decent show. Are you guys on here watching it? Appearantly, the finale is on tonight. I had no idea. I just saw a...
  2. WHAT THE HELL UNDERTAKER! spoiler for smackdown
    Undertaker wins his match on smackdown this week by using a triangle choke! WTF
  3. bored at my tattoo shop here
  4. World's Biggest Spiderweb
    The Biggest known spiderweb Link
  5. Hockey Fights
    Just Because.. CLICK
  6. The Seduction Community:
    PM me if you are interested in an invite to BitSeduce. BitSeduce is a tracker devoted to seduction, Female psychology, and "game" in general. Tell me what ratios you have at other trackers -- I only...
  7. post pics of your favorite football team.
    Pro or college dont matter lets see if your a true fan.
  8. A Must See: Dana At His Best In A "F*#k" HL !!! This is Dana in a nutshell, a powerful potty-mouth. Gotta love it....
  9. What do you think??
    i think this is funny what do you all think its not letting me post a...
  10. The Rate the Avatar above you game
    Okay it's pretty simple.You rate a persons profile picture between 1 & 10.1 being weak,and 10 being awesome.On a side note,when you read someones post do you picture their avatar being the way they...
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  11. Can you flip as good as me?
    Flip well can you (none are me)
  12. Failed Backflip
    i like to post funny video on the site, this one is a he ok?? Link
  13. Honor Today For are Fighting Men & Women Past and Present.
    To day is a day to Honor are men and women that have fought for are Country. This being a fight site were else could it be more appropriate than here. I Say GOD BLESS are Veterans!
  14. Only Read if u want to have fun: Music artists and Pro athletes vs. UFC
    I think this is a funny read and ur guys responses could be funny well if musical artists and pro athletes stepped in the octagon they wouldn't fare that good so this is the matchups I would like to...
  15. The WWE's poor attempt at MMA
    So, I haven't really watched professional wrestling since the late 80's...well, maybe early 90's. Naturaldisater posted a spoiler last week that the Undertaker would win his Smackdown match via...
  16. A most see
  17. Should I accept this trade???
    Whadayallthink? I got to give up: Larry Fitzgerald Derrick Ward I get: Maurice Jones-Drew Jesse Chatman I'm hurting for RB's, and need to make a move... I'm leaning towards taking it... Thoughts?
  18. watch human weapon, starring fedor
    watch the new episode of human weapon - sambo, fedor's in it
  19. Science Test -Trivia - now with answers
    I thought I would do a trivia test for everyone. I am a scientist so I am going to base mine on science. I am also a Star Wars fan so I am going to throw in a bonus at the end. One difference though,...
  20. Most respected MMAPlayground Posters
    Hey you guys I have wanted to something like this for a while now and I have got my list on my most respected posters. LIST YOUR TOP 10 Judging on - Knowledge - Thread importance - Fun Threads I am...
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  21. Urijah Faber - Talks About Bar Fight In Bali Indonesia (1 year old at least)
    My bro had this posted or sent it to me. It's a pretty cool story the California Kid has. I'm not too sure how popular the clip is but I thought it was pretty dope and figured that there has to be...
  22. Old Man Karate vs. Young Man MMA
    I guess this dude thought he could beat any MMA fighter but instead just stands there and gets ****** up.
  23. Damn you Matt Damon
    so i read on yahoo that matt damon was named sexiest man alive, and once again ive been snubbed by people magazine. i guess ive gotta start moisturizing for 2008's award....
  24. would you do this for $100
    would you take a hit for $100 from kimbo here
  25. The Spork
    Sporks worst invention ever.Try eating steak with one these and yet cutting up the steak with a plastic butter knife.Work sucks when it comes to having good untensils for eating at least my work...
  26. Good Books
    So i get alot of downtime at work and normally read Maxim,Blender and some MMA mags.But seeing how i work with mainly women who read Cosmo,Romance novels and Cat Fancy... What are some good books i...
