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  1. Wanderlei Silva Bare Knuckle Fights Here...
    Hey guys, If you go to You can check out some of Wanderlei SIlva's bare knuckle fights. Enjoy!
  2. Going to Cinci(UFC 77) - Any Bar,restaurant,hotels that are great?
    Going to head out to Cincinnati from Toronto for 3 nights starting Oct 18th for UFC 77.... I have never been to Cincinnati and was wondering if anyone had strong reccomendations for...
  3. Overweight fighters
    BMI is used to calculate if a person is overweight, obese, etc. BMI in my opinion is a flawed system. I'm 5'9", and even when I weighed 185 and had my body fat measured to 2.3% I still had a bmi of...
  4. perl script to predict fights
    Hey guys, I'm working on a new Perl script which I hope will atleast somewhat accurately predict the winner of upcoming fights. What I'm going to do is make a large text file of all the fighters in...
  5. Guitar players?
    Thread title is obvious, what're you playin'? I use an Ibanez RG321MH with a Line 6 Spider III 250 watt amp.
  6. WWE
    Well you may hate the wwe but for the people who watch it might wanna know.The WWE title is vacated due to a serious pec tendon tear.Jhon Cena will be out for 6 months or more by what their...
  7. Joey Scarola-Biggest Pussy Ever?
    I think Joey Scarola is the Biggest Pussy in TUF history. Yes a bigger pussy than Gay-b Ruediger and Andy Wang. Seriously what a coward.
  8. Bring the UFC to San Diego??
    Will they ever hold a show in San Diego??im hoping and praying
  9. WWE legend- Skinner!!
    Do you guys remember Skinner, he spit blood out of his mouth and shit, wrestled gators, all around great human being
  10. Hypocritical Hughes?
    Does this seem a little hypocritical to say? Obviously the UFC has hyped the fact that both guys dislike each other, and both feel justified. But this just seemed like Hughes being hypocritical,...
  11. WWF trivia game
    Being as old school WWF seems to have taken over the Padded Room, lets play an obscure wrestler trivia game. I'll start. I wore white pants and had a dagger tattoo on my forehead. I had a lame feud...
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  12. Last One Standing
    Anyone catch this tonight? Basic idea for those that don't know: Six guys from the Western world from six different physical backgrounds are taken to a tribe, made to pass manhood rituals and compete...
  13. Fedor signed and lost.
    "Lately there has been much hype surrounding well known fighter Fedor Emelianenko and his recent contract negotiations with the UFC. It appears Dana White was unable to come to terms with Fedor and...
  14. Why I defend former pride guys
    Well, I've been taking alot of BS because of the fact that I defend the former pride guys. Here's why : No one else seems to but a select few of us right now, the former pride guys are having a tough...
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  15. New Videos
    Got the new videos for DotheMMAmath , they are pretty funny and I have some old fights , go check them out in the Videos section and you guys will appriciate these 1's
  16. Favorite Boxer
    Ok jst for the heck of it whos yalls favorite personally love watching roy jones jr...his unorthodox way of boxing, his speed, and power truly fascinate me...check out Roy Jones Jr
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  17. Fedor vs the top guys in the UFC
    Fedor vs Tim Sylvia- Sylvia UD Fedor vs Arlovski- Arlovski 2nd KO Fedor vs Gonzaga- Gonzaga 2nd TKo Fedor vs Kongo- Fedor 2nd Sub Fedor vs Randy(Title Fight)- Couture 4th Round TKo Fedor vs Big Nog-...
  18. Are you gonna buy the three pack set
    I was wondering if any body here was gonna buy that three ppv set that ufc has offered it is a good deal for 120 dollors.
  19. Cowboys vs Bills
    i got cowboys on this one, i think the cowboys are looking to good atm to lose to a bills team that has lost a lot of guys.35-7 cowboys imo what do you all think?
  20. 1000 posts
    i hit 1000 post tonight, i love postin and readin all things, i dont got as many props as most that have 1000+, i guess i need to stop sayin forrest will win shogun, chuck will lose, kongo with win...
  21. Fantasy Basketball League
    Hey guys, I currently have 7 people in a league and I am looking to make it 10. So all I need is three more participants. I am hoping a few of you are basketball fans and would want to take part in...
  22. What is the best MMA magazine out there?
    Does anyone subscribe to an MMA magazine and if so any thoughts? Thanks.
  23. What would be the best video game, made into a movie?
    Well with the upcoming release of Hitman, which doesn't look half bad. What do you think would be the best video game to be made into a movie, and actually be good.
