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  1. Ruben Guerrero flips out at Mayweather vs. Guerrero final press conference (video)
    It was a subdued and respectful final press conference in Las Vegas today between Robert Guerrero and Floyd Mayweather Jr., that is until Ruben Guerrero, the father of Robert got on stage. LINK
  2. Recreate a photo - TK Edition
    So the PG has been rather quiet recently. With Kpro not posting news in the off-topic forum and the sidegame forum slowing dying without Ray this place needs a bump. I mean FastKO and prophecy are...
  3. Chris Kelly of Kriss Kross Dead At 34
    Chris Kelly, half of the 1990s kid rap duo Kris Kross who made one of the decade's most memorable songs with the frenetic "Jump," has died, and authorities say they are investigating his death as a...
  4. The Bertcast
    If you listen to the JRE and the Deathsquad network(garbage IMO). Try The BERTCAST. It's at times some of the funniest podcasting I've heard. Bert Kreisher + Joey Diaz = AWESOME!!!!!!
  5. Farting in office stories......
    So today I had to sit down and deliver a write up to one of my associates. After paging her and another manager to the office I ripped one of the meanest farts that I let out in some time. Hell even...
  6. An awful start to your day
    So last night after watching a movie in theaters I went a few miles out of town to visit a buddy of mine at like 3 AM. We both work nights so we're always awake all night and go to bed around the...
  7. Jay Mohr's Rant on Olympic Wrestling
    Actor/comedian Jay Mohr has a daily radio show on Fox Sports Radio which I catch off-and-on throughout the day and download at night. On my way to the barber (yes, gents, a BARBER, not a stylist)...
  8. Scientists Make World's Smallest Animation
    Researchers used a scanning tunnelling microscope to move thousands of carbon monoxide molecules to make an animated short film depicting a stick boy playing with his pet atom. In the one-minute...
  9. Man Survives Shooting Himself With Harpoon
    A Brazilian man has somehow avoided any brain damage after shooting himself through the eye with a six-inch harpoon. Bruno Coutinho was cleaning his harpoon gun at his home in Petropolis when he...
  10. Ferrets On Steroids Being Sold As Poodles
    Gullible bargain hunters at Argentina's largest bazaar are forking out hundreds of dollars for what they think are gorgeous toy poodles, only to discover that their cute pooch is in fact a ferret...
  11. Beaver Attacks And Kills Man
    In a bizarre incident, a man attempting to photograph a beaver ended up being killed by the creature. The attack took place in Belarus when three men on a fishing trip at Lake Shestakov stopped when...
  12. Woman Eats 2500 Calories Per Night While Asleep
    Lesley Cusack suffers from a rare eating disorder that leads her to binge on food while sleepwalking. The 55-year-old is forced to adhere to a strict diet during the day because she is unable to...
  13. Unexploded Bomb Found In Kitchen Cupboard
    A man showing his family around his new home in Wales came across a WWII bomb in a cupboard. 24-year-old Henry Southall had been giving his parents a tour of the property at Porthmadog when they came...
  14. Baby born on underground gets free travel for life
    Many of us would love to travel for free on the underground. It seems it is possible, but there’s a slight catch – we would have to be born at a station. Link
  15. Giant six-foot penis drawn on butcher’s brand new £3,500 driveway
    A butcher got the shock of his life when he arrived at his shop to discover a 6ft-long penis carved into his new £3,500 parking lot. Li k
  16. Update #2 to the recent drama
    There's been some developments on the situation since the last topic was started, and it was decided that there should be a post made about it. These developments caused the mods to be split on...
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  17. Mario Kart, Wii Sports And Animal Crossing Named In Violent Games Rundown
    Critics have been saying that violent video games have a negative impact on children for decades, but recent fatal shootings in the US have resulted in renewed debate on the topic. UK newspaper The...
  18. may the 4th be with you
    I for one, love me some star wars. The empire strikes back is by far my favorite, and though it may be simple my favorite star wars quote: "You have failed me for the last time" Who else likes star...
  19. kentucky derby today
    I don't like horses but I love horse racing. In fact I invented a great drinking game for horse racing called 'horse'. Anytime you see a horse, take a drink. Then you get great ideas for hat styles....
  20. Man Loses Life Savings Playing Carnival Game, Wins Giant Banana
    One man never imagined he would spend his life savings on a giant stuffed banana with dreadlocks. Henry Gribbohm, 30, lost $2600 – his entire savings – on a game called Tubs of Fun at a Manchester,...
  21. Flavors Gone Wrong!
    Simple question to pose to the PG. What food do you like that is artificially flavored wrong? For example: I love lemons. I can eat lemons like its a Wonka bar but boy anything flavored 'lemon' is...
  22. Walking Dead: Bad Lip Reading
    link I think it is worth your time.
