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  1. Question for Fantasy football players on the PG
    This year was my second live draft I ever did and after having a good team last year that took third, I was looking forward to maybe drafting a team to take first this year in my buddy's league....
  2. 1 spot remaining in a $10 buy-in Fantasy Football League...
    PM me if interested.
  3. Favorite Game of Thrones character? (spoilers)
    Just finished up the latest season and I literally jumped up and cheered when Tyrion killed his father. He's my favorite character and I can't wait to see where he goes from here. Who are your...
  4. Defend what you have build.....
    Lets start the things right off with an inspiration video for my friends from MMA, BJJ, JIu jistu etc. Have fun.
  5. Fightfootball
    LINK Rugby meets street fighting.
  6. Game of Thrones inspired state sigils
    Thought these were pretty cool. Link
  7. GRAPHIC VIDEO: Bas Rutten injures leg, skips ER & stitches himself up
    Bas Rutten takes matters into his own hands with an injury he sustained at home, skips the emergency room and stitches himself up. Link
  8. Ain't Nothin' Like the 1st Time
    [url=]USA vs Dominican Republic Live Stream[/url]
  9. To all those saying "dumping ice on your head doesn't matter"
  10. Official 2014 College Football Season Thread
    It's almost that time, ladies and gents. The college football season is a mere seven days out and I could not be more excited. This year marks the first year of the new Playoff format. I'll admit...
  11. Grade My Fantasy Team
    Just had my first draft using the following format QB WR WR RB RB TE W/T/R K DEF BENCH x 6 Here's what I ended up with drafting out of the 10th spot (12 teams) - QB - Matthew Stafford WR - Randall...
  12. 99 Pack? Yes Please!
    Found this today while browsing the web 99 pack of beer from a brewery out of Austin! I personally think this is a pretty good deal. I also think that it will sell well. Austin is considered a...
  13. 5 Rules for Hygiene and Skin Care in MMA
    Here are the 5 main rules for Hygiene and Skin Care in MMA 1. Showering tips for wrestlers, grapplers, fighters and MMA athletes 2. Make sure ALL of your equipment is clean. 3. Wipe up any blood from...
  14. Chicken Fried Football League - drafting in 90 minutes!
    If you signed up for my $10 fantasy league, the draft goes down in 90 minutes at 8:30 ET. SUCK IT.
  15. Is Normal?
    So for the majority of my life the only time I could properly think is by having a conversation with a voice inside my head, like you knew the gist of what you wanted to do, but until the voice said...
  16. Polish Prankster SA Wardega
    I stumbled onto this youtube channel today and I have to say I'm pretty impressed with some of this guys pranks. Mutant Giant Spider Dog Cookie Phone vs Police Police Training Mr. Pumpkin Amazing...
  17. Priorities in Locker Room
    1) Space. Locker rooms should be incredibly spacious, with plenty of room to move around and stretch before getting your workout on. 2) Cleanliness. Mold, mildew, bacteria and viruses can wreak havoc...
  18. NEF tonight anyone?
    There's a few dudes from Maine on here, so I figured I'd ask. I'm going to be cage side if anyone wants to meet up for a hand shake and hello at NEF tonight.
  19. I'm calling out Fleek(colts)
    You know it's that time of year again. BRONCOS VS COLTS av bet 1 week
  20. Anybody watch the Broner fight last night?
    Great fight. They went at it and Emmanuel Taylor was scrappy as hell but at the end of the day he didn't go to the body and faded late which let Broner run away with the win. I really think Broner is...
  21. Favorite NFL teams (by County)
    Link Not a lot of big surprises except the Broncos now challenging the Cowboys for the title of America's team and that not a single county in the entire country cheers for the Jets.
  22. I got stumped by a question on an assessment test/employment application
    What would you have put as your answer? Employment questionaire: There are 12 tasks you need to complete within an 8 hour shift. On average, how much time should it take you to do 1 of the 12 tasks?...
  23. I guess my elders should be indicted for Child Abuse
    Because they did a phenomenal job of quickly instilling a good sense of right in wrong in me through the use of a belt, switch, paddle or hand. And as an adult I am thankful for that or I would still...
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  24. Mayweather vs Maidana 2! who you got???
    Anybody watching? First fight was close, had it 7-5 Floyd because Maidana faded late but with more time to prepare and having already been in there I think Maidana finally gets him! Can't wait! Took...
