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  1. Man Tattoo's Dog, Generates Controversy
    Stokes County officials are investigating after a man tattooed his dog and generated some controversy by publicizing it on social media. Stokes County Health Department and Animal Control are...
  2. NCAA/Adidas to Produce & Sell Kevin Ware Shirts
    Wanted to bring this story up just to open up the discussion about paying student athletes. How do you guys see the matter? Adidas and Louisville have already come together to make these warmups,...
  3. RIP Roger Ebert
  4. Best Freakout Ever!!!
    Mom deletes sons World of Warcraft account. Gives a whole new meaning to WOW Link
  5. multitasking at its finest
    It’s an impressive skill, this texting business, and no one can do it quite like our Gen-Y demographic. So it’s no surprise that at the spry young age of 19, Dandre Moore hits all the requisite marks...
  6. the price of pot just went up in Texas
    For highway patrol officers, there's no such thing as a routine traffic stop. That adage was again proven true when a Texas Highway Patrol trooper pulled over a gas tanker to perform a routine visual...
  7. Rumor has it......
    Word is that Chael (yours truly) is walking around at 240...and Jones is walking around because he is NOT allowed to drive..... 19 days left kids!
  8. WrestleMania 29
    Anyone watching this tonight? On top of that, anyone know where I can find a stream for it as the $70 price tag is out of my league. Props to anyone who can send me a link.
  9. first time in 6 years i wont be hosting a ppv this month
    My dad came out and shocked me. Asked me to watch the Ppv fights with him at a pub. I always host ppv fights when I am not at them live. Friends and such For 6 years for some reason when I tell him I...
    Louisville coach Rick Pitino was in for a scare moments after winning the 2013 National Championship.. the fireworks went off and he ducked for cover Anyone else have any moments like this? I...
  11. Multiple people injured in Texas college stabbing incident
    Multiple people were injured in a stabbing incident Tuesday morning at a Houston-area college, prompting officials to urge students to take shelter, the school said. At least 12 people and as many as...
  12. Darkside Cycle(s)
    Tough decision for the best coach on the 13th....easy decision for the bad guy on the 27th. #1 or #2 If you only knew the power of the darkside!
  13. T-Swift screaming goat
    I have no idea why I found this so funny I knew you were a goat when I walked in
  14. WOLF
    Got this album by Tyler, the Creator about a week ago and I've really been digging it. One of the better CD's I've heard in the past few years. Just curious if anyone else on the board was into Odd...
  15. I'm on facebook now
    Under my secret identity as Mike Hammersmith. Come show me some love. Insert love here
  16. I just placed a bet.......
    On......... The ladies #1 desire The man of the hour, the man with the power, too sweet to be sour.... What you see is what you get. And what you don't see is better yet. $-$-$-$-$ This is what the...
  17. ATTN: BillsNewAccount!!!!!!
    I hate your current avatar. You are pretty cool and we are in the same camp but my god do I dislike Joffrey sooooo much that I see your av and I get angry. Thank you for your time
  18. Psy is back
    Here's his new video: link The song isn't as catchy, but the video has it's funny moments.
  19. Explosions at Boston Marathon
    Details still coming in, but two explosions reported at the Boston Marathon LINK Deadspin has some pretty crazy pictures from the scene as well ( LINK ) Sending thoughts out to all involved
  20. RIP MMA@Work
    As a founding member of the podcast, I'm sad to see it wasn't able to carry on... Should this forum be deleted though? Hasn't gotten any attention in 10 months now...
  21. MMA + street fighting + American Gladiators all in one
    would you watch? video 1 video 2
  22. My 2 cents
    As I write this there are 3 dead and at least 176 injured due to the terrorist act that happened at the Boston Marathon. Just hearing the growing numbef is enough to bring a tear to my eyes. Seeing...
