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  1. Ben Askren makes music video for Dana!
    Big Ben Friend showed me this and figure I'd share with the community. Hope Dana enjoys it as much as I did.
  2. I started watching the sopranos again.
    From the beginning to the end. Man Tony sure did bang a lot of hot chicks.
  3. Av bet
    I've got DADA 5000
  4. One Possible Solution to #OscarsSoWhite That bit about basketball makes sense and the solution would seem to work.
  5. Leonardo DiCaprio finally gets his Oscar!
    Long overdue and much deserved. Congrats to my main man, Leonardo DiCaprio for winning the Academy Award for Best Actor in his role in The Revenant. Leo capped off his victory with a selfless and...
  6. MMA Quotes App
    I've got a little MMA themed Quotes app. If you're into that kind of thing, give it a try. I'll add some promo codes below. MMA Quotes in the App Store Promo Codes: PM9HPFN7EPWL W933YAKK494M...
  7. Supernatural Actors: When They Were Young
  8. RIP Phife Dawg
    Malik Isaac Taylor aka Phife Dawg of a Tribe Called Quest passed away early this morning at the young age of 45. He will be sincerely missed. A legend in the Hip Hop and R&B Communities.
  9. ufc in new york in nov meet up??
    Now that ufc will be in new york I wanna see a show of hands who is planning on attending This massive event Or who maybe is going. So we can have a play ground meet up on the east coast since 200 is...
  10. NEEDS and WANTS
    What is something the MMA community NEEDS? Or what do you WANT to see or like to happen?
  11. Spanish J-Roc
    Probably top 5 funniest characters on TPB
  12. Interview with Bellator Kickboxing's Kevin Ross
  13. Anybody Live Around Lynnwood, WA?
    I have a conference there, and will be in the area for 3 days. Wondering what there is to do, see, and eat in my limited free time I'll have? I think I'm already gonna take a ferry ride across the...
  14. PVZ on DWTS
    Have you seen Paige VanZant on dancing with the stars yet? Be honest. If so, how does she look?
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  15. What you did while site was down yesterday?
    Poll is up.
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  16. The Hottest UFC Ring Girls of All Time
    These are the hottest UFC ring girls of all time. What do you think, did we miss any? The Full List with Pics is Here: Hottest UFC Ring Girls of All Time
  17. I'm fk'n drunk!!! Ask me anything.
    Hurry up before I fall asleep!!!
  18. Jurassic world....
    I like it!!!
  19. Mais Forte Que o Mundo: A História de José Aldo (2016) - Trailer Oficial
    Trailer for the Jose Aldo biopic. It looks interesting, real City of God vibe to it.
  20. The Walking Dead: When They Were Young
  21. Toronto Raptors make it past the first round for the 2nd time ever
    It's been 15 years since the Raptors have made it past the first round and it's only the 2nd time they've ever done it. It's also their 2nd ever playoff win. The first time they made it past the...
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  22. Roland Garros 2016
    Alright everyone, next up is The French Open (Roland Garros)! The 2nd tennis Major of the year! I know this the thread you've all been waiting for since the Aussie Open thread earlier this year!...
  23. 2016 NBA Finals
    Rematch from last year. Cleveland will have Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving healthy this time. Golden State just got pushed 7 games and yet again didn't have to face the Spurs to get to the finals....
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  24. Sport and steroids
    Today I woke up with one mind. Is the real to get success in boxing or any other sport without steroids? I think if you want to be successful you need to break the rules and use some cheats. I'm...
  25. Nigerian Princess
    Guys, I think this is super legit. I'm going to quit my job and live off this friendly gift I will soon receive.
  26. GLORY CEO Jon J. Franklin confirms GLORY will pursue Rico Verhoeven vs Badr Hari fight
    Rico Verhoeven vs. Badr Hari would easily be the biggest kickboxing fights in years, and although it's only been rumored up to this point, it appears now it may actually have a real chance at...
  27. Movie Review: The Conjuring 2
    Characters: Patrick Wilson as Ed Warren Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren A bunch of other assholes you'll never see or hear from again as Everyone Else. Plot: After doing a séance at the Lutz home in...
  28. World’s Ugliest Dog Contest 2016
    So a local town near me holds the annual World's Ugliest Dog contest each year around this time. I thought you guys would get a kick out of the photos from the local newspaper here. I for one am a...
  29. Motorcycle Racer borrows camerman's scooter to finish qualifying race
    Not embedding but... GIF source
  30. Wimbledon 2016
    The 3rd Grand Slam of the year is up and most prestige of the 4 Grand Slams, starts today. The 2X defending Champ and the man who won the last 4 Grand Slam tournaments, Novak Djokovic will kick off...
  31. Movie Review: The Shallows
    Character: Blake Lively as Does it really matter if she has a name in the movie? Nope. Plot: Girl loses mom. Girl goes to beach. Girl contemplates future. Girl meets Shark. Shark bites girl. girl...
  32. The In Their Prime Grand Prix The Second
    A one night pride tournament. Imagine them at their best performance of their career. A one night pride tournament so brackets and toughness matter. I will count ever round in 2 days. If no one votes...
  33. What's your go to BBQ sauce?
    I used to always buy cattlemen's smokehouse but can't find it anymore. Now I use K. C. Masterpiece private stock.
  34. MF'n SHARK WEEK!!!
    I love watching sharks jump out of the water.
  35. Anyone faster than these people?
  36. Micky Donovan quote.
    "If God didn't want us to jerk off he would've gave us smaller arms"
  37. Netflix Original: Stranger Things Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*
    Hey ya'll, just got done watching the Netflix Original show Stranger Things. An awesome show that pays homage to the 80's horror genre most of us grew up with and loved. I for one can't stop talking...
  38. 2016 Olympics Thread
    1st funny thing for me has been during the opening ceremony tonight: The country Niger is next, the U.S. Commentators stop speaking awkwardly instead of saying the country's name and then cuts to...
  39. Issues logging on
    There's a few of us that have had trouble logging in today. A couple of us aren't able to on our phone, while another person isn't able to on their PC.
  40. Cubs 6 - Pirates 6 Top of the 12th
    GO CUBS!
  41. Do you drink beer in the shower?
    Sounds like a hell of way to end a good bjj session!
  42. 2016 NFL Season
    Nfl is the only sport that i love more then MMA im sure plenty of you share my passion for pigskin so i figured I'd make a thread for the brand new season. Post predictions,smacktalk,scores whatever...
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  43. Any one own any pets
    I have a half moon conure that likes biting my knuckles only on my right hand. And i have 1 betta fish and a albino colby catfish. Looking to add more fish compatible with the betta. In discussion of...
  44. Jays vs. Rangers
    The heated rivalry! 2 hours away from game 1. Who you got winning the series? Let's go Jays!
  45. World Series 2016
    After 71 years the Chicago Cubs have FINALLY reached the World Series. They will be going up against one of hottest cities in sports right now in the Cleveland Indians. In what is sure to be the...
  46. I'm here and I'm drunk
    Fu*ck DC rage!!
  47. Happy Halloween to the PG
    Happy Halloween to everyone here at the pg!
  48. Happy Thanksgiving
    Happy Thanksgiving pgers
  50. FEDOR vs MEATHEAD Bellator meetup
    February 18,2017 SAP CENTER SANJOSE CA Fedor vs Meathead......where will you be? Im gonna be in attendence just wondering if any of you will be going to this? Only fedor fight is announced but its...
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