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  1. Good see one of the toughest men in the world has a sense of humour!
    Don't mess with Jerome Le Banner! Le Banner, who was (imo) the best striker in the world for a time (and possibly the unluckiest in the K-1 GPs) taking out some trash talker in a restaurant, good...
    Ok we have all herd the same stories.Amazing Martial Arts masters who seemed invincible. Most of us have probably herd that a great deal of these stories were also surronded with a storm cloud of...
  3. Does MIke Goldberg know anything about MMA?
    I'm not bashing him but it seems like the only accurate information that comes out of his mouth is what Joe Rogan just said or what the UFC telepromter says... Does he know anything about MMA? These...
  4. John Madden vs Joe Rogan, Kings of the Obvious
    Which is worse in your opinion, when John Madden says something like "Playing football is hard in the mud" or when Joe Rogan says something like "Its hard to be offensive on your back"
  5. When does the season end?
    I am fairly new to this.... When does the season end?
  6. Las Vegas odds
    With the many "upsets" as you might call them this year, do you think the odds are going to start to diminish? Or do you think they will increase? With the Kongo's, Griffin's, Fithch's, Serra's, etc....
  7. How about that Ron Paul
    He's got my vote Ron Paul
  8. Cowboys vs Bears
    Cowboys have won 3 in a row they are doing great, 34-10 win over the bears how many games will they win this year?
  9. Tim Tebow
    does anyone else agree with me when i say tim tebow is like the best college QB eva.... he is sick in every aspect of quaterbacking... oh yea he benches over 400 and i think he runs a 4.5 40
  10. What OS ya running? (linux, windows, mac, etc)
    I'm running Ubuntu 7.04 on my laptop, I swear to god it makes Winblows XP and Vista look like trailer trash. I've used a few linux distros in the past but Ubuntu is beautiful.
  11. Halo 3 Coming In Hours!
    Who's getting Halo within the next few days? How f-in' excited are ya!!!
  12. I wish we had more threads about the state of the 205lb. division....
    Seriously... No more 205 threads plz
  13. UFC in Australia
    Is the UFC ever going to come to Australia?
  14. Swedish TV host pukes on air!!
    LINK One of the funniest shit I've seen in a while. I've seen that show a couple of times before and I always think "that annoying bitch makes me sick" and apparently I wasn't the only one sick. A...
  15. What makes an MMA fighter cry. :(
    Getting my butt kicked in the ring does not make me cry, being tapped out by other jiu jitsu guys does not make me cry. Being sprawled on and beat up when I am going for take down does not make me...
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  16. If your a Saints fan...
    Guess what.. I AM A TITANS FAN AND WE KICKED YOUR ASS! No, seriously though, it was pretty good at first, but then we steam rolled over you. Had it not have been for the damned Colts we'd still be...
  17. PRIDE and Steroids
    I have watched a lot of PRIDE fights, thanks to NETFLIX, so I have gotten a good look at a lot of the PRIDE fighters, from Shogun to Fedor. I am not trying to take anything away from them, but from...
  18. Poor Oscar lol!
    all images and stolen images info Wow... just wow.... This is why you don't let chicks take pictures LOL! I have photoshop experience, and they look pretty real.
  19. does anyone??
    still play those old UFC games? jw
  20. Which MMA fighters do you enjoy watching lose?
    This thread was started over on Sherdog, and I figured let's see what people here think. Personally, I can't stand Josh Koscheck, Chris Leben, and Tim Sylvia. Edit: Ignore the poll my laptop pressed...
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  21. The Contract
    I'm half way through this, and this is seriously one of the worst movies I've seen in years. I swear they made the entire movie in one take, as the acting is HORRIBLE. I don't get it either, because...
  22. The Office
    The new season starts tonight........ Anyone else going to see it?? Nothing funnier than Michael Scott saying: "Thats what she said"
  23. Ouch. Teh US wimmins get teh spanked.
    And not in a good way, either. USA 0-4 Brazil at Women's World Cup semi-finals. Hope Solo, the starting goalkeeper, blasted her coach on camera for choosing veteran, out-of-form, backup Brianna...
  24. MLB Playoffs
    You smell that? That's October baseball. The American League is sewn up: Boston Red Sox - AL East - 94-64 (.595) New York Yankees - AL Wild Card - 91-67 (.576) Cleveland Indians - AL Central - 94-64...
  25. New season of Dexter premiers this Sun(30th)!!!
    Woohoo... Is anyone else as stoked as me?!? I don't know if it can live up to the f u c k i n sickness of last years, but I'm sure as shit gonna watch
  26. Beauty And The Geek
    Anybody get sucked in by this show? I started out staring in amazement at the gorgeous "beauties", and marveling at how dorky the "geeks" are. But I have to say, the show has me hooked. Flame away!
