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  1. Suitsy - The Business Suit Onesie
    Some might ask why. Why not?
  2. What type of music r u jamming 2
    Jesus Christ is the SON of GOD, who died and rose from the dead to GIVE us eternal life. He also promised to heal your body. THIS IS TRUE LOVE!!! (Just ask Him)
  3. Happy halloween.
    Have fun and be safe tonight. Don't drink and drive. No plans tonight Heading to my bros for bbq and passing out candy Then tomorrow heading to Los Angeles for a halloween party Dressing like a guy...
  4. Wayne Static has passed away
    For my fellow fans of metal it is a sad day... link
  5. The Official 2014-2015 NBA Season Thread
    Well sort of surprised this thread hasn't been made yet. But oh well, as a die hard basketball fan/player I have taken it upon myself to go ahead and kick things off this season Some early...
  6. On my way to McDonald's..
    Who wants what?
  7. Sites to Watch TV Shows
    What's up everyone? My laptop broke recently and I haven't been able to watch the shows I normally do as I used to download torrents. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a site that allows me to...
  8. WW II Veteran Stories - Vince Speranza
    First of all, happy Veterans Day to all that have served. This is a WW II story worth sharing. I guarantee it's worth 10 minutes of your time: After watching, click the link below: Spoiler
  9. Watch man trounce a Ferrari on his 207 mph rocket bike
    French cyclist Fran├žois Gissy (aka "rocketman340" on YouTube) likes to go fast. In 2013, he strapped a rocket to a bicycle and achieved a speed of 285 kilometers per hour (about 177 mph) in 6.7...
  10. Bellator pre party
    So went to sport chalet to meet kongo Kongo couldn't come. Joe Warren and Emanuel Newton showed up. Been in line for 2 hours to meet Frank shamrock Royce gracie Randy couture. The line still isn't...
  11. Foxcatcher
    Did anyone see the movie Foxcatcher over the weekend? It was in limited release and isnt in MN yet? Just curious how the movie was.
  12. Just watch this last night Girl power! So good and wanna share. MuayThaiRing
  13. Metamoris 5 Results and Details
    For those who were interested. Metamoris 5 Live Blog with Results and Details
  14. Muay Thai vs Kickboxing, full contact Karate study
    Found this today and thought you kickboxing enthusiasts might appreciate such a deep study of Muay Thai and other forms of kickboxing. Muay Thai Pro And here's the epic fight between Rick Roufus...
  15. Managing Anxiety with Martial Arts
    Hi. I guess this isn't the most pertinent to the forum... but best I've found so far. I have a bit of an issue finding a good exercise application to manage my anxiety, among other things. Also...
  16. Happy Thanksgiving
    Let me be the first to wish my fellow Playgrounders a Happy Thanksgiving. Go for the single-leg or the double-leg!
  17. If I order a pizza will you have a slice??
    Toppings: Chicken, banana peppers & pineapple is my go to. Hits the spot everytime! When I'm feeling extra fat I'll get a donair pizza. Spot: Jessys pizza because it's 10 seconds down the street. Fat...
  18. The simple solution to all of a man's problems revealed
  19. What happens when you attempt to rob a 70 year old coral belt (red and black belt)
    The Story Beware of attacking older gentlemen in Brazil, they could be a coral belt.
  20. MLB Offseason
    Significant deals in the past days. Anyone else following? - A's are trading everybody right after playing the wild card? I love Billy Beane and I'm sure he has a plan behind all this but it is...
  21. Too cool NOT to post
    Saw this on my Facebook newsfeed. I thought this was so cool that I had to post it here
  22. Starfall: Sci-fi/fantasy novella
    Hey dudes. I wrote a novella last year and finally got around to publishing the bad boy. Starfall is the story of Gran, an elite yet aging warrior and member of the Brotherhood of Keepers, sworn to...
  23. Mark Coleman Compilation (Angry Moments)
    Just made this video, hope you guys enjoy! Tell me what you think. Mark Coleman is a badass and one of my favorite fighters. Mark Coleman Compilation (Angry Moments)
  24. Merry Christmas My Fellow PG'ers!
    From myself to everyone (even lurkers!), I hope you all and your loved ones had a good year and next year ends up being a great year! Also, I hope everyone in Washington and Colorado where...
  25. Props to FKA
    Over the course of the holiday weekend this "new join" has been on the side of a large discussion over many forums concerning a controversial topic, the UFC lawsuit. Over the course of these debates,...
  26. Florida State(SpiderSilva) vs Oregon(Prophecy033) the Av bet.....
    Where you at proph??? don't be scared homie!!!