  23. How would you go about quitting your job?
    This guy ain't no cake boss but pretty creative
  24. Possible Boston Marathon bomber?
    JakeWalters sent me a few picks of a guy that seems to be holding a bag similiar to the one one of the bombs was in. Then DotheMMAth posted one one facebook. I figured I'd share Link 1 Link 2
  25. Eminem top 10 best lines
  26. fertilizer plant explodes in Waco, TX
    video of explosion photos article rough past days EDIT: Near Waco, TX not in Waco, TX.
  27. Late Night Talk Show Guests
    So I watched a clip of Harrison Ford from Kimmel last night and he was a hilarious guest as he always is on the late night circuit, and I was thinking about who the best guests are. Guys that came to...
  28. Stone Cold interviews Chael P.
    Oh give me a HELL YAH!! Among the topics discussed...TUF, JJ, Cutting weight, etc., Link
  29. Violence erupts on Boston streets
    Violent incidents early Friday, including the shooting death of a college police officer, kept area residents on edge. Link
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  30. I will be attending the fights live tomorrow
    I will be taking pictures and posting thoughts here, if you guys have any questions let me know
  31. Finally...
    I have left the great state of Texas!! Well actually it was yesterday For those of you who have me on facebook know I was super stoked about my trip to Colorado Springs. I had never been out of the...
  32. Tommy Toe Hold takes on Sonnen v Jones
    Link Happy 4-20
  33. Results for UFC 159 leaked.......
    via THE main man, the Great Negrodamus has predicted a Gangster curb stomp this Saturday.....4-27-13, 10pm in the east, 7pm in the west....ONLY ON PPV. Fellow CHAELgrounders, Negrodamus...
  34. Fresh Bigfoot mystery as police admit they are baffled by giant decomposed foot found in Massachusetts woods
    It sounds like the plot of a childhood adventure movie. Two young boys stumble across a giant, decomposing foot in the woods, leaving local police to wonder whether the grisly find is evidence of the...
  35. Cops confiscate biggest joint ever from 4/20 rally in Santa Cruz
    Pot may be legal in Colorado and Washington State now, but the students of UC Santa Cruz have one of the longest-running, highest-profile 4/20 traditions going anywhere. Last weekend, as they do...
  36. That's My Boy
    Is by far the funniest movie to come out in the last year. IT's been on starz and I have probably watched it 30-a million times.
  37. Childhood drawings of kim jong un(funny)
  38. Beauty and the (B)east
    I probably get asked this question the in the hell did Brittany get sooo lucky to be your possession? Well, fellow CHAELgrounders, the answer(s) awaits you - - > L i n k
  39. The today's forum drama post
    Warning, long read... As some of you probably know by now from his PM's, Rabi was demoted from being a moderator today. Seeing as how this has basically been made a public item already, I figured...
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  40. My FINAL warning to Jon Jones
    ......that's right......KABOOM!!!!! L i n k
  41. Happy Birthday Dirty Blue
    Happy Birthday Brother the PG loves you
  42. Worst job(s) you've ever had
    My time on the playground has been cut short for sometime. The first reason was a 3rd shift stocking job at Meijer(Mid-West Wally World) and then I quit that job because my friend said he could get...
  43. Any boxing fans on this here website/Boxing discussion
    I have a feeling this topic has already been covered, but are any of you boxing fans? I know that MMA fans and boxing fans have a somewhat contentious relationship, but I still love the sweet science...
  44. Rory MacDonald gets revenge on Nick Diaz
  45. Nick and Nate get pulled over
  46. Silva and Jones kidnapped and forced to fight
  47. Chael Sonnen storms off Landsberg's show again
  48. Just a thought to everyone on the PG
    POST MORE WTF is wrong with this place?! Seems like less and less posts are made each day. Seriously it sucks to see. Been here since Jan 2007, and I want to be here in Jan 2017 for my ten year...
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  49. 90 year old does double backflip
    Proof that age is just a number! Video
  50. Ruben Guerrero flips out at Mayweather vs. Guerrero final press conference (video)
    It was a subdued and respectful final press conference in Las Vegas today between Robert Guerrero and Floyd Mayweather Jr., that is until Ruben Guerrero, the father of Robert got on stage. LINK
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