  25. a little photoshop help needed
    if anyone can help me with a picture I need photoshopped I would appreciate it. It shouldn't take too long or that difficult. i'm just an idiot and don't know what the fuck if anyone is interested,...
  26. Greatest photo I've ever taken
    I was covering the Nebraska -- Fresno State game from this past weekend and Nebraska OG Jake Cotton did not give one damn the whole night. This kid was cracking me up the whole night with his actions...
  27. who makes the best spaghetti sauce?
    I went to the store today because I'm going to make spaghetti for dinner looking at all the choices of spaghetti sauce I didn't know what to choose. I've been buying ragu traditional for year but...
  28. Can a quarterback fake a slide?
    I tried looking for the ruling on this but can't find anything on it. My intuition says quarterbacks cannot fake slides.
  29. Venezuela plagued by breast implant shortage
    Sooo... uhh.. who's comin with me? LINK
  30. Teaching a seminar
    I've been involved in covering local MMA these days and was invited to a seminar at a new gym in the area. It sounded like a good time as I haven't trained at all in about six years, so I decided to...
  31. Protecto, the new badass wing chun
    Ladies and gentleman I would like to share with you the future of self defense. Nenad Ikras founded a system of self defense for man, woman, and child. Protecto, its urine inspiring. Protecto!!
  32. Natural soaps for athletes..
    A power point presentation I have created for our sports people.. Best Natural Soaps for Athletes Best Natural Soaps for Athletes
  33. Good Samaritan Mike Tyson helps out at motorcycle crash, gets gift basket in return
    Las Vegas man Ryan Chesley was injured when a cab cut off his motorcycle but he was surprised and delighted when he realized that the man taking charge of the crash site was boxing legend Mike Tyson....
  34. Let's Discuss Something Different From MMA & Wrestling
    I am a great MMA fan and can talk about it throughout my life. Today I am in a mood to share something FUNNY and INTERESTING.. Have a look :)
  35. Weird news of the day: Intruder uses golf club to kill 920 Foster Farms chickens
    "At least one person broke into a Foster Farms chicken shed in Fresno County this month and used a golf club to kill 920 birds, officials said Tuesday." Link
  36. Attention George112
    Watch out for that Ebola bro!
    I took my brother to see Pearl Jam at US Bank arena in Cincinnati tonight on there first tour date of 2014 and it was literally the best thing I have ever seen. I was amazed from the beginning of the...
  38. Questions regarding Portable GPS units, for in car
    Hello people. I have some questions regarding the kind of GPS units that you use when driving in the car, not an on-board computer, but one that simply plugs into the lighter and hangs on the...
  39. Fantasy Basketball
    Hey guys i'm running a fantasy basketball league and this will be the 4th year the league has run. It has been a very successful league with 90% of managers active and whoever wasn't active last year...
  40. Anyone ever have there boss throw them under the bus ??
    So I'm at lunch now. Every month we have a inventory. Which is when you count everything you have on hand. I have to punch them in. With my sales from the past 2 weeks . On the computer everything I...
  41. Greatest martial arts song ever
    Greatest martial arts song ever I shiver a the excellence of this beautiful piece of art.
  42. Career change
    I'm suffering from mid-life crisis and I'm making a career change. This is partly the reason I have not been so active on here. My previous job was in a field which has very little opportunities for...
  43. I'm pretty sure I just ran into Budge at a Halloween party
    Blunt and all
  44. COOL DADS!!!!!!
    Cool dad video
  45. Best Carlton Dance Ever?
    This may take the cake. Classic
  46. 'Foxcatcher' comes to theaters in one month, new trailer released
    The film Foxcatcher comes out later this month, and could possibly place the sport of Olympic wrestling into the spotlight of American pop culture in ways previously unimagined. Fellow wrestling...
  47. Cop Smashes Stupid Driver's Window In The Most Badass Way
    I've never seen anything like this before. He literally ripped the window apart with his hands. Cop breaks window at the 2:05 mark.
  48. Puppy sized spider discovered
    Goliath encounter, puppy sized spider discovered
  49. So apparently pigs can swim... Not sure how I feel about this.
  50. Home Improvement jobs
    I am currently waiting for a heating tech to come for a furnace replacement estimate. So besides a furnace I am personally replacing the flooring in a hallway and bathroom remodel. What are some DYI...
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