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  1. Get Your Flu Vaccine
    I'm hardly ever sick, but this flu season has been particularly nasty and I've been down the last few days. Vaccines are cheap and easy to get at most local pharmacies. Go ahead and do yourself the...
  2. 'THUNDER' Struck
    So glad Momma Sonnen didn't shoot Yushin....... *Standing Ovation* on your performance
  3. Happy new year - 2013
    Have a great year everybody hope you have a good one Lets hope the word injuries doesn't show half as much as it has in news titles this year
  4. There's the UG, the OG and then there's the PG.
    For the last 6 to 8 months I've been lurking the UG and the OG. And I have gotta say ladies and gentleman mma is the truly highest caliber of MMA fans. I've lurked this site since 08...
  5. A BADASS New Yorker
    This individual is a GOD among Demi-Gods
  6. Rose Bowl
    Stanford is making this look easy so far. Wisconsin needs to pick up those receivers
  7. Can someone make a gif for me?
    Now that I'm green again I'd like to get a gif of anderson kneeing sonnen from the 2nd fight. props for help
  8. almost time for a phone upgrade.
    I have a galaxy s2 thinking about a Note 2 or S3 Your thoughts? I will not buy a iphone5
  9. Happy Birthday Kpro
    Wherever you may be my friend, have a good one. Hope to see you back on the boards soon.
  10. 2013 New Years Resolution thread
    Post your goals here so by March we can see all the things we gave up on for me: 1) go to the gym more than 2x a week 2) maintain a 60%+ in all my courses 3) win a badge for top score and wage 4) see...
  11. The MMA Menu
    Found this floating around and thought it was worth a few chuckles.
  12. Ray Lewis announces retirement after 17 seasons
    link Truly a sad day for football. Greatest linebacker of all time.
  13. Where's Goldberg ? ? ?
    Hi guys, maybe a bit of a non popular subject but where was Goldberg on Saturday night ? I read somewhere that the wwe were after him. Does anyone have any word on his whereabouts ? Cheers
  14. Im watching Jurassic Park with the kids.
    Movie holds up 20 years later. My 7 yr old loves it!
  15. Who wins the Fiesta Bowl Tonight?
    Who you got?
  16. Choose your own crime stats
    -For anyone who LOVES to watch the news and thinks America is too violent and unsafe, watch this. -For anyone who HATES watching the news because you think that they twist everything, watch this....
  17. Visited my Nephew the other day.......
    And I've come to the conclusion, that even for a young snot-nosed brat, he's pretty cool I made sure he paid Uncle Chael for playing with yours truly - - I get a Commission....that's how Gangsters on...
  18. Pretty funny Facebook reply This site has some funny shit.
  19. Unruly passenger taped to seat on Iceland Air flight.
    A passenger who became unruly after allegedly drinking too much alcohol had to be taped to his seat on a trans-Atlantic flight, witnesses and authorities said. A startling photo of the subdued man...
  20. Trippy Stix
    Has anyone used one or know of anyone who has. I just heard about them. I always wondered if you could mod an electronic cigarette. I prefer not to smoke and my quest to find an alternative led me to...
  21. Jon gave me a ride to the airport last week.....
    After the filming wrapped on TUF - - - needless to say, he can drive pretty well, throw in a stripper, and a backseat full of prostitutes - - that's a different story.
  22. To those who got my advice PM
    I'm not looking for anything but advice. And I sent the PM bc this screen name is kind of traceable to my name (Jake Walters). And both told me tonight I should make a decision. And I'm freezing up...
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  23. NHL, union have tentative agreement
    NEW YORK -- A tentative agreement has been reached between the NHL and the players' association. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr stood side by side in the early...
  24. What would you grab? 156-second Shopping Spree
    Youtube Link What would you grab if you had 156 seconds to grab whatever you could?
  25. Alabama vs Notre Dame
    Don't forget to tune in, despite the game being played 50 years after the season ended.
