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  1. Are there any forum members that you...
    would be interested in meeting face to face? I mean, I'm sure most of us would be cool to have a pint with pretty much any member that posts, but are there any members that you would be curious to...
  2. What is ur favorite XBOX 360/PS3 game?
    What is ur favorite XBOX 360/PS3 game? Mine is gonna be Halo 3 and UFC 2009, right now i like Saints Row and Gears Of War.
  3. Favirote Martial Arts movie?
    Just wondering what Martial Arts movies everyone watches when their not busy watching MMA. I personaly love Big Trouble In Little China,Enter The Dragon,and the first Mortal Kombat film.I also love...
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  4. Sherdog=Gayest MODS ever
    Just got kicked out of Sherdog again for no ******* reason. All I said is that I would rather have a troll than a mod that abuses their power.Can't stand the mods over there abusing the LITTLE power...
  5. Firearms?
    We haven't had a thread like this for a long time, and theres plenty of new folks kicking it on the site, so what do you guys have for firearms? Do you CCW? If so, what? Planning on buying anything...
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    Any NASCAR fans out there? I am going to the Bristol race this weekend! (Yes, this means I will miss the UFC fight... )
  7. NFL Season arriving
    Too bad the UFC didnt have all this stuff in august since Im going to have to be watching the NFL as I catch the PPVs for UFC. I personally cant wait to see Chargers vs Bears with Norv as San Diegos...
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  8. 100 props
    I've finally made it!
  9. street fighting?
    i just finished a thread on sherdog about randy couture and dan henderson getting in a bar brawl and urija faber getting that crap kicked out of him by 12 bali guys with weapons. it got me thinking...
  10. Fantasy football
    I started up a fantasy football league on fox sports. Its called MMa fans. Anyway, it's free and our baseball one is going well. So if anyone here is a serious player, who will stick it out to the...
  11. Don
    We are off and running on FIGHTERSMIND Radio! Dont miss our new show, Sweep The Leg, with Brett Jones and Steve Zucconi! The show covers MMA news, results, rumors, and much more! Join us at 5 PM...
  12. Silent Library With Ernesto Hoost
    Yes Ernesto Hoost the famous K-1 kickboxer. It's a Japanese game show where weird/funny stuff happens to the person who gets the "bad" card. The point of the game they're playing is to not laugh...
  13. Human weapon
    what do you all think about this show? i think its pretty cool, those guys got balls to fight after not a lot of trainin
  14. WTF wut happened to peachfuzz????
    that kid peachfuzz wtf happened to him y did he get banned?>
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  15. Tournement of legends
    Okay,so lets say we can put a tournement together with martial arts and fighting legends in their prime.How would their styles hold up? Eight man tournement style. 1.Mas Oyama VS Bruce Lee 2.Moriehi...
  16. Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem
    Trailer available at IGN. The trailer is gory. If you're squeamish, at work, or babysitting your 6-yr-old sister, save it for later.
  17. Liddell in a Nickelback video
  18. Legend Vs legend Rematches!!
    what if they fought again at this point in time, who do you think would win??...all fighters that i will mention still fight.... Ken shamrock Vs Don Frye Ken shamrock vs Royce gracie Ken shamrock Vs...
  19. Today feels like a holiday
    I'm so excited for tonight's fights that I keep doing stupid stuff which keeps making me think it's a holiday. For example here in about an hour I have to drive over to the guy's house where we're...
  20. The Update
    Yes, it really is xthe_scottx posting here again. I've been in Basic Training for the past 9 weeks and still have five more weeks of Infantry training to go through. Then, I go to Airborne School...
  21. Fedor vs 2 fighters
    I would post this elsewhere but it won't happen so I guess here is good. Fedor vs 2 top 10 guys simultaneously. In a ring. Pride rules. What happens? Fedor trains hard and is always mentally focused...
  22. Lionsgate is awesome
    Dont know if you notice, but Lionsgate has come out with some great stuff hitting big with the SAW series. They made Crank and War which both were great movies in my eyes and they just finished the...
  23. Couture vs Gonzaga HL
  24. i think rich franklin....
    looks an awful lot like jim it just me? hence his nickname maybe Ace like ace ventura lol
  25. LEE REED
    this is some 25 year old kid from GA that talks a lot of S*** about wanting to be a fighter and how he trains. pretty funny, yet the fact that hes so delusional is a little sad. heres his myspace....
