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  1. Anyone on here into High Level freshwater Aquariums?
    I've been into fish and home aquariums since I was a kid. My dad always had a nice tank when I was growing up with all different kinds of fish. Oscars at one point, Gold Severns and Angle Fish at...
  2. Google Street View mighta ran over a Donkey
    Found this on my facebook feed, took some screenshots for you and of course it's streetview so you can run it over yourself LINK I think it took place in Botswana. Heres my awesome photoshop/paint...
  3. Better nickname.....
    The viper Or The rattlesnake
  4. Inglewood: Always Up to No Good!
    Just watch Police Chase
  5. PG thoughts on Bikey Boy
    Apparently Mr. Bicycle Boy confessed to Ms. Oprah yesterday.....what are the greatest site in teh history of Chaelkind's thoughts on this? It is to my understanding that Lance needs to pedal his...
  6. Movies of 2013
    What movies are you looking most forward to inf 2013? A few of mine.... Man of Steel Elysium The Wolf of Wall Street The Place Beyond the Pines Trance Iron Man 3 The Counselor Runner Runner 42 Before...
  7. There's RC Cola and then there is the rest.
    All hail the king!!!
  8. Songs you wish they had on guitar hero back in the day.
    me Purple Rain-Prince A bit of a rattlesnake
  9. Can someone explain this Manti Te'o fake girlfriend thing?
    I am having a hard time understanding this story. Did he never speak to her on the phone or meet her in person and this was strictly an internet relationship? I find it kind of odd that he didn't...
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  10. The time is nigh!
    I know Bubbles posted a topic similar to this a week ago but now the time is even more nigh as later tonight season 4 of archer premiers. The first thing I'm doing as soon as I get home tonight from...
  11. Hottest temp in sydney's history today !!
    It reached a crazy 45.8 degrees in the city, or for you yanks 114.4 fahrenheit !!
  12. Writing an article about the rise in popularity of MMA, need a national source
    Hey guys, I'm writing a piece about the rise of MMA and need a source with knowledge of the rise in popularity (preferably someone with statistical knowledge, not just "it's swallowing boxing!") Do...
  13. What's your go to snack?
    It's fight night or a big game or whatever. Whats your go to munchy\snack. preferably unhealthy Me? Nacho's
  14. Sledgeboy Meets a DITCH
    I went sledging today, went down a 60ft hill and ended up in a ditch, managed to get it on a video and post it to you tube, its about thirty seconds long and I think youll all find it funny. Video
  15. Oh this chaps my ass!
    So 2 weeks ago I took a 10 second video of my girl friends brother in law snoring to beat hell! I then sent it to my brother and sister (who I was chatting with at the time) and our mutual friend....
  16. Real Life Goldeneye
    watch here
  17. Lighting fixture falls on HS wrestler during match
    Madison high school wrestler Michael McComish was bloodied and knocked to the mat Friday night, but not by another wrestler. The senior was hit by a spotlight that crashed down on him from the...
  18. Not FX but CHAELX
    Move over Justified, Team Sonnen is taking over Thank you ladies The Ultimate Chael on CHAELX @ 8 in the east, 5 in the west....2 FULL hours of the Greatest Ever.
  19. Getting my site logo on TV
    I interviewed a UK fighter last night (Jason Radcliffe) he is co main event at UCMMA 32. UCMMA have just signed a deal with Primetime TV, after the interview, Jason (as a sign of appreciation) offers...
  20. My UFC on FOX 6 (Chicago) Pictures - UPDATED w/actual pictures now
    I'll use this thread to post pictures from my trip to the Windy City. Not all the pictures are great quality since I'm pretty horrible with this camera, but you get the picture.
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  21. Anyone watching the Royal Rumble tonight?
    It's one of the big PPVs The Rock vs CM Punk
  22. RIP Sugarfoot
    link The lead singer of the Ohio Players, Sugarfoot Bonner, died over the weekend. I'm guessing not a ton of people here are big Ohio Players fans, but they're one of my favorite groups ever, and...
  23. Nick and Nate get pulled over
  24. EMOPLATA the finishing move you never knew!
    Link Just when you thought you saw it all!
  25. Plans for your tax money?
    I figured since it's that time of year I would ask out of curiosity what everyone plans to do with their refunds. I myself don't get much, about 1200. But I'm thinking of buying a new AC unit for the...
