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  1. The KGB secret weapon they don't want you to know about
  2. Me and my girl tellin da
    LINK best video ever...i hope that link works. Hopefully they get a tosh.o web
  3. Happy Birthday, pmoney!
    Happy Birthday, brother!
  4. Things to do in NYC
    Going to be in New York for an afternoon/night with a buddy (this coming Tuesday) driving through for a job interview. What should we make sure to do? So far we've only planned to visit Katz Deli & a...
  5. Surprise Van
    Will be going for UFC 158: GSP vs. Diaz starting with the first Facebook prelim through the main card.
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  6. Addition to the forums
    I was just thinking it would be cool to tag people in posts like twitter on the forums, and when you get tagged you get send a pm straight to the topic. I think it would be cool, I don't know how the...
  7. Dolphins Armed With Guns & Knives Escape
    No, it’s not a promo for the latest sci-fi movie. There are claims circulating that three dolphins have escaped from a Ukrainian military training facility armed with head-mounted guns and knives and...
  8. Snipers Deployed To Take Out Giant Mutant Rats
    TEHRAN has deployed snipers to fight an invasion of hyper-evolved "mutant rats", which officials say grew freakishly big after being exposed to radiation and chemicals. The cat-sized rats now...
  9. Happy Birthday to SpiderSilva!
    Have a fantastic day man - Hope you have a good one with your Mrs and the family! Also enjoy RFA 7!
  10. Doing a Fat Kid Poptart Flavor Bracket
    So as a part of a new podcast, we've set up a fat kid Pop Tart bracket. It pits 16 flavors against each other. I've set up a Google Doc to vote, and every two days, we'll be revealing the winners and...
  11. Chael Sonnen trashes Ray Lewis, NFL, etc.,
    Upon fan request, another oldie but goodie.... Chael 'The Ace of Spades' Sonnen dishes on joining the NFL when his athletic abilities diminish....his thoughts on praying to God during athletic...
  12. NCAA Basketball Bracket - Pickem game
    I created a tourney pick'em on Yahoo for the NCAA tourney. Use your playground user name so we know who you are. Group Name: mmaplayground and Group ID# 145411 Deadline to submit your bracket is...
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  13. Girl tattoos boyfriend of 1 week on her arm. A Facebook thread ensues
    prepare to rofl and facepalm here
  14. MMAPG March Madness Challenge 1. Click the link above 2. Sign into Yahoo or create a Yahoo account if not already signed in 3....
  15. Gluten-free diet. My rant.
    There are people in this world that can't eat gluten. Some have Caeliacs disease, where gluten is literally poisonous to their system, resulting in violent illness if exposed to even particles of...
  16. Help me win my friends money!
    First of all, i have to state that i had no business making this bet. This bet, i have no knowledge to help me. This bet, of course is college basketball. Were doing brackets and without you, good...
  17. Happy birthday to Rabi!!!!
    Have a mental one Ray and have a fantastic time doing whatever you chose to do today Happy Birthday!
  18. Cougar Madness
    i love it Some of you should enjoy. Were doing brackets on this at my work as well.
  19. Help - Mike Tyson series / Documentary ???
    Hey guys, I wanted to ask if anybody is aware of or has watched a Mike Tyson series or Documentary that came out last year or the year before. I vaguely remember seeing a clip of Tyson being...
  20. Fantasy Baseball Keeper League?
    I'd like to join a keeper league with (mostly) people I know. I've had a few offers to join random leagues with strangers but that's boring. I know Kpro started one up last season with the intent of...
  21. 2013 NCAA Wrestling Finals
    The finals are currently on ESPN. Good wrestling so far. Penn State is loaded. I hope Ruth goes to MMA after next year. He would be great at 185. Can't wait for Dake v Taylor. Final Results: Champs...
  22. Would you be happy of Brock Lesnar returns to UFC?
    I would.
  23. "Breaking Bad" script stolen from Bryan Cranston
    As "Breaking Bad" comes close to wrapping its final season, court documents reveal one of the show's top-secret scripts was stolen. Lead actor Bryan Cranston reported someone broke his car window and...
