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  1. 51 days, 2 hours, 13 minutes, 26 seconds ago
    Thats how long its been sense Cheal_Sonnen last logged in. I miss him
  2. world cup fever is almost here !!!
    I'm not a avid soccer watcher. But when it comes to the world cup and euro league champions. I do pay attention You gotta watch the world cup. Comes only once every 4 years. The best nations...
  3. 1 Guy takes on 7 punks!
  4. Borat song played during gold medal win for Kazakhstan shooter.
    LINK KUWAIT: Kazakhstan's shooting team demanded an apology after a spoof national anthem from the comedy film Borat was played instead of the real one at a medal ceremony in Kuwait, the BBC...
  5. Join My World Cup Bracket Predictor Group on ESPN
    So i started a private group for me & my buddies to fill out World Cup Brackets on ESPN bc we always play fantasy games together. I have come to realize that none of my friends care about soccer. So...
  6. Finished 2 points away from an accolade
    Just realized the Top 10 all get accolades..... God. Damnit. (Shoutout to DK and Airkerma for getting Top 10.... PROJECT MAYHEM FTW ... and that Nick guy completely dominated. Big ups to him for...
  7. Cyanide and Happiness
  8. Problem Accessing the PG With T-Mobile?
    I've always been able to get on the PG w/T-Mobile, until last Sunday. When I try to pull it up, I receive a 504 Gateway Error/Timout. Does anybody else have this problem? I'm not sure why it's...
  9. Something we can all identify with
    Sound familiar?
  10. EA Sports UFC
    Demo came out yesterday for anybody that's interested! It's way tougher to get the hang of than the last series of UFC games but some of the k.os are brutal!
  11. Actor Tracy Morgan in Critical Condition After Car Crash
  12. What happened to Hip Hop
    Man, 2pac, BIG, Big L would be rolling in their graves seeing Snoop do this shiiiiit. Beat is nice, but @$!@$ please!! LINK What is next to happen in the industry? Pitbull is going to be named artist...
  13. Past, Future, and Present
    Is there a past? Is there a present? Is there a future? I like to know what you guys think.
  14. Opinion: Should a man hit a woman if she hit him first?
    This video popped up on my facebook and it was exactly what I expected. A young girl is mouthing off and being aggressive toward a bus driver (for whatever reason) and she proceeds to hit him while...
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  15. What Podcasts do you listen to?
    Hey everyone what's up. I have a job that allows me to listen to audio throughout my day and it got wondering what everyone else listens to and what are their favorites. Some of my current favorites...
  16. If you see a penny...
    on the street or just somewhere out and about on the ground, do you pick it up? I honestly don't always pick them up. What got me thinking about this was I just walked my trash over to my dumpster at...
  17. Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn dies
    LINK I usually don't get upset over people dying, but this guy was a class act all the way, on and off the field. He will be missed. One of the best hitters ever, and I loved watching him hit.
  18. What do you Poupon?
  19. Ive had a good day
    I wanted to share my good news with everyone. I've worked in banking for 12 years with the same company and back in March I got made redundant. I'm normally quite positive and I try not to let things...
  20. Nick Diaz’s Father Is the Unabomber
    That’s right. The fucking unabomber. Link
  21. We got hit by a Tornado!
    Not to sure how many of you have this threat, but out here in Ontario its VERY rare. I was about 15-20 km away from this when this went down. I am in Barrie, and this was in Angus. LINK AND Here was...
  22. Urijah Faber Introduces Full Contact Skydiving
    link "Im a pretty nice guy but when I get in the air I'm like a caged animal." Um yeah
  23. Yoga Mat for Sale
  24. Super Mario Brothers World Record
    Someone by the screenname "Blubber" beat Super Mario Brothers in less than 5 minutes setting a world record. I can't remember how long it took me to beat this as a kid...but it was MUCH MUCH MUCH...
  25. 20 Guys Reveal The Creepiest Thing Said To Them By A Girl
    We've all had that "How I Met Your Mother" moment where you have to weigh out how hot a girl is compared to how insane she seems. Obviously not all girls are crazy, but odds are you'll run into a few...
  26. Continuity Error In Stanley Kubrick's The Shining
    Im a big fan of this movie, and have read and watched just about everything that has to do with going deeper into this film However upon watching it tonight I noticed a continuity error that I have...
  27. Nick Diaz gets his revenge Pretty Funny
  28. An in-depth look at TUF talent from beginning to end
    First post is below.
  29. Its Always Sunny in.....Russia??
    It seems that Russia has decided to completely rip off It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I don't speak russian so I have no clue what they are saying but from the appearance of the actors, the set...
  30. You have some explaining to do, Canada.
  31. For all you DBZ fans out there
    Don't miss out on a chance to relive some of your childhood! Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods will be showing in select theaters on August 5, 6, 7, & 9. (North America residents only) Theatre finder
  32. If your day is in need of a laugh
    Ninja Sex Party - Attitude City
  33. Anyone heard about this new iOS game - Angels In The Sky
    Hi! I'm gonna keep this short since my question is pretty simple... Anyone heard about Angels In The Sky? I found some really impressing trailers and I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything more...
  34. 2014 British Open (golf)
    For those unfamiliar the 2014 British Open, the third of the four majors of golf has commenced. I was wondering if anyone out there follows and would like to give their predictions to the outcome and...
  35. Do you carry cash anymore?
    I was walking out of the supermarket today and there was a fundraiser from a local little league baseball team to donate money to help. I felt bad saying no because had I had any cash on me I would...
  36. The Bug-A-Salt
    This is badass I want one!!!!!
  37. 'Not Soccer League' (Y! Fantasy Football) Thread
    If you were in the NSL (Not Soccer League) last season and would like to be included again this season, check your email. The league is back and ready for sign-ups again. Also, make sure to vote...
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  38. Yahoo Fantasy Football League Sign Up
    Fantasy Football is Back!!! I've started a Yahoo league for the PG. If you wanna play, post it here and send me your email. It's Free 12 team league with the draft at 3pm pst on 8/10 1. prophecy033...
  39. Umpire on the good stuff.
    This umpire is jokes! Bring him up to the majors! LINK
  40. It's Been Ages Since
    I remember my first time, do you? Link Or how about this? Link
  41. Delete
  42. Google supports my HMC love!
    Lower right pic in search
  43. Sharknado 2 about to start!!!
    Sip on a drink or smoke a bowl and enjoy the greatness
  44. Boxing bout ends with a DQ
    Brandon Rios battled former interim welterweight titleholder Diego Chaves last Saturday night (Aug. 2, 2014) in a scheduled 10-round bout in the main event of "Boxing After Dark" at The Cosmopolitan...
  45. Psychedelics and your experiences/stories. The Kyle kingsbury post got me thinking
    He guys just wanted to hear about your stories and experiences in taking hallucinogens wether it be acid, mushrooms or whatever. I've probably done acid 12 times id like to say. For me my most...
  46. Dying Light Trailer 4-Player Co-Op
    Guys what do you think about Dying Light?
  47. Decent Fight channels
    PlutoTV has two fight-themed channels, one showing fights, the other showing behind the scenes and info. There are some decent clips on both of them. Here's "fight life", currently playing "Best of...
  48. shark week starts tonight.
    Just watched the documentary on submarine Just to find out its a faux documentary Got really hooked watching it with my girlfriend About the big ass shark that knocked over the whale boat Just to...
  49. Has this ever happened to you?
    The No Reason Boner
  50. Actor Robin Williams dead at 63
    Beloved actor Robin Williams was found dead on Monday, police reported. Link
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