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  24. Geekiest Band In The World
    LINK I swear you need to see this.. It puts any other band to shame.
  25. Bears QB
    So I'm finally glad to see Grossman has been benched (it took a superbowl lose to realize they cant win with him.) But does everyone know that the bears signed Chris Leak (Florida Gators QB) during...
  26. Laser Graffiti
    LINK These people found a way to graffiti a building from yards away, with a laser pen. It's truely amazing.
  27. how many (if any) fights (streets) have you been in?
    I have been in about 50 fights since the 6th grade. it started because i had long hair (i am native american) and i got teased a lot. i use to fight people older then me because i was beating the...
  28. ALDS CLE v. NYY
    With the Yankees win yesterday, New York race for the title is not over yet. Now they Assure that Cleveland will face a better team in the next game. The series continue tonight 7:30 at Yankee...
  29. animated avatar?
    does anyone know how you can get an animated avatar? do you have to PM a mod(i don't even know if there's mods on here) or something?
  30. Movies
    does anyone know any sites were you can watch new movie [in theater]
  31. COWBOY!!!
    YES!! cowboys win 25-24, i throw my hat and said the F word a few times but woohoo how bout them cowyboys!! great game 5-0
  32. Asking out ridiculously hot women.
    Just out of curiousity, does anyone on here ask out girls that are WAAAAAAAAY hotter than anything you could reasonably nail, just on the off chance it'll work, and if so, has it ever worked? I...
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  33. Perceptive GUI (Graphical User Interface)
    Check this out. It's what we can look forward to in the future. This stuff actually responds to touch. LINK
  34. The Condemned!!!
    Staring Former WWE wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin... WHAT A BAD ASS MOVIE!!!! The storyline was GREAT and ORIGINAL unlike most hollywood movies... I swear EVERY CHICK IN THIS MOVIE IS SMOKING...
  35. Bruce Lee is alive!!!!
    PROOF! ........He's just a little drunk...
  36. Vampire movies.
    I've always been a fan of vampire movies. I liked Anne Rice and Buffy as much as the next guy. And who doesn't like Kate Beckinsale in black leather ? Nevertheless, vampires as sexy, tortured souls...
  37. Stupid ******* commercials
    So anyways the TV was on behind me, and some car commercial came on. I tuned most of it out but then the bitch said something that made me spin around. "Now introducing a car that doesn't tell you...
  38. Boxing fights..Online, where?
    I don't have HBO which is a real pain in the butt becuase Im a HUGE boxing fan and the only clisp I see is from youtube where I have to go through 15 different parts or on ESPN Boxing site... Is...
  39. Cowboys vs Pats
    ive got to go with the cowboys on this one, the bills game made them wake up and i see a 21-17 win cowboys
  40. NFL fans: Explain "points spread" to me.
    So I'm looking at the Week 6 matchup between the New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys, and the line looks like this: New England -6½ (-105) Dallas +6½ (-115) I understand the -105 and -115...
  41. Need new MMA wallpaper
    I need new wallpaper. Preferably dark, because I hate white backgrounds. Heres a screenshot of my current desktop. For those wondering, I'm running Ubuntu 7.04 (linux)
  42. sucker punch comp
    A nice mix of knockouts from various sports etc...
  43. Best fight you have seen
    whats the best fight you have ever seen? mma,boxing anything id have to say Nick vs Robbie i love watchin that fight
  44. The Perfect night??
    1. A UFC live event 2. Beer(St Paulie Girl) and Blunts(Swishers) 3. Pizza(dominos) wings(hooters) 4. My close friends and my girl (watching the fights) 5. Sex (D-Style)
  45. Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan
    Bravo and Joe Rogan are marijuana activists. Bravo said it has helped him develop so many techniques and helped him master the world of "no gi jui-jitsu" and the rubber guard.
  46. What WWE Diva
    would you rather Fu**.??? 1. Luna Vachon 2. Sensational Sherry 3. Sunny(The fat version)
  47. What would be your entrance song??
    If you were fighting in the UFC....what song would you have going to get you pumped??
  48. The other fourms are going crazy
    I can't go into the other fourms for a least a few more days Fedor blah blah blah Randy blah blah blah it is all Dana's fault blah blah blah That being said what was your favorite cartoon show...
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  49. Fantasy football questions?
    Just thought I'd throw this up here, cause I couldn't find the other thread we were writing them in... Anyways, post some FF questions if you're looking for an outside opinion... I'll start......
  50. Martial arts torrent tracker free registration
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