  24. motorcycles
    any riders? just brought my new bike home. a '96 Honda CBR 600 F3 what do you guys ride?
  25. Woman Gets Questionable Tattoo
    A woman, presumably from Florida, has recently been featured on the popular blog site Gawker for the questionable tattoo she had put on her thigh. I'm going to link the site instead of posting the...
  26. I didn't know they still made music videos
    1st one 2nd one (this one is better) Um, awesome...
  27. Best nickname ever!!!
    I'm going to a local boxing event on Saturday and I was looking at the program to see if I knew anymore of the guys fighting and stumbled across the best nickname I've ever heard of in all combat...
  28. The Funniest thing Ive read in a while
    This had me in tears laughing, Not the story, but the comment t from "Bridge Troll" story x 100
  29. Spartacus on Starz(Spoiler kinda)
    Made me cry today. RIP Crixus and Agron
  30. Kung Fu Grandpa in the Food Lion parking lot!
    This is pretty funny Video
  31. Greatest Invention Ever....or April Fools Day Prank?
    Youtube Mmmmmm bacon...
  32. Funny story
    I came home from work the other day and my 4 year old was playing UFC 2009. I said to my wife "I think this is a little hard for him dont you think?" She says"he lost twice and then won every fight...
  33. Tony Romo
    The coyboys are idiots /thread
  34. Go Mike Alvarado!!!
    He is spidersilva's cousin.
  35. Live Bomb Found In Squid
    The squid, which was itself more than three feet-long, was caught in the shallow waters off Guangdong province, China, and taken to the fish market in Jiaoling county. "This sort of squid lives close...
  36. Texas Woman Sets Snake On Fire, Thus Setting House On Fire
    A Texas woman burned her own house down during a heated battle with a snake. The serpent frightened the lady while cleaning outside her home Wednesday night. She doused the limbless reptile in...
  37. The greatest thing I have ever seen
    I'll let the video do the talking LINK
  38. What's on your bulletin board.....
    This is on mine. 26 more days......mark it on your bulletin boards..... 26 - The day in 1726, Isaac Newton told William Stukeley how he developed the theory of CHAEL-vity. 26 - The day in 1560 in...
  39. Winter is coming
    Few more hours
  40. Kevin Ware Injury
    I'm sure most of you saw it or are aware by now.. Today in the Duke/Louisville game, Kevin Ware came down from a jump awkwardly and snapped his leg in two leaving most of his shin bone exposed...
  41. Am I a fool
    For being born on apr 1st? Anyways I'm finally allowed to drink legally
  42. This is cool
    Watch Link
  43. Kevin Ware's injury (Not for the faint of heart)
    Here it is, in all it's gruesome glory. Picture
  44. Obama Announces Plan To Mortgage White House
    Obama Announces Plan To Mortgage White House Shocking.
  45. Chael Sonnen's former business partner fights back against embezzlement claims with countersuit
    Sonnen sued his former business partner and the co-owner of Mean Street Pizza in February, claiming he embezzled $20,000 and owes Sonnen nearly $23,000 more in borrowed money and unpaid rent. Now,...
  46. So im starting my collection.
    I have discovered the nerd paradise known as AMAZON.COM!!!! And i have started buying Mma events on the cheap. So far i have the following: Ufc 47, 48, 66, 67, 76, 78, 80, 81, 85, 88, 89, 90, 93, 97,...
  47. Game of Thrones premiere sets piracy record
    HBO's mythical drama "Game of Thrones" set a record for modern-day piracy after its Sunday night premiere, as viewers around the globe scrambled to watch the season 3 debut episode that aired on the...
  48. Chael Sonnen Takes Over Tommy Toehold’s Sack
    Chael Sonnen invades the popular Monday Show Tommy’s Sack and answers questions from his HUGE LEGION of fans Yes, I know, you are welcome. <Link to (P)erfection>
  49. Man Caught Smuggling Over 10% Of An Entire Population
    A day after a wildlife trade conference in Bangkok, Thailand, authorities caught a man attempting to smuggle a bag full of tortoises shipped from Madagascar. Aside from that being pretty terrible to...
  50. Happy Birthday Chael_Sonnen
    Have a good one buddy and good luck on my birthday!
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