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  1. Settle a debate - Question to North America
    Me and my housemate were debating whether Americans (or Canadians) know of Josef Fritzl? (Without research) Please don't reply to the thread with who he is, just wondering whether you know of him.
  2. Is this real?
    Spend 5 mins and decide. LINK
  3. Happy Birthday, Bruce Lee!
    The Grandfather of MMA would've been 72 today. The legend lives on.
  4. Catchy Craze Continues
    First Gangnam Style now This Not only did I fall in love with this song the first time I heard it. I also think the music video is pretty damn funny to. Now. Off to the thrift store
  5. Winning Powerball Numbers
    Here are tonight's winning Powerball numbers: 5 16 22 23 29 PB:6
  6. Guys, if you plan on getting married....
  7. I have been drinking....
    Like crazy for some reason. It's only 1.49 and I just cannot pass it up. Yall like the stuff?
  8. Acoustic Cover of Lil Jon Get Low
    I can't stop watching this Skeet Skeet Skeet
  9. Warrior out on Monday!!!!
  10. Black Ops 2
    Anyone else addicted?!! My girlfriend was gonna buy it for me as an Xmas gift but I couldnt wait any longer & bought it last week! WHAT WAS I WAITING FOR! Best COD in YEARS! Any other PGers lead a...
  11. David Blaine is still here
    Im alive,im training boxing right now,looking forward to return in ameteur tourneys.
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  12. Prank Call Thread!
    Post the funniest prank calls you've heard through the years! You kicked my dog! Chinese prank call And here's something extra! Adam Sandler - Gay robot
  13. Kansas City Chiefs player commits murder/suicide
    It's all over ESPN right now. Supposedly he murdered his gf/wife then drove to the training facility and committed suicide. He was 25. They haven't released who it was yet. Damn
  14. Post your Christmas tree.
    Here's mine. It's a little one which we've had for a few years now. And BTW, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  15. The "I Miss Kpro" Thread
    17 days and no playground activity
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  16. Hilarious Prank
    LINK Yeah it might be fake or whatever but it's hilarious
  17. Twitter people?
    Post your Twitter handle here. I realize there are 10+ other threads for this but since we haven't done one in a while, we may as well start fresh. Follow me there ( @THE_FLEEK ) for your chance to...
  18. Steven Seagal accepts no-rules fight against Randy Couture on stipulation that no witnesses are present
    I'll preface this by saying that I've never been one to get into the whole weird, ongoing preoccupation with Steven Seagal that the sport of mixed martial arts seems to have going for it. But...
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  19. Chick bank robber
    Story Long story short, this 19 year old girl robbed a bank, posted a video about it on youtube, and somehow got caught. She's not bright, and the mugshot is not flattering, but I kind of have a...
  20. DEAR FELLOW PLAYGROUNDERS!!! I need your help
    My mom's work submitted a proposal to the Aviva Community Fund where if it receives the most votes, the Ronald McDonald House in our city would receive ~$150,000. This proposal is currently in the...
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  21. Collage I Made
    I had a bunch of old comic books that were cheap and made a collage out of them. Tell me what you think. One of my favorite comic book characters is Spiderman. I have a couple other ones I'm working...
  22. Andre Johnson sponsors toy grab
    link Andre Johnson took 12 kids that have suffered parental abuse and gave them 80 seconds to grab as much as they could at Toys R Us. It goes to show you don't have to be a douchebag to make...
  23. Dana White tweeted at me
    last time I ever support him
  24. 35 Reasons To Have Children
    Funny as hell My boss just asked me why hears crying coming from my office!
  25. Happy Birthday to Adrenaline!
    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fabulous day and a kick-ass party tonight! x
  26. Proud Dad
    My daughter came to me and said that she wanted to do a lemonade and cocoa stand for a charity that we have called Kops for Kids. It was completely her idea, and she raised over $60 for this charity....
  27. Chael vs Bisping FightMetric STATS
  28. manny pacquiao vs. manuel marquez (Spoilers)
    WOW. Marquez wins by knockout in the 6th. I'm floored.
  29. Pranked Nurse Commits Suicide
    So these Aussie "shock jocks" prank called the hospital that Kate Middleton is staying at, and as a result the nurse who took the call (she wasn't the one who divulged the info) killed herself. LINK