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  1. Worst P4P fighter in MMA
    my list for worst P4P fighters in MMA 1.Akebono 2.Giant Silva 3.Zuluhzino 4.bob Sapp
  2. People wagering more than 500 on UFC 67?
    I noticed that the "wealthiest player" wagered over 500 on UFC 67. How is this possible? I thought everyone started out with 500, if you went broke, you could get a new bankroll.. any ideas?
  3. 2007: FIRST STEP FOR BEARS???
  5. Anderson Silva Lost
    I have gone back and watched the replay of this debacle of a main event several times now. It certainly looks like Silva is out when Travis has him mounted. Anyone else see this or am I delusional? I...
  6. Favorite movies.
    So there are already threads on music, video games and tv shows and unless I'm mistaken not one on movies. Having said that here's my top 5: Pulp Fiction Army of Darkness The Life Aquatic The...
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  7. What books are you reading at the moment?
    Add a synopsis to give an idea about them also.
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  8. Rocky 6
    ROCKY 6 was as good as the first, i seent the movie with my wife and it was the perfect ending to the perfect series of movies.. i am a super fan, being from philly i guess im alittle partial but...
  9. What would you do...
    What would you do if you had to step in an octagon with lets say Anderson Silva? I have pondered this question on many occassions and I have come up that the best thing I could ever do is lay on my...
  10. Funniest MMA pictures
    Here are some of mine
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  11. whats your real life
    looking for job, school, family etc. make it short im a chef, went to culinary school, married 13 years, daughter 14, son 9 SICKRICK, how old is your daughter?
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  12. Favorite internet radio stations/shows
    I am sure a lot of us here listen to a lot of MMA radio like Beatdown, Soundoff and PKW but other than that what shows or internet radio stations do you guys like? Leave links so we can check em out....
  13. Do you think
    In light of the former NBA player coming out and saying he was gay the other day, that makes one for all major american sport promotions excpet the NHL which really isnt that major any more. My...
  14. Does anyone get any work done at work???
    I've got to ask... It seems like I'm on the computer f**king off more often than not... Anybody else on the same boat?
  15. nicknames
    who has the best and worst nicknames
  16. Surprise MLB team this year?
    Who will pull a tigers? GO MARLINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. best yo mama joke
    seeing that my dad just died a couple weeks ago maybe parental jokes aren't appropriate, but **** it, here's my 2 cents: your mama has a glass eye with a fish in it your mama has a pegleg with a...
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  18. posting
    I for one would like to see a lot more ppl posting on here and much more often. If you feel like you're gonna get flamed so what, it's the internet. The more we all post the better this site will be...
  19. Worst movies you've ever seen.
    There's already a thread for everyone's favorite movies and a few people have posted some really bad movies, so I was just curious. What's the worst mainstream movie you've ever seen. I say...
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  20. MUST SEE!!
    I recently discovered this piece and I beat myself up for not having seen it earlier. It's ******* amazing and there's a reason for all the pages filled with nothing but praises for this guy. Nobody...
  21. 300
    My God, this movie is going to be amazing I so wish it would come out sooner....... In a perfect world...It would come out on Valentines Day, so all the women around the globe would have to go see a...
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  22. Vending Machines?
    what one do you like best
  23. Dai Vs. McGruff the Crime Dog
    The battle was short but fierce. Show that bastard not to try and take a bite out of anything.
  24. Canada or USA
    I noticed a lot of the users, at least a lot that post in the forums, are from Canada. So I was just curious to see how many there are as compared to the states and elsewhere.
  25. What's your stripper name?
    You guys know how it goes. It is the name of your first pet and the street you grew up on. I figure we have covered everything else so why not? I'll start off Mine would be Shep Orlando.
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  26. What fight do you want to see?
  27. Best unorthodox mma move used
    What do you guys think is the best move used in a mma fight. Personally i think Mark Hunts flying buttdrop on Silva was number 1
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  28. One Liners
    What is your favorite one-liner from a movie?Please post the movie name with it. Thanks.
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  29. If you could fight any (same sex ) celebrity. Who would it be?
    Yes, I know we all would want to be mounted by Angela Joli, Jessica Alba and many other hot chicks. Still, which celebrity would you want to put a beatin on.I'm gonna go with Terrel Owens. he needs a...
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  30. Iron Chef America VS Iron Chef Japan????
    Anyone here watch these shows? If so who would win in CULINARY BATTLE!!!! IMO Iron Chef Japan would win because they have to be way more creative with the wierdest ingredients
  31. Sickrick is Sick.
    Cmon rick. Admit it. Your Sick. You just cant stand to see me post here. In Fact. i bet you reading this thread is tearing you apart. What do you guys think about SickRick? PS Sick im doing this cuz...
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  32. madmarc a post whore
    does anybody elso believe MADMARC is a post whore.. dont worry marc im still cool wit ya
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  33. Why is the Orlando Magic good this year?
    I think because of great chemistry not great roster. Dont forget bout poll.
  34. Premium-Plus Membership
    does anybody know when the Premium-Plus Membership will be avalibale just wondering
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  35. GSP vs the whole ELITE XC????
    GSP In a battle royal with the whole company............GSP KO
  36. Best NBA team (based on winning %)
    The best team is the Mavs based on % but who do you think really is?
  37. Midseason MVP? (nba)
    who is the mvp of the first half?? if other please specify
  38. can any1 help?
    my account was taken away its ufcisbeast101 i was 3rd in the Wealthiest Players list...... i want my account back if you can help it would be great
  39. Your Ultimate Fighter
    What skills do you think would make the best MMA fighter possible? Maximum is 3 types of martial arts. I'll start it off with Judo, Greco-Roman Wrestling, and Muay Thai. Judo would give him good...
  40. Any Halo 2 Players?
    Anybody here play Halo 2? If so, post your Gamertag. Also, anybody get into the Halo 3 Beta yet? I just got my invite today, son! Gamertag: PlumbBlunted
  41. Which "OK" NFL team will make the playoffs next season?
  42. You have always dreamed to....
    KO someone like...... look at poll for options
    Alright men... Post some good shot recipies... I'll start... WATER MOCCASIN Half part Crown Royal Splash of Peach schnapps Splash of Pineapple juice Splash of Sprite Shake on ice and enjoy... They...
  44. Help me....
    me and my friend are having a disagreement about who is going to have a better record this year me- marlins tamarslay3- giants who is better??
  45. Who is better.........
    Look at poll
  46. have you all seen Joe Rogan vs Carlos(Ned) Mencia?
    haha did you all hear what Joe Rogan did to Carlos Mencia accusing him of stealing jokes? Joe Rogan Pwnage of Carlos Mencia i know its off topic and nothing to do with MMA,but i wanted to share it...
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  47. Best fight song?
    For me it would have to be Unearth- "Endless" Also what type of music do you think has the best fight songs?
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  48. Why Phil Baroni is P4P the best fighter in the world!!!!!!!!
    I posted this on another thread but I just want to make sure you guys know why Baroni could beat Fedor, CC, Nogueras, Wandy, Shogun, and Zuluzhino Baroni For pres
  49. That stuff is sooooo funny!
    I know that Tank Abbott isn't a good fighter but has anyone heard the announcers say that in the streets that he is 245-5. Can you beleive that? I know that the name might not be spelled right. Im...
  50. Chuck Liddell vs a Pack of Wolves
    Can Liddell KO a pack of wolves?
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