  23. Theif caught at a yard sale...
    I had a yard sale today. I didn't sell much but something interesting did happen during the sale. A mother and her two kids ( about 8 and 9 ) came to my yard sale. The mother was actively searching...
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  24. Tool's Maynard Keenan isn't too shabby at BJJ
    Guess the fan didn’t know that Keenan is a master of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Skip to about 2:45 of the video. Link
  25. Chael Sonnen - - I wanna buy the WWE
    HUGE retirement plans for mega-rich UFC fighter Chael Sonnen -- he tells TMZ, he wants to buy the WWE when he quits fighting ... a company valued at more than half a BILLION dollars. L I N K
  26. Nostalgia
    You know the feeling I'm talking about. The feeling that sends shivers down your spine and puts you in a familiar place and mindset of your past. I love the feeling. Takes me back to what I consider...
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  27. Stan Romanek video.
    Is it real or fake? Link-a-doodle
  28. Recreate a photo - Time to Vote! - TK Edition
    Which picture did you enjoy the most: Here's the original Entry 1 - jjeans: Entry 2 - kopower: Entry 3 - jakewalters Entry 4 - Vikingr Entry 5 - Bubbles Entry 6 - SpiderSilva
  29. Congratulation tuvok500 !!
    I would like to congratulate myself for getting my 30th accolades !! All performance oriented, all well deserved !! LOL i took a page of Chael Sonnen's book " how to promote yourself " !!
  30. The McPherson tape
    It is the best alien abduction video of all time? It's worth a watch if your into this shit.. link
  31. Is Tuvok500 part of the illuminati?
    30 damn badges and if you look at his av it is showing the triangle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats buddy!!!!
  32. Arrested Development
    Who has watched the show in the past? Who's ready for the new season May 26 on Netflix?!?!
  33. As I Lay Dying Frontman Arrested Over Murder Plot
    It wasn't so long ago FEARnet held an interview with Tim Lambesis, founder and frontman of San Diego-based metalcore band As I Lay Dying, so this story feels more than a little bit surreal – and...
  34. Arias verdict reached
    Jodi Arias guilty of first-degree murder. Link
  35. Wand scared of the Bad Guy?
    It appears so.......just think, he if accepted the fight, he could use all that money that Chael earned for him to purchase himself some Rosetta Stone Teh clock is ticking....... tick-tock...
  36. MMA junkie radio
    Is amazing. I've been listening everyday for 3 1/2 years. Gerorgous George and Goze are an awesome one two punch. they always have top guests and arn't weird like Helwani. These guys have...
  37. Cool boxing clips
    It's a rainy day at work, so I've been watching some boxing clips on youtube and wanted to share a few. I love this clip from George Foreman. Foreman vs Cooney He had such an odd punching style...
  38. preseason game etiquette
    looking for some insight from anyone who has been to any preseason game for any sport. the GF got us tickets to the Chargers preseason game against da bears in august. I've never been to a pro...
  39. Why are you not posting?
    Einstein was right. If I remember correctly, he said technology will hamper human interaction. It's bad enough we communicate through voice over the lines - now we are choosing to do so - mostly...
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  40. Finished law school tonight
    And I am drunk . . . and wanted to say that you guys are awesome. I moved 3 years ago from a place where I knew everybody to a place where I knew nobody. It has been the best decision in my life....
  41. Dexter - Season 8 discussion thread
    I love the series and I can't wait to see how they are going to wrap things up on June 30th. How do you want to be remembered?
  42. had a dream my dog died last night.
    I love that big fella and woke up sad. I'll post some pics of him. he isn't dead and came in to lick my face when I woke up.
  43. heading to a funeral soon.
    My daughters former best friends mom died Saturday. She left behind 17,14, and 11 year old kids. They all live right across the street. This last week looking over there the whole family looks lost.
  44. missed a phone job interview. oops
    It was with caribou coffee. I thought it was at 1 my time. Turns out it was at 1 central time 12 mine.
  45. Trip to Brazil......
    Just got back.....had a great time....everything that I said before about Brazil... IS TRUE
  46. Because he broke his own jaw! When teenage boys make the wrong choice its so much funnier if caught on video.
  47. I love gummy bears!
    And gummy worms. they are the best 2 non chocolate candy.
  48. Inspired by O.J.
    Last night, I had 12 minutes to kill, so I read the book by O.J. Simpson, aptly titled, If I Did it: Confessions of the Killer..... I was instantly inspired....but instead of taking out 2 people, I...
  49. Behavioral traits or things that disgust, annoy or get to you
    Attention whoring - Wanna be celebrities or D-listers who's behavior is all over the media. I also hate it when people do not put their shopping cart (grocery store) back in the damn cart corral. I...
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  50. Happy Mother's Day
    I want to wish everyone's mama's here on the PG a wonderful Mother's Day. Tbh, I don't know where I would be without my mom. She sacrificed so much for me growing up and I appreciate everything she...
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