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  1. Boxer Magomed Abdusalamov in coma after last night's fight on HBO
    Last night's HBO Boxing broadcast opened with Magomed Abdusalamov vs. Mike Perez. Today, Abdusalamov is in a medically induced coma due to injuries from that fight. We have the latest on his...
  2. What did you want to be when you grew up?
    Besides the obvious sports star, sex machine, playground moderator. What did you want to be when you were little and thought you could be something when you grew up? Also did you get close to being...
  3. Michigan woman’s Boston Marathon bombing costume sparks outrage
    Pics of Alicia Ann Lynch's tasteless Halloween outfit went viral online after she posted the photos to Twitter and Instagram, making her a target of Internet vigilantes. Link
  4. Kentucky’s James Young scores on his own basket in the most unlikely fashion
    Obviously this would be way cooler if it was the other teams basket but this insanity makes me think of that movie "Pleasantville" where the team couldn't miss even if they tried. link
  5. I'll leave this in here if your board.....
    I know it's a little old but it's funny Joe Rogan Live at the Tabernacle
  6. Going to Vegas...
    Very excited.. Wednesday I'm going to Las Vegas and experiencing my first trip to Vegas along with my first live UFC event! I'll throw some pictures and stories and whatnot on this thread, but before...
  7. I just Ko'd Junior.....
    In Round 1 of the EASports Cover Battle...not enough Creatine perhaps?? He said I hit like a man. I whooped him so BAD that after the fight he called me 'Cain Sonnen' Round 2 - - Bisping is next....
  8. Thank You, Veterans
    I know we have a lot of current and former military members on the site. Whether it's the USA, UK, Canada, or wherever... thank you so much. It's a very selfless thing to do, join the military. There...
  9. 20th Anniversary of UFC 1: A young karateka's perspective
    It's the UFC's B-day today and I wanted to share a bit about it and what it meant, not just for myself, but for members of the martial arts community in general. My father has a saying "History...
  10. New Info and Media from Metal Gear, Destiny, The Last of Us, inFamous and More Coming Tonight on PlayStation 4 All-Access LIVE
    Figured my fellow gamers would be interested. The wait is almost over! Tonight, Sony launches the next generation of its PlayStation platform and GT and Spike TV are helping it arrive in style. We'll...
  11. Any Alison Krauss fans here?
    I'm a big fan of Alison Krauss. How many Alison Krauss fans are here on MMA playground? I especially like her Gospel songs.
  12. PS4 !!!
    Anyone get one today? A couple of my nerdiest pothead friends lined up lastnight & bought one at midnight. I've decided not to get one until the new UFC game comes out & prices have dropped.
  13. Britain's future
    I'm transferring schools for this
  14. Acid Rap
    YouTube anyone ever listen to it? Great mixtape from an up and coming rapper from Chicago. He has another too called 10 Day. Chance the Rapper is the one doing the rapping. Give him a chance.
  15. Most biased fans
    lets do it for all sports. This is all in good fun. Also should change based on where you live. NFL - Chicago Bears. From Chicagoland area and good god are these guys always overrated. I remember...
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  16. Remember that Basketball player from the Div lll school that scored 138 points? read this and you may think differently
  17. CCTV footage of Tito Ortiz & Jenna Jameson from inside the house they once shared
    Tito Ortiz releases CCTV footage of Jenna Jameson and himself from within the house they once shared which shows Jenna drinking straight from what appears to be a wine bottle and destroying the...
  18. x box one comes out today
    I waited last night in the rain like a fool for the Midnight release of it. Got two free games just to find Out they are for the 360 not Xbox one. It was pricey. Anyone else get one today ?? I bought...
  19. Wisconsin is solving icy roads like it solves everything else: With cheese
    Wisconsin, as a cheese-producing state, has an overabundance of a particular type of liquid waste — cheese brine, or as Modern Farmer describes it, “liquid cheese-making byproduct.” It’s the salty...
  20. Erie, Pennsylvania Police Investigate Facebook Photo
    A picture shared on the WICU/SEE News Facebook page is causing some controversy for the Erie Police Department. It shows a man sitting in an EPD cruiser holding a taser and a beer. Chief Randy Bowers...
  21. Researchers discover new category of boredom
    Boredom is a lot more interesting than scientists had thought. A new study of students in Germany reveals that there are five distinct types of boredom. That's one more than researchers had expected....
  22. "Must See" Movie Library
    This thread is inspired by the fact this chick I'm seeing has not seen many movies, and I'm putting that nicely. So I ask you fellow playgrounders, what movies would you suggest that every person...