  27. Hey guys...
    Just got back from an 8 month bender with my buddy who we'll call Non Nones to protect his identity. Did I miss anything while I was away?
  28. So I did it. did the 9.99...
    Decided to try out the wwe network for 9.99. Kinda cut out movie package and stuff from cable since I have apple TV now. So it evens out at the end. Don't know if anyone has this. For 12 free ppv...
  29. Pat Barry vs Mourad Bouzidi confirmed for GLORY 20
    Press release - GLORY, the world's premier kickboxing league, today announced its first international event for 2015, taking the promotion's non-stop action to the Middle East. In partnership with...
  30. 30
    So today i turn 30.......where the hell did my 20's go?? Seems the older you get the faster time passes,i can still vividly remember middle school when summers dragged on forever and when highschool...
  31. Articles/Opinions Accepted as Fact That Became Satire in Hindsight
    Can be from anything, doesn't have to be sports-related. I just happened to be skimming some articles from about 3-5 years ago on the Seahawks hiring of Pete Carroll, starting Russell Wilson over...
  32. Ordered the huvos racheros extra hot.
    Now I'm poosting. So what's everyone else up to?
  33. Britney Spears' Ex Killed by Taliban
    (I know right? How can you pass a headline like that and not post it??) A man Britney Spears dated during her darkest days has been fatally shot down by the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Mirror...
  34. SuperBowl XLIX
    I love me some Gronk. I love me some Revis. I respect the hell out of Tom Brady. All that said, I hope the Seattle Seahawks beats the piss out of the cheatin ass Patriots in the SuperBowl. That is...
  35. Don't you hate when you take a bite of a taco and the meat falls out the bottom because the shell was soggy?
    Just happened to me. Lucky I asked for a fork!!!
  36. I've waited over a year for tomorrow night.
    I'm gitty as a school girl!!!! after Anderson broke his leg in the last fight I never thought I'd get to see him fight again. Not gonna lie I cried a little that night. I'm sorry to all the gsp fans...
  37. Mike Pyle - Live In Your Moment (Lincoln MKC Commercial Parody)
    If you've seen the Matthew McConaughey commercial, this will make sense: Video
  38. Help With My Dilemma
    The wife and I are celebrating Valentine's Day next Sunday. She wants to see movie together. She has given me the option of 50 Shades of Grey or Magic Mike XXL. Somebody please shoot me.
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  39. Silk Road Founder's Trial
    Total bullshit. Valid evidence and witnesses were suppressed and he gets found guilty on all charges via "transferred intent". Fuck that. In no way is our court system right when people are being...
  40. I know it says nothing about religion but just a quick poll... Just curious
    No discussion necessary, don't want to ruffle anyone's feathers. I don't judge either of you do want to leave a comment.
  41. I have a link to the original 2007 mmaplayground front page (pre pride 33)
    This is courtesy of as of 2007 If you want to view just about any old website you can look at snapshots on thewaybackmachine, it's fun there are snapshots of...
  42. I need help/advice, especially if you have some legal knowledge
    I made the mistake of moving in with friends, and worse, they were engaged, which immediately made me the weakest party, I put my name on the lease of the apartment complex we lived at (albeit the...
  43. The End of an Era
    Jon Stewart announced at his taping tonight that he is leaving the Daily Show at the end of the year. link
  44. Valentine's Day Reminder
    Depending on your time zone you may only have a few hours left to let your wife or girlfriend know you will be officially broken up for the full 24 hours tomorrow and there will be no jewelry or...
  45. Where's Aussiemma?
    Damn Mate, you never told us about this brawl in your backyard few years back. Came across On YouTube when watching mma! *Warning* It is violent LINK
  46. Jay DirtyBlue Jeans Looks Like You Have Some Competition
    Emma Watson, Prince Harry dating??? Better step your game up buddy!!
  47. If you were a fan of the Power Rangers-Watch This Now
  48. Kpro: High possibility Shawn91111 was using steroids
    Since others are also clearing the air I think I'll just say what we're all thinking. I'm not saying he'd test positive today, but he was definitely on the juice around 2008-2012. Thoughts?
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  49. DBZ - Light of Hope Pilot
    Stumbled upon this just now. It's a fan made, live action DBZ take on the "History of Trunks" movie DBZ did. As a massive DBZ fan myself, I enjoyed it. I know there are other DBZ nuts on the forum as...
  50. Playground Meet?
    I am hoping to head to Las Vegas for UFC 189 for International Fight Week and to see Lawler/Rory/Aldo/Connor - July the 11th I was wondering if anyone wants to head out to Vegas for the fights or...
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