  26. For those of you unfamiliar with Krazy Horse
    wait, why do they keep letting him out of jail??? krazy sh*t
  27. Bruce Buffer in WSOP
    If you didn't watch ESPN's World Series Of Poker Main Event coverage last night, UFC got some free face time because The Veteran Voice Of The Octagon, Bruce Buffer, played in the event and got some...
  28. sorry mmaplayground
    i got warned for fighter bashin about brock and if i fighter bash 1 more time i get booted from the site just wanted to say sorry i didnt know i couldnt do that if anyone didnt like that i did that i...
  29. Four Hours of Sifl & Olly
    Four Hours and 38 min of the best show on MTV ever, too bad now we have to suffer through shows like sweet sixteen. Link
  30. Anyone Else Seen Miss South Carolina?
    South Carolina
  31. How did you find MMAPlayground?
    just curious... I found it on the forums.
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  32. anyone been to
    Its this hot chick with a camera on her 24/7 and you can see what she's doing all day long.....kinda like The Truman Show. Yesturday i actually watched her like for a whole hour while playing poker...
  33. Why Muai Thai Is Better Than Kickboxing
    Muai Thai is better than kickboxing for a couple of reasons first of all look at the fighters that Muai Thai has produced guys like wanderlei silva,shogun rua,thiago tavares,big nog,lil nog,anderson...
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  34. Stephen King's "The Mist"
    Here's the trailer . Man, I loved this story when I was kid.
  35. I watched Rob Zombies Halloween today
    I liked it a lot.It was brutal in it's delivery.I think it was by far better than all the sequels.Probably on par with the first in a lot of ways. It was more like a documentary of a serial killers...
  36. The Wrestling Game
    The Wrestling Game is a new online, browser based game currently in beta (coding) stage, but moving along quickly by dedicated programmers. Sign up and join the fun! Game Description: Are you tough...
  37. I-Dosers
    What is an I-Doser (form the site): I-Doser Labs is the leading producer of Binaural Brainwave CDs and computer applications. Using proven, scientific, and safe methods of synchronizing your...
  38. mike tyson in mma!!
    lol give this guy some take down defense and an attitude adjustmenst and i think well have a new champ lol tyson vs kimbo anyone???not in a cag but backyard J FREAKING K
  39. GSP aka "Nipple Boy"
    We've called GSP Nipple Boy for quite a while now. I have respect for the guys fighting, but why does he need to harden up his nipples before his fights? We first noticed this a while ago. He was in...
  40. Laptop Trouble
    Hey i just got a new HP laptop. I can watch videos that were alreay on the laptop or on youtube and stuff like that. but when i try to transfer video's from my desktop computer and download some...
  41. I am back
    Thats right boys. Noticed the PAdded room going downhill? Well im back to spice it up. It was killing me not posting here. Glad nobody noticed. PS i bet on COTE I told you so! Is this a waste of a...
  42. This has nothing to do with UFC or MMA, I just tought it was funny as hell
    Hilarious eyewitness account of Senator Craig bathroom fun. I just had to share with someone
  43. Amazing Shadow Puppets
    If you havent seen this yet here you go Raymond Crowe- A wonderful world
  44. Need Advice
    I just bought a 50" lcd tv last night and now i need to upgrade my gaming system should i get a PS3 or Xbox 360. I love Halo but the new GTA 4 game looks sick not to mention metal gear solid. What...
  45. Cool names in MMA/Any contact sport
    Who do you people think has the coolest name in MMA/Any contact sport? My vote goes for Branko Cikatic. That name is just awesome.
  46. The Contender
    Anybody watching the new season? I can't believe they would drop two of the fighters based purely on the results of that sofware program! It's good to see Sergio "the Latin Snake" make a cameo...
  47. George Sotiropoulos from TUF 6 on Sweep the leg Today @ 5 PM pst!
    Hey guys, Be sure to tune in... Brett and Steve have George Sotiropoulos from this season of the Ultimate Fighter to interview... should be a good one. Just wanted everyone to know that Sweep the Leg...
    any cowboys fans out there? id just like to so i thinkthey got a great team this year, i see a superbowl woohoo!!! what do you all think
  49. FightShop.TV
    has anyone else ever bought anything from these guys? they seem to be a complete joke. I bought a fairtex shirt roughly 2 weeks ago, and still nothing. Now I'm not saying thats their fault because...
  50. affliction clothing
    anyone know a good place to get cheaper affliction clothes? thanks
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