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  1. I will be INVADING Canada tonight......
    On 'Off the Record' Tonight's guests: Daddy Chael and the Iron Shiek - - It will be as epic as a quote from the greatest Iranian ever to wear pointy boots How many people know the Iron Sheik from...
  2. Kpro???
    Old habits die hard
  3. EXCLUSIVE: Chael & Iron Shiek
    My millions of fans asked....and they shall receive from the.... "Great Bearer of Knowledge" "The German Perfection of Annihilation" "UFC's most infamous and feared destroyer of Men" Link Contiuation
  4. Dana White on Jeopardy
    Video Dana White just tweeted this. Made me chuckle.
  5. JoeWarren33
    JoeWarren33, you are an immigrant....I am a gangster from America. Are you sure you want to play that game with me, I will cut you some slack if you promise to get off my sack......and STOP private...
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  6. sherdog.....
    I do not have a account on Sherdog. But I do read the posts a few times a day for laughs and giggles Jesus Christ the shit posts I read are fucking sad. I thank the MMA god every day that playground...
  7. Ivan Drago vs Clubber Lang
    Rocky fan? This would be a good fight to watch (movies obviously) 2 of the baddest guys in the movie series
  8. Guy tries to rob a gun store with a baseball bat, fails miserably
    You've heard the old saying 'don't bring a knife to a gun fight.' Well how about a bat? Apparently, that doesn't work too well either - just ask 22-year-old Derrick Mosley. Full Story
  9. Sneak Peek: Ronda Rousey in Maxim September 2013 Issue
    more here
  10. Jenna Marbles UFC
    If you ever watched fights with your female companion, this is quite typical. This video has more than just UFC but the UFC portion is pretty accurate as to how my fiance acts during the fights....
  11. Tommy Gunn vs Mason Dixon
    The last "Rocky" dream fight lol just want to hear others opinions on these cuz its interesting to see what others have to say!
  12. Who Are Your Top 5 Strikers in MMA
    Some buddies of mine and I were discussing strikers in MMA and who we thought was the best striker bar none (you'd be surprised how many people apparently suddenly think Weidman is god's gift to...
  13. Happy Birthday to DoTheMMath!
    Haven't heard from you in a while but either way man have a great day and have a good one! P.S unfriending me won't make me forget your birthday Happy birthday man!
  14. Texts from Johnson vs Moraga
    A private group text message transpired last night during FOX UFC Saturday: Johnson vs. Moraga between Rampage Jackson, Dana White, Ariel Helwani, Chael Sonnen, Kenny Florian, Jon Jones, Matt Hughes,...
  15. Need to kill 45 minutes? Watch Joe Rogan hunt for bigfoot.
    Episode 1 is up on youtube, I'm only few minutes into it so I can't judge it's merit quite yet but I imagine if you like Rogan and the "unknown" it might be up your alley. Youtube Fun fact: Dr. Jeff...
  16. Ronda Rousey
    Words can not explain this.
  17. A poem for Shogun by Chael P.
    The American Gangster will be writing sweet, sweet poetry about his UFC Fight Night opponent, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, every day leading up to August 17. We will publish his poems each day by 6pm PT—to...
  18. VIP/Backstage Access at UFC Events
    Long story short - I will be sitting cage side and will have VIP/backstage access for Condit vs. Kampmann 2 in Indianapolis. I'm curious - what kind of access do I really get with one of these...
  19. An Ode to the UFC, Dana White
    WEST LINN, OREGON UFC fighter Chael P. Sonnen is an American gangster, a successful TV broadcaster, a wearer of alligator loafers, and above all, an accomplished poet laureate. As you've now...
  20. A lesson in alley property(NSFW)
  21. MLB prepared to ban A-Rod for life, suspend eight others
    Commissioner Bud Selig is prepared to levy a lifetime suspension on New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, while suspending about eight others before the weekend, two people with knowledge of...
  22. A poem to Wanderlei and Shogun
    Today's poem is back to good 'ol pugilism, as Chael P. Sonnen calls out not one, but two fighters—Mauricio "Shogun" Rua and Wanderlei Silva—and throws in an obscure Krazy Horse reference for good...
