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  1. Today's Joe Rogan podcast with Eddie Bravo
  2. With great power comes great responsibility.
    So I woke up in the middle of the night because my sleep is irregular due to working nights. I laid in bed for some time while playing candy crush and then it became apparent I was not going to be...
  3. Cuba
    My main chick spent the winter at the gym & her bod is tighter then ever! So I thought I'd reward her hard work with a Cuban getaway! We leave next week* & it's the first time either of us have been...
  4. Lingerie Fighting Championships
    Finally an outlet for Arianny and Ronda to settle their differences Video
  5. Shooting at Fort Hood
    A suspected shooter at Fort Hood, Texas, is dead, but the situation is still considered an active scene, multiple U.S. officials told CNN on Wednesday. Link
  6. That Guy
    Seems like everyone knows "That Guy", but were you aware that he fights? That Guy
  7. Scientists confirm ocean on Enceladus, one of Saturn's moons
    Earth is not the only orb with oceans. In 2005 Cassini, an American spacecraft, saw plumes of water shooting into space from cracks in the icy surface of Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moons (see...
  8. 25 million views? ahhh i see why now :)
  9. Watch a Giant Game Of Tetris Played On a Philadelphia Skyscraper
    Gaming enthusiasts gathered in Philadelphia for the chance to play the classic arcade game on an unprecedented scale. Link
  10. Mickey Rooney dead at 93, according to reports
    Mickey Rooney died on Sunday, according to multiple media reports. Link
  11. Undertaker vs Lesnar at Wrestlemania XXX (spoiler)
    At Wrestlemania XXX last night, Brock Lesnar beat the Undertaker & ended the epic streak of consecutive wins the Undertaker held at Wrestlemania I've read all kinds of things about this match from...
  12. Ultimate Warrior dead at 54
    Only three days after being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, James Hellwig, who wrestled professionally as "The Ultimate Warrior," reportedly died Tuesday at 54, WWE officials said in a statement....
  13. Nne-month-old Pakistani baby being charged with attempted murder!!
    I wish this was made up! Story is on all major news pages. " target="_blank"...
  14. Which worker are you?
    Had this talk with my brother the other day and I'm just curious which one are you. In every work environment, it never ceases to exist - there is always an asshole, an ass kisser, a shy person etc....
  15. Joe Rogan back in his angrier days...
    LINK -
  16. It's Dangerous to go Alone
    Take this!
  17. 8 rare Muhammad Ali photos made public for the first time ever
    Link These photos of Muhammad Ali, curated from more than 3,000 images, are now public for the first time from USA TODAY Sports Images. They’re originally from the library of the Louisville...
  18. Nerd Figures out Ice Cube’s Official ‘Good Day’ as January 20th
    Believe it or not, there are individuals in this world that don’t just take take life at the surface, but dig deeper in search of the truth. Donovan Strain is one of these, he’s discovered Ice Cube’s...
  19. Tpains UFC nacho dip supreme !!!
    Since New Years I've been making nacho dip for every UFC event. It began when my buddies would drop in for the fights but now I'll make it even if it's just the GF & myself. I'm addicted!!! So I...
  20. New PG Layout!
    What's everyone think?
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  21. I've been hiding a secret for 7 years
    Since this new layout came out I felt it was the right time to tell you guys that I have been keeping a secret from mma pg for 7 years now. I was an original member by the name of peachfuzz1300. I...
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  22. Last 12 months
    Hello everyone. Its great to be back. I wanted to share with you some of my stories from the last 12 months since leaving the playground (which I regret). Firstly, I'm now in a position where I have...
  23. Chael_Sonnen MIA for 2 weeks.
    Where is he? I miss his funny comments. I think he'd have a thing or two to say about PG 4.0
  24. Cubs celebrate Wrigley's 100th birthday.... giving up 5 runs in the 9th and losing 7-5 to a team that was previously 5-18. They also didn't invite Sammy Sosa McGwire is coaching, Bonds is still around the game w/Giants/Astros, but Sammy...
  25. Jiu-jitsu Professor Raped, Stitched By Medics, and Re-Raped By 20 Prisoners
    Link Dude got what he deserved. Damn shame its associated with jiu-jitsu
  26. Need advice on how to handle a situation
    So I'll give the back story 1st. After about a year of failing miserably with anyone of the female sex, I finally met a girl. Beautiful, smart, funny, can sing like an angel. We hit it off great from...
