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  1. Just dropped off my youngest daughter at kindergarten.
    Cried like a baby in my car as mrsspidersilva drove(laughing) to get coffee she is a pro at these days. I've spent almost everyday of these last 2 months with her the longest time I've spent with her...
  2. Ben Affleck is the new Batman
    Ben Affleck is Batman. The actor will replace Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne in the upcoming untitled Batman-Superman feature for Warner Bros., the studio announced Thursday. Link
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  3. 'Tis finally happened
    I got my Top Poster badge!!!!! sorry for making such a big deal out of it, but dang I think its really cool Group hug
  4. Mike Tyson: 'I've been lying to everybody else that think I was sober'
    Mike Tyson admits to lying about his sobriety, saying he's a "vicious alcoholic" who is on the verge of dying. Link
  5. NFL QBs Facebook Convo (joke) about fantasy draft
  6. Olympic Silver Medalist Wrestler Claims Russians Attempted To Fix Gold Medal Match
    India's greatest wrestler, Sushil Kumar, claims that Russians attempted to pay him to take a dive before his 2010 finals match in freestyle wrestling's world championships. Link
  7. Grand Theft Auto V
    I know I can't be the only person here whose excited to play this game. My PSN ID is W3BB13_mma if any of you will be playing this game on the PS3 and want some company. I don't plan on buying a PS4...
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  8. It's been a while. I actually miss this place.
    I've visited a few other sites when I left here but none of those sites have been as good to me as Playground.
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  9. Nice dig on Johnny Manziel
    Johnny Savings
  10. The Official NFL 2013 thread
    It's getting to be that time of year. Any early predictions for super bowl or for complete fail? How do you see your team doing this year? One last question: Who dey gonna beat them Bengals!?
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  11. Miley Cyrus at the VMAs with Commnetary by Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg
    Just watch. Link
  12. 2013 Fantasy Football Advice Thread
    well tis the season, and we are all here to help make each other slightly better I'll start things off: I'm in a keeper league with 3 keepers. Which 3 should I take? (1 PPR league) Tony Gonzalez,...
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  13. It finally happened
    I finally got my 1000th correct pick. It only took 6 years. Anything is possible
  14. Tommy Morrison dead at 44
  15. Your Fantasy Football Rosters
    NFL.COM QB Aaron Rogers RB Reggie Bush RB Eddie Lacy WR Calvin Johnson WR Mike Williams FLEX Lamar Miller TE Jimmy Graham K Matt Bryant DEF Seattle BENCH QB Big Ben RB Pierre Thomas WR Greg Jennings...
  16. Men Are Better Than Women
  17. Funniest Maziel GIF ever
  18. Worst Twerk Fail Ever haha
    Gotta love Idiots Link
  19. K-1 Announces K-1 World MAX 2013 Final 16 Fight Draws
    BEIJING, Sept. 4th, 2013 — On September 14th sixteen of the world’s finest 70kgs fighters will descend upon the beautiful island of Mallorca in Spain for the K-1 World MAX 2013 Final 16. The K-1...
  20. Floyd Mayweather guaranteed $41.5 million fight purse for PPV showdown with Canelo Alvarez
    Floyd Mayweather will set a new record for guaranteed fight purse when he steps in to the ring this Saturday night, as he takes home $41.5 million in his battle with Canelo Alvarez. Get all the...
  21. And the halftime show for Superbowl XLVIII will be....
    Bruno Mars
  22. Wrestling wins IOC vote for 2020 Olympic Games
    After a seven-month exile, wrestling was welcomed back into the Olympic program with a giant bear hug Sunday. Wrestling defeated baseball/softball and squash for a spot in the 2020 Summer Games as...
  23. Jimmy Kimmel wins the internet with the twerking video you all thought was real
  24. Jackass New Movie: Bad Grandpa
    Jackass new Movie "Bad Grandpa" is the newest movie installment from Johnny Knoxville, which hits theaters on October 25th . Make sure you watch all the way to the end to see the the biggest shock of...
  25. Epic MMA POV Fight Video
    What it feels like to be in the fight. Link
    Have a great one man. I hope you enjoy having to write one number down twice for your'll only happen once every 11 years
  27. The 9 Most Creative MMA Attacks Ever
    A fight isn't always the best place to be clever. You can prove this at home by arguing with a woman, but I'm actually talking about combat sports. Adrenaline, fatigue, and face punches are the...