  27. Cowboys vs Rams
    well as you guys know im a huge cowboy fan and i wanna know what you all think about this game. imo cowboys are going to win 42-10, cowboys have been playing to good to lose to the rams.
  28. Sports
    what sport do you all like to play? what sport do you all like to watch? just wanted to see what you all like to do when you not watchin or doing mma
  29. Mythbuster
    is there any myths that you would like to see that have not been proven or tested? to see if it is real or not
  30. Girl hits on Matt Hughes....
    ...and tries to take him down. LINK I bet Hughes was thinking "WTF bitch, I'll slam your ass into oblivion."
  31. Post Questions for MAYHEM MILLER
    Jason "Mayhem" Miller will be joining us on Sweep the Leg either next week or the following. If you have any questions, post 'em up, and if they don't stink, we'll ask 'em.
  32. Fightersmind needs friends on MySpace!
    Hey guys, just started a MySpace page for Fightersmind, hit us up! We need friends, especially you crazed MMA fans from the Playground. Also, check out Brett and Steve on...
  33. help
    does any1 kno of a website thats shows different locks and stuff? because i dnt kno wat sum of them look like and i want to.
  34. Jermain Taylor vs Kelly Pavlik (Spoiler)
    Kickass boxing war! And the NEW...Middleweight Champion of the world,Kelly "The Ghost" Pavlik!!! I predicted a 9th Round KO for Pavlik,but i guess 2 rounds earlier dont hurt either! so happy that he...
  35. Random Rant Thread
    Just come in here, and post your random rant. It could be about the declining toliet size, to why monkeys fling their poop in the west direction.. My rant: Why the hell do people think that wigs/hair...
  36. So I watched EliteXC for the first time
    Yeah, I decided to watch this EliteXC thing everyone isn't talking about, and ******' Bill Goldberg was commentating, and I'm like "Holy shit is that Bill Goldberg from WCW? God that guys gay"...
  37. ufc on demand
    what is the archive like? im wondering how many of the old ufcs and pride fights i can get? is it all of em or just some?
  38. Greates NFL running back of all time
    Who, in your opinions, is the greatest running back off all time? It was tough for me to not put O.J. Simpson or Bo Jackson on there. Despite being a part-time player and back up behind another all...
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  39. Dallas Cowboys
    the cowboys win again to move 4-0, great game for the cowboys, they won 35-7. what did you all think about the game
  40. Hold-Em Bad Beats
    I went to the casino for my first poker tournament. 358 people. First Hand. I'm dealt As Ks. Flop is 10h Ah Kd. I have top two pair. I bet big. I'm raised all-in. I call. He has Qd 10d. Turn is Ad. I...
  41. Can I KO CroCop?
    I'm 5'8 bout 150lbs, 2 years military + 3 years TKD + 1 year boxing Can I KO CroCop?
  42. Do you want to be in business with Quinton "RAMPAGE" Jackson?
    I have partnered with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson to form Rampage choppers Las Vegas. The dealership will be the exclusive Big Bear Choppers dealership in Las vegas. We are looking for quilified...
  43. Games you're addicted to
    For me, I play several different FPS games. And Tetris. I am to Tetris what Fedor is to MMA. Postal 2 Enemy Territory Urban Terror Open Arena
  44. Any soccer/football/futbol fans in the house?
    ManU and Roma kick off at Old Trafford in about three hours. Makes me wish I had Tivo or something. I'd tend to give ManU the overall edge here, but I notice that Totti has 4 goals in 5 matches, and...
  45. WWF Finishing moves in the Octagon??
    The Razorz Edge- Razor Ramon Sweet Chin Music- Shawn Michaels is the Cro COp of the WWE
  46. Which fighter would you like to have backing you up in a barfight?
    So, I got in a little dust-up in a bar this weekend. I was by myself in an unfamiliar bar, so I should've probably kept a lower profile... but c'est la vie. I was in a disagreement with one guy and...
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  47. patriots
    Can they really go 16-0? i think they have no chance, they are yet to play anyone good. They still have to play the colts, steelers, and the cowboys.
  48. Devin Hester??
    The man is unbelieveable. In only his second season he has already become the greatest return man in the history of the NFL. Hes very fast, elusive and strong. He seems to break one even when teams...
  49. Frank Dux??
    A fuc*ing legend...
  50. Caveman show
    Did anyone watch that piece of S H I T show last night WTF was that? I will be suprised if it is on next week
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