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  26. Hunter’s Bullet Ricochets Off Boar, Kills Driver Over a Mile Away
    It sounds like one of those schoolyard riddles: A driver in northern France was killed by a stray bullet that apparently ricocheted off a wild boar over a mile away. Hunters who spoke with local...
  27. General Rant.... Apologise, The Facebooks, Bullies, Carers?
    First of all I wanna say sorry to a certain member of the PG I pissed off earlier today that's still bugging me.... Secondly if you don't have me on the facebook please add me! I have been loving the...
  28. Ben Askren
    Kinda random, and a little last minute.. but your boy P$ and I are gonna be interviewing Ben Askren tonight 6-9pm PT | 9-11pm ET (for link follow us on twitter @TheMMApodcast) and I was wondering if...
  29. Happy Birthday DancingDoll
    So it's been another year! Oh well I guess you get to celebrate being 21 again Raise some hell tonight cause I'm pretty damn sure you won't be in the van Rory probably will wish you a happy birthday...
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  30. Get In my Guard
    I know these have been around for years now, but I thought I would post them again for those who have not seen them, well worth a look IMO. Get in my guard 1 Get in my guard 2 Get in my guard 3 Get...
  31. Chris Kyle killed
    Today Chris Kyle was killed along with another man at a Texas gun range. He wrote "American Sniper" and was truly an American hero and inspiration. He was the most decorated sniper in American...
  32. Trailer Park Boys
    Just started watching it on Netflix, quality show so far. Any tonight's? Should I keep watching it or does it become dull and repetitive.
  33. Superbowl Predictions Thread
    49ers 24 Ravens 20 MVP - Colin Kaepernick (17/24 for 228 yards passing w/2 TD's, 12 carries for 81 yards and 1 TD) Pull some numbers out of your asses and let's see who is the most accurate with...
  34. Is Joe Flacco a Elite QB?
    Now that he has won a Super Bowl and its MVP, is Flacco a Elite QB?
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  35. New Submission
    I found this new submission. It is illegal in the UFC. It is called the POOP SHOOTER.
  36. How many of you still live with your parents?
    Just wondering as I saw a similar question on another site. My brother is in the process of moving back home in a few months and was wondering how many still do? And also what age did those that...
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  37. Live Stream
    Whats up everyone. Just letting everyone know that I do live streams of the UFC video game on Twitch TV . Usually people come in and we discuss recent MMA topics. If you're interested in watching,...
  38. Live MMA Chat
    Playing some UFC Undisputed 3 and chatting MMA live right now if you want to join.
  39. bababangg
    Woke up to these posts that I don't want to open.too creepy if I click I'll get a virus or some thing. Morning pg fam.
  40. I've had the last 6 days off.
    And have lived in my basement only to leave the house to take and pick up the kids from school. Pretty much living like a troll that lives in my basement. Its been nice all week out side my just...
  41. The Official Food/Recipe thread
    After reading a few replies in another thread and a few props for suggesting it. I thought it would be kind of cool to see a thread like this. Have a thread where people can share their favorite...
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  42. go fast
    I started drinking these energy drinks and they taste goooooood.
  43. Kai stright outta Dogtown
    I'm suprised this has not been posted if it was my bad. I'm pretty sure its new. Almost 6 mins of..........just watch it Link
  44. Nick the tooth Vs Bloodstain Lane
    Twitter war started yesterday, Dana made the fight. Who takes it ?
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  45. Just listened to my first MMA Mental Podcast
    Loved it, the best interview I've listened to in a while with Bruce Buffer, if you haven't listened to it yet then check it out Bruce Buffer
  46. The Walking Dead Tonight
    Anyone else as excited as I am?
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  47. Prolific Romance Novelist Jessica Blair Actually 89-Year-Old Grandpa
    Presented with no comment
  48. I want to punch Todd Hoffman in the Face.
    Dave tells him not to start a new cut while Dave hours home to take care of him family. What the hell does Todd do? Start a nw cut while Dave is gone and does it at night while Daves crew is sleeping...
  49. The best things about the Grammy's last night:
  50. 2013 MLB season thread
    there has been a lot of transactions this year, so lets get started on what should be a great baseball season: - pitchers and catchers have reported to camp - Michael Bourn signed with the Indians...
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