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  1. help
    cant find where on here we can put a pic up for our thread id's. can someone give a quick walk thru? thanks
  2. I need Ebay help
    I have a small collection of #1 issue comics, and almost the entire set of '92 marvel cards. I was just wondering if anyone could help me with some appraisals and auctions on ebay.
  3. Holy hell, Joe Son is Random Task!
    I don't know if you guys were aware of this, but I just found out that Joe Son plays Random Task from the Austin Powers movies!
  4. Seeking Fantasy Hockey League Managers
    I've been doing a Yahoo Fantasy League since 2003. Any hockey fans out there interested in joining? (sorry, there is no fighting in this league )
  5. Fantasy NBA League
    Seeing how some people are trying to get a Fantasy Hockey League going, I'm interested in finding out if anyone would be interested in playing in a Yahoo Fantasy Basketball League this season. It'll...
  6. MMAPLAYGROUND Fantsy Hockey League
    Hey guys, I just created a hockey league for MMAPLAYGROUND members. If you are a hockey nut and like this sort of thing, send me an pm with your Yahoo ID and I'll hook you up.
  7. this is funny i was looking around and found this, i think it was pretty funny
  8. So many sports, so little time...
    There's too many sports events going on! I missed yesterday's U.S. Open Women's Final because I was watching the Italy-France Euro '08 qualifier. Right now I'm trying to keep tabs on Jets-Patriots,...
  9. Anyone here think?????
    I think that Houston Alexander will make his way to the top of his game and get a title shot what are you guys thinkin.
  10. Grindhouse!
    The definition of Grindhouse: A theatre playing back-to-back films exploting sex, violence, and other extreme subject matter. Grindhouses were typically a dirty old thearte who would play gorey...
    cowboy won a great game T.O+romo=super imo woohoo
  12. NFL
    there was some great games today, what did you all think about them?
  13. My College MMA RADIO SHOW
    hey guys i have a college radio show and its all mma! saturday afternoons at 12pm. check out my myspace page. for more details. The show is on
  14. (The Invincible) Iron Man
    Boo. Ya. Man, I used to love this comic when I was a kid. The casting had me raising an eyebrow at first, but Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark may in fact be a stroke of genius. "Mr. Stark, you've...
  15. NFL player paralyzed?
    poor guy, I hope he has a good recovery This goes to show you how other sports can be more dangerous than MMA. possible paralysis? If NFL wasn't so big, I wonder if people would look down on it like...
  16. Beatdown : Nick Diaz Uncensored If you havent heard this radio show yet,you better take a look. great frekkin interview with Nick Diaz
  17. UMFC MOST SEE this is so funny it is a most see it was the funnies thing ive seen in a long time if you guys think this is funny plz give me some props for this i dont...
  18. World of Warcraft
    i know a lot of ppl plays this game i just wanna no how many ppl on this site plays it
  19. saw 4
    saw4 is comeing out october 26 it looks crazy
  20. Tyson set for hearing in drug case
    Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is scheduled for a hearing this month in which he could change his plea in a drug case. The 41-year-old boxer previously pleaded not guilty to charges of drug...
  21. why you should leave britney alone
    WTF????? im speechless WARNING:bad language inside, dont open this at work
  22. warning and deleted posts.
    this post may never get read as the content may get it immediately deleted and i may get banned but i think the point needs to be made. in a post about the bisping/hamill fight i recently stated that...
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  23. Fantasy Football - Rivers vs. A. Smith Week 2
    Any fantasy footballer's out there? I need some advide for my team this week. Do I start Phillip Rivers who plays at New England? Or Alex Smith who plays at St. Louis? San Diego has the better...
  24. Post pics of some nice rides.
    Post some nice pics of some rides.Can be motorcycles or cars or trucks.Really nice rides you get a prop.
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  25. Best random picture thread EVA
    Sorry, have to join to see I believe, but worth every minute over 15,000 pics, I'd say closer to 18,000 by now
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  26. Coca-cola vs. Pepsi (and products)
    Put the in the Octagon....who wins??? Edit: oops the poll should say Coca-Cola...sorry about that
  27. Online POKER
    Anybody play on ? It is great because it uses fake money just like this site. You can play on your PC and then you can also continue your game using your cell phone and it remembers your...