  23. LA cruisin' for a bruisin'
    It ain't easy being a gangster, but thankfully, Chael Sonnen is able to channel his daily trials and tribulations through poetry. Today's piece is about making tough choices. Day #4
  24. Happy birthday to ncordless!
    Happy birthday to ncordless, the PGs resident lawyer! Ha Have a good one man hope you've got the day off or something!
  25. Most Rage Inducing Videogames
    I recently picked up the wii again and hooked that sumbitch up to play me some smash bros brawl and Mario Kart wii. Well I've been playing Mario Kart Wii trying to unlock everything since and I got...
  26. Haters Gonna Hate.....
    Attention fellow MMA fighters: Your questions are about to be answered. "How does Chael P. Sonnen keep landing big fights?" "How does he continue to rep superstar status?" And perhaps most...
  27. I am the Chosen One
    In yesterday's poem, Chael P. Sonnen offered fellow MMA fighters a glimpse into his recipe for success. Today, he reveals all: Jesus himself has his back. Day 6
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  28. Something to kill some time.
    I know several people here are like me and grew up watching Dragonball Z and loved the hell out of it. Well, there is a series online called DBZ Abridged, and it's hilarious. It's got a super huge...
  29. Glory 11 Chicago - Saturday October 12
    I'm super pumped for this guys. I will be attending my first Glory show in October at the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates. It will be their debut on Spike and it has a few of my favorite fighters....
  30. F.O.Y.P.
    The Manning brothers are awesome!!! link to funny
  31. Wiz Khalifa and the Killers
    So Labatt Blue help a contest to win tickets to a Concert with Wiz and the Killers. I entered and I won! So first I'm bragging of course but more importantly did anyone outside of Pittsburgh hear of...
  32. bad break up experiences.
    So last week my girlfriend of three months broke up with me. It was cold. She waited till my lunch hour got in my car gave me my apt key told me we needed to break up and left. All within less than 2...
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  33. Anderson has a special message for Chris weidman.
    Man this is good. link
  34. New! Fantasy Football league.
    Sign up now before it fills up!!!! link
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  35. Tacomon
  36. Happy birthday to
    Jake Walters!
  37. For any PC gamers or guys with good laptops
    Humble Bundles a website whereby you pay as much as you want to receive a bundle of games. You can pay as little as you want. Usually they only give bad selling indie games. All the money goes to...
  38. Happy Birthday Shawn91111
    I ordered this shirt for you, I hope you enjoy it DARK HORSE 4 LIFE
  39. KO of the year? @2:14 mark the magic happens.
  40. This Is War
    Here is an animated comedy music video recently released by LFG, and it is hilarious, and within the video they even use the Thriller dance briefly. It's awesome, and I figure the good people of the...
  41. a snippet of DancingDoll's new novel
  42. 'That '70s Show' Actress Lisa Robin Kelly Dead At 43
    Lisa Robin Kelly, best known for playing Eric Forman's attractive and promiscuous older sister Laurie on That '70s Show, was found dead last night at a California rehab facility. She was 43. Link
  43. Your take on a everyday issue.
    This dude is one of my buddies from back in the day. We don't see much of each other anymore but we do talk on FB a good bit. He writes some of the most pertinacious shit. Then he ball babies about...
  44. 50 celebs who train a form of martial arts
    text Some are obvious and some not so much and then the obvious posers. Still somewhat interesting
  45. Would you eat this?
    Ok so back story. 2 weeks ago I went to the store and bought 2 bags of popcorn chicken for dinner at work. I ate 1 last week, saved the other. Sunday my 60 yr old co worker was complaining of his...
  46. Sparring Videos
    Do any of you guys have some sparring videos of yourself that you'd like to share with us all? I've got some, but they're on Facebook and I'm not sure how I could go about linking you guys to the...
  47. 1000 posts bitches !!!!
    just like to say thanks to the playground for giving me shit to do when im bored, and entertaining me post fapulation ! hahahaha this really is a great site and thank the gods we have mma !
  48. Fantasy Football League - PLEASE PAY YOUR LEAGUE DUES ($10.00)
    We did this last year - thinking of doing it again if I can get 11 others interested. Post here if interested. We'd be doing $10 buy-in (sent via Gift thru PayPal) with a winner-take-all format.
  49. 2013 Douchebag of the Year
  50. My New Hero (gets arrested)
    I hadn't heard of this particular gentleman before, or his encounters with the law. But I can assure you, just like it did me, his story will touch you. I thought this shit was fake until I saw it...
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