  26. MMA Campfire Tales Presents: All Hail The Journeyman!
    MMA Campfire Tales Living paycheck to paycheck is damn hard, but it's a lot harder when your profession is getting the crap kicked out of you. Thats why we're taking a moment to look at three of the...
  27. 2013 NHL Season thread
    Time for a thread to discuss this makeshift season. LETS GO RANGERS
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  28. The best pre-workout supplement you've taken
    I understand that some people stay away from pre-workout supps but IF you had to take one, which would it be? My favorite workouts have come from jacked. Although it might be one of the worst for...
  29. For some reason..
    I think THIS is so badass. I don't even care if it is rihanna that sings it
  30. How your teachers actually mark tests
    Mr. D shows you their secrets Also for your viewing pleasure: Mr D on the Periodic Table Mr D on menstruation
  31. "The Tooth" strikes again!
  32. *#*#*#*#*#*#* 2012 Playground End of Year Awards - RESULTS! *#*#*#*#*#*#*
    Below are the Playground end of year awards, I am listing the Runner up and winner of each category, so lets begin this! Most Controversial poster of the year: 2nd, Chael_Sonnen with 18% of the total...
  33. No one gets into the baseball Hall of Fame this year
    link So no Clemens, no Barry, no Sosa, etc. Not to mention guys like Biggio and Piazza that weren't alleged PED users didn't get in. Would you guys vote for Clemens or Bonds if you had a vote? Is it...
  34. Invisible Driver in the Drive-Thru Prank
    Some great reactions Video
    I'll admit I've lost a lot of interest in the band since One-X but Gontier has been one of my favorite vocalists since the debut album. Hope everything is okay. ---------------------------------...
  36. Steve Nash with armpit swiped towel assist to Metta World Peace who uses said towel to wipe his face
    Here's the Video
  37. prozac AV !!
    although i did not put a lot of effort into this, i think there is a resemblance....i wonder what the great man himself has to say !!??
  38. who is Antoine PINTO
    Hello everyone. Here is the story of ALI Moradkhani 17 young boxer who went training to the Pinto camp in Thailand. This is not the first time it happens and won't be the last. Please, inform...
  39. Worst ad placement ever
  40. iPhone or Blackberry users....
    Anyone have WhatsApp Messenger? It's like 69p, $1 or something but it's pretty much BBM or iMessage for both phone types and it'd be awesome to annoy you all by talking to you
  41. Only 7 days until the return of...
    Get ready for the Danger Zone!!
  42. 750 Prop Thank you speech!
    750 Props and 3500 Posts So I guess you expect some thank you speech outta me even though the last one took me 2 and a half hours. Well you’re in luck. I’m afraid I’m repeating myself though... As...
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  43. So I need the PGs help again.
    I've entered another contest to win a trip to go to vegas to watch UFC 156 and hotel is included. What I need you guys to do is go to this link and like the video I posted on the radio shows FB page....
  44. Netflix recommendations
    Alright guys, I just signed up for this Netflix and I'm feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the selection. Does anybody already have Netflix and have any good recommendations for me to watch? I see...
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  45. The 42 Best Moments Ever On “The Maury Show”
    be prepared to LOL at some of them
  46. Once again....
    I'm PREMIUM New job = more money which leads to PREMIUM membership
  47. Might get fired from my job. :-(
    So I've been a member of management for 9 years. So lat week our schedule said I had Mon,Wed, and Sun off well my boss started accusing me of no call no showing my Wed shift. Now I'm the type of...
  48. Im curious...
    How do yall drink yalls energy drinks? Do you gulp it all down as soon as you open it? Or maybe take take a huge swig every once in a while? How about little sips making it last the whole day? For me...
  49. Academy Award Nominees
    Really disappointed in the nominees this year. Can't believe the Oscars snubbed Dicaprio for Django (yet Christopher Waltz was nominated) and especially Ben Afflec for director. Also I was surprised...
  50. Just been promoted to Corporal!
    I've finally reached my first 'BIG' goal in the Corps; become a Non-Commissioned Officer. E-3 to E-4 isn't a big deal in the other branches since its fairly easy to obtain, but the Marines really...
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