  28. Who would win in a fight: Chuck Norris or Randy Couture?
    Me and my friend at school had an argument over this at school yesterday. Everyone at my school thinks Chuck Norris because they have never seen Randy Couture fight before. I picked Randy Couture...
  29. Anyone subscribe to FIGHT! Magazine
    I wake up this morning and see a thick box addressed to me,so im like sweet i got something in the mail.I open the box and see that it is 5 copies of the same magazine with BJ Penn on the cover.I...
  30. Football
    is there a site that is like this one for football? have picks a record,fake money? if anyone knows of one can you give me the site id love to do that one too
  31. criss angel at UFC events....
    if hes who he says he is then.....he should predict the fight b4 it happens
  32. People´s Mario!
    A must see for those of you who hasn't seen it yet. People´s Super Mario
  33. WOW.
    Seems like by what is saying UFC75 was the most watched event in ufc history.
  34. 25 Centimeter Pole
    If you caught the Elite XC event last night, you know what I'm referring to. The only thing funnier than Mauro's comment during the Carano fight was how they continued without skipping a beat....
  35. Dallas Cowboys
    cowboy beat mia 37-20 today great job T.O had 97yards 1TD, GO COWBOYS
  36. Just saw this on another forum - NWS
    I couldn't stop laughing.
  37. CC "Too Old For This?"
    This is probably the best place to put this because of language...from Joe Rogan on a radio program recently: “If you watch the last UFC, this is something nobody knows, the Mirko Cro Cop fight that...
  38. San Fransisco 49ers
    Im a big 49ers fan and they have started out 2-0 when in the last 5 or 6 years they have been horrible.They beat a good up and coming Cardinals team(who by the way just beat the Seahawks this...
  39. Don't fear me, fear the consequenses!
    A must see!!!! The sequal to the must see!!!!!
  40. Any serious computer gurus in here?
    I know this is probably the last place I can find one, but I'm going to try anyway. My old laptop crapped out on me, but I was able to recover the HD. I put it into one of those "Rocketfish" 2.5 inch...
  41. Cigars?
    Anyone smoke cigars around here? I wanted something to do while out for walks before winter hits, so I got a sample box of cigars from a friend and have enjoyed them. Anyone have any favorites or...
  42. Belicheck and the PATS
    Im kinda torn here cause i think Belicheck should've gotten alittle more like one guy on espn said 500,000 is hoodie money.The Draft picks can certainly hurt but if the guys got a whole library full...
  43. Rod/Dome Hockey tables...
    Im planning on buying one, jus woundering if any of you guys own or have played recently...Here's a Link To some store that sells them....Here's my favorite
    Kyra is so dam hot , I mean there is somethin sexi about her that th fact that she can Choke You Out
  45. UFC 76 a GREAT PPV to place wagers on the underdog!!!
    I'm loving UFC 76 because I know I am always on 50% right on every single event I pick but im #2 in my camp in money and I'm loving 76! Everybodies going for the KO on the card and this is MMA so...
  46. INDIANA JONES 4!!!!!!!
    Anybody Else excited for this movie!!!!!!!!
  47. Put him in a body bag!
    I LMAO when I heard someone yell that during the main event. Anybody know who said it? I was thinking someone from ATT, but it may have even come from the crowd for all I know...I'm thinking it came...
  48. camp rankings
    How are the camps ranked? How come a team with a better win % and more money is ranked lower? Just wondering.......
  49. Cowboys vs Bears
    what do you all think about this game? i think cowboys will win ( go cowboys) but i think this is going be the best game yet in the new NFL season
  50. Is this true about Jenna and Tito?
    I heard a rumor that Jenna Jameson is dying from syphilis and that she had to get her implants removed. Can anyone confirm this? If it's true then Tito might have it too. Can he fight if he has an...
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