  28. "Ya im real sorry about that sir...."
    this dude goes OFF on this customer service guy. i can totally relate to this guys frustrations but he is going off the rails. i got quite a laugh, hope you guys enjoy CLICK HERE
  29. The staredown between Mayweather and Canelo was a thing of absolute beauty
    This .gif is so incredibly long -- and it's worth every nanosecond of it. Showtime has this entire weigh-in staredown down to the very microscopic detail. From the close-up to the quick pan of each...
  30. Hello, is it pretty busy here?
    Hi, I have had an account here for a while, its beens months since I posted. Is it pretty busy here?
  31. Post your training vids/Lifting or MMA
    Post hem up boys, lets get fired up working out
  32. This week on unnecessary censorship
  33. 2 suspects 'down' after deadly shooting at Naval Yard
    Three patients -- one man and two women -- admitted to MedStar Washington Hospital Center had multiple gunshot wounds, resulting in "severe injuries," chief medical officer Janis Orlowski said...
  34. A Lot Of People Are Very Upset That An Indian-American Woman Won The Miss America Pageant
    Sunday night Nina Davuluri, Miss New York, was crowned the winner the 2014 Miss America Pageant. She is the first contestant of Indian descent to be crowned Miss America. When her win was announced,...
  35. Fantasy Football Question. Would love some advice/input here.
    I've been really considering making a few trades lately to really improve my team and fill some holes that I perceive as weaknesses in my team and what not. First before I go into some potential...
  36. Play this at your next undesirable gala event.
    I'm very intoxicated.
  37. RIP Papa Nintendo
    Sad News Hiroshi Yamauchi, who ran Nintendo for more than 50 years and led the Japanese company's transition from traditional playing-card maker to video game giant, has died. He was 85. Kyoto-based...
  38. 10,000 posts finally i made it !!!
    Realized two days ago I was getting near it It took 7 years to do it. Man that is a shit load of time being on this site. Just got my UFC fan club year 7 stuff yesterday too. Just wanted to say thank...
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  39. The age old question that's baffled biologists has been answered.
  40. What I feel about the Playground community
    I used to be cool with many of you. My credibility and reputation has plummeted ever since I had beef with a few posters on here. It's unfortunate that some of you have let others influenced you to...
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  41. Being Lazy - Confessions Here
    What are some lazy things you have done or currently do? Some lazy things I do. It takes me a full week or 2 weeks to do yard work, when it should only take less than a day. I also, instead of...
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  42. Recreate a photo - KFM Edition
    It's this time of year again whereby we need to stop what we're doing. Quit being so serious and take a laugh at ourselves. So here we go. Last time we had 6 awesome photos. This time the bar has...
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  43. Things are somehow different in Canada…
    come take a look eh?
  44. Breaking Bad series finale discussion thread *****POTENTIAL SPOILERS******
    now that I got the disclaimer out of the way for those who have unwatched episodes on PVR, what do you think will happen in the series finale? Here are my theories: 1) Walter went back to his house...
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  45. Just a Thought
    There needs to be more variety on the MMAPlayground. There is more to MMA than just the UFC. Bellator should have been in the same category as the UFC a long time ago. There has to be more than just...
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  46. [false alarm] :( I FOUND TEH KINGSMASHER!!!
    He is under the name Minoki Ichihara. I found him in this thread or at the very least he is related to him
  47. US Govt Shutdown
    I know that we're not suppose to post political threads, but i dont wanna ask about people's opinions on the politics of the government shutdown i just have 1 simple question for my fellow Americans:...
  48. What Did You Have For Lunch Today?
    I am so bored, that I am starting a thread about what people had for lunch. Well actually, Im not bored, I am buried at work and simply need a break. So what did everyone have for lunch today (or...
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  49. 1st day of 2nd time quitting cigarettes
    I smoked about a pack per day from senior year of high school until a couple years after graduating college for a total of about 8 years. My friend was able to quit using the patch & eventually...
  50. Tom Clancy dies at 66
    Tom Clancy, whose novel "The Hunt for Red October" propelled him to fame as a favorite storyteller of the military, has died, sources say. He was 66. Link
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