  27. Jon Jones & Anderson Silva cameo in new Nike #RiskEverything World Cup ad
    This is a Nike commercial for the upcoming World Cup. Anderson & JJ are literally only on there for one second (3:18), but i still thought it was pretty cool & wanted to share. MMAMania
  28. Things you used to like but grew out of?
    What are some things or hobbies that you used to like or enjoy but just felt that you outgrew them? Could be music, sports or any interest that you just dont really do anymore. For me Pro Wrestling...
  29. David Blaine here once more.
    David Blaine doesn't look like David Blaine anymore.I packet up my weight and slimmed up and my face got robust as hell.Im still in the fight game. Now Im boxing.
    It has been 17 days since I've had a cigarette. Cold turkey no patches or gum. I really want to quit this time but WHEW!!!!! it's fucking tough. Shit loads of cravings after good...
  31. Donald Sterling receives lifetime ban
    Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling received a lifetime ban from the NBA and a $2.5 million fine. Link
  32. Bob Hoskins dead at 71
    Bob Hoskins, the bullet-shaped British film star who brought a singular mix of charm, menace and cockney accent to a variety of roles, including the bemused live-action hero of the largely animated...
  33. Anyone proficient in Lawn care?
    So overtime, my lawn has started to look like shit. I never was into it or cared about it, but the last year or so I really want a decent looking yard. The neighbors on both sides and across the...
  34. How to Sneak Into Any Game (Grand Scam)
  35. Got my Tickets for Blazers vs Rockets game 6 Tonight
    And holy Fuck I'm excited. Never been to a playoff game and to potentially be there when we close the series out is awesome.
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  36. College Football Playoff
    Pretty big changes coming this season and a ton of controversy over how the Playoff Committee will choose the four teams. They've issued a statement saying that they will choose the four *best*...
  37. Game 7! Bring on Bosh!!!
  38. Disgraced ex-ref Donaghy says NBA pressuring officials to side with Nets So this is what sports has come to.
  39. Broner
    My first post since I just recently discovered forums. This is not a shock to me. Not a real likable guy....
  40. NFL Draft 2014
    I figure this thread is going to be made sooner or later. It used to be a popular one, anyhow. Should be an interesting Draft tomorrow. I will actually be headed to Derek Carr's house to cover his...
  41. Ben Afleck in the Batsuit revealed
    I'm not crazy about it. I think they made a big mistake casting him as Batman. He's better suited for the Green Arrow.
  42. Ken Shamrock: Jay-Z's Bodyguard 'Didn't Know What His Job Was'
    UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock has recently traded in his gloves in favor of some tailored suits, but he still has the option to get physical in his new profession: a bodyguard. Once known as "The...
  43. Cat saves boy from dog attack
    Showed that dog whose block it was lol. Link
  44. av bet
    Me. Shlemenko You. Tito Get on it quick!!!
  45. Going to Vegas next week
    I'm going to be in Vegas next week from Thursday-Sunday and I want to drop a good amount of money on the fights. I just wanted to know if you guys have had experience in gambling on the fights. Where...
  46. If you could pick yourself a MMA Stepdad?
    Simple Question But keep in mind this guy would be giving your mom a rear naked choke 3 times a week... Please pick a current or former UFC fighter only... no need for Dirty Fedor dads here Lesnar...
  47. 1 Round of Gameplay on EA Sports UFC Game
    Looks pretty cool so far imo. Jose Aldo vs Anthony Pettis, does the introductions and everything. I am pretty stoked to get this game, going to have to buy a PS4 pretty soon I guess lol Link
  48. X-Men: Days of Future Past (SPOILERS)
    I wanted to see what you thought of the film if you went and saw it. Some critics were calling it the "superhero film of the year," but I don't think the film was better than Captain America: The...
  49. I got rid of facebook!
    So, today I deactivated my account and I must say I stare and dick around on my phone a lot less. It's nothing against anyone here that I was friends with I just got tired of it and the way it is...
  50. Man vs. Bat
    The big guy knew what he was doing. LINK
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