  23. Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball (Chatroulette Version)
    The best Miley Cyrus spoof yet! Link
  24. Happy thanksgiving
    Happy holidays to all you Americans! Hope you have a good one!! Now all you need to do is click this LINK sit back and get ready to enjoy the day
  25. Detroit goes 'murder free' for 36 hours
    We're on a roll Link
  26. Is Logan Stanton a K-mart model now?
    I couldn't help but notice the resemblance when looking through the Kmart black friday ad. So, what do you think, this Logan or just a look-a-like?
  27. The Real Walter White
    If you're a Breaking Bad fan, you'll probably find this interesting. It's a mini-doc from Vice. Link
  28. Paul Walker
    Died in a car accident .
  29. Humans are awesome: "Woman Kills Three For Last X-Box at Chicago Wal-Mart"
    I'd do it all over again...for an xbox one A woman was arrested today for stabbing to death three shoppers at a Chicago area Wal-Mart in order to secure the store's last X-Box One. Mary Robbins, a...
  30. Black Friday/Cybet Monday...What did you buy?
    I'm curious to see if any of you guys did any Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping? I ended up buying The Last of Us for the PS3 for $35 and raped as much as I could stocking up on Alpha...
  31. 2014 MLB Season Thread
    First big signing off the board. Jacoby Ellsbury signs with the Yankees.
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  32. Nemesis Top Ten 2013
    Nemesis Top Ten 2013 The topic with Lawler and MacDonald's respective rankings reminded me I just finished up my yearly anti-top ten list, the Nemesis Top Ten. In a sport with so many facets, upsets...
  33. Nigerian man survives 3 days at bottom of Atlantic
    LAGOS, Nigeria — About 100 feet down, on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, divers had already pulled four bodies out of the sunken tugboat. Then a hand appeared on a TV screen monitoring the...
  34. Happy Birthday voodoo-jitsu
    since I'm uncreative, I'll post this again
  35. mma torrent sites help ?
    Hello all could someone help me out with an invite to a bestmmatorrents or mmatorrents. Or recommend another good one i could use i can not remember my password and it saying my email/username can...
  36. the worst fucking xmas gift you ever gave/ or got
    Gotta start Xmas shopping soon. I have a friend every year that spends a lot of money on me but the gifts are just shit. Last year I got a salt/ pepper grinder which to this day Doesnt grind worth a...
  37. Man Commits Suicide in Mall After Girlfriend Refuses to Stop Shopping
    A man who was fed up with his girlfriend's incessant Christmas shopping responded to her request for one more look around a mall shoe store by leaping seven floors to his death. The 38-year-old,...
  38. Rusell Wilson has been drafted by the Texas Rangers
    Bo Jackson, Michael Jordan, Deon Sanders, Russell Wilson? link
  39. Help Finding GSP Shirt
    I took this image from Facebook on GSP's official FB page. When you click on it it's supposed to take you to the "Official Store", yet when I click on it absolutely nothing happens; it takes me to a...
  40. Joe's scar ?
    Does anybody know where it came from ?
  41. TV Shows
    What's your top 3 (only 3) for these categories? They can be past or present. Give me your personal top 3 of all time. Here is mine, Comedy 1.It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia 2.Curb your Enthusiasm...
  42. Happy Birthday to Zach Garcia
    AKA OG George
  43. 'Walking Dead' creator sues AMC over profits from zombie series
    The creator of the "Walking Dead" television series accuses AMC of cheating him out of millions of dollars in profits from the zombie hit. Link
  44. Not what she wanted for Xmas
    Haha way to upset the kid
  45. Early X-mas present for the PG
    There are some things that even Enya can't ruin...
  46. 39 Test Answers That Are 100% Wrong But Totally Genius At The Same Time
    I laughed LINK
  47. Happy birthday sparky!
    Happy birthday you ganja smoking gangsta
  48. Happy Holidays PG!
    I just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy Holiday. It's been a great year on the PG and it's hard to believe 2013 is almost over with. I'll be away from the site for the next week or so because...
  49. Father who impregnated daughter gets one year in prison
    It's a year old story, but the last sentence is a total mindfuck. A man whose grandson is also his son will spend a year in prison after admitting to sexually assaulting and impregnating his daughter...
  50. Movie Review: Anchorman 2
    I know it has been almost 1.5 years since I have done a review but a lot has been going on in my life. I have been on the site regularly but never had anything to add to a topic that wasn't already...
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