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  27. Anyone a member
    I just signed up thanks to direct tv for giving me a 1yr subscription for ordering the fight package.If so add me up my name on there is same as on here.Its kinda like a Ufc Myspace in a way with...
  28. Joe Rogan Watches 2 Girls 1 Cup
  29. the one punh karate chop knock out
    Proof that it does in fact knock you out. That took him 21 years to master?
  30. made me lol a lil bit
    take a look just don't flame me too much
  31. Nutthuggers Trivia!!!!!! ANSWERS UP!
    Okay so im bored at a school and i decided rather than read a 9 page article i will make up some pointless quiz. Please PM me the answers so i can see how miserably you fail. Most of these you will...
  32. Human Tetris w/ Hong Man Choi
    If you havent seen this yet you have to. The Ones with Choi are hilarious Link
  33. Keith Jardine looked like he got his ass kicked in a parking lot at a dairy queen somewhere
    ^^ Joe Rogan's quote about Houston Alexander vs. Keith Jardine on Countdown to UFC 78. I nearly spit my drink out
  34. Should i watch the BME pain olympics?
    I was just wondering because everyone says it is disgusting. Is there a website with more information on the BME pain olympics. any info would be nice.
  35. Anyone else from Indiana?
    Fort Wayne, here. Hometown of one of my favorite fighters to watch...Jon Fitch. I read somewhere recently that Dana White had mentioned the UFC could be coming to Indiana sometime in '08. Anyone have...
  36. hackney is the man !!!
    Enough said ... hackney is the mutts nutts, check out my picture when i met the tankster, we had a chat in the toilet together, then he asked me for a photo on the way out !! ... do you know why ???...
  37. Nick & Nate Diaz, Kendall Grove on Asassin's Creed
    My cousin showed me this video of Nick, Nate and Kendall talking about the new game, Assassin's creed, its pretty funny and apparrently the main character uses some martial arts Link
  38. oregon
    any one else from the rouge valley oregon? if so contact to train and shit
  39. NINERS!
    welp another niner game another loss i really tohought we had it 4 a while but frank gore just deiceded to suck a fat one this game but hopefully things will pick up! GO SF
  40. is "Punk" an MMA fan?
    I hope I'm not the only loser who's guilty of watching I Love New York but on the New Episode tonight where they all got interogated by "Chance" and "Real" the man who New York nicknamed "Punk" was...
  41. help
    how do u get moveing avatars? i keep trying but obviously i hav no clue
  42. BJJ rendered obsolete, there is a new top combat martial art.
    Link Indian Fighting Skills Parts 1 & 2 on DVD with Randall Brown The most feared... most respected... and most hyper-skilled fighter who ever walked this earth... was the American Indian. In fact,...
  43. Y2J returns to the WWE
    Y2J/Chris Jericho makes an impacted return to the WWE Raw show. Go to for more info.
  44. Happy Thanksgiving
    I'm done working for the day and I am outta here, so happy thanksgiving to all you guys, i'll talk to you all when im 10 lbs heavier.
  45. wackiest job interview ever
    A short film where two guys have to face off against each other and compete for a rather unsavory job. [url][/url]
  46. WOW
    This is incredibly stupid.These guys are not even human,these guys legs are as big as me.165 people is all i weigh The ones in the middle and the bottom looks like mighty Joe the Gorrila
  47. You'll die in a horror movie if your one of the following:
    I'm a horror fan, like many others, and so I got a kick out of this list, because it's entirely true. You can add to this list if you guys like, i'm sure the author will be appreciative if you...
  48. protect your family jewels No kids for them…
  49. Robert Emerson...the wanksta
    I'm sure a lot of you have heard of this story or have seen the video, yet it was new to me. I never saw any of the TUF 5 episodes. Therefore, don't flame me if the is old news(I searched the forums...
  50. Won my 1st wrestling match of the new season
    Hey guys, I just wrestled at Hogan High School in Valejo California, it was just a scrimmage but it was fun. I won 17-0 on points but that guy did good. So now my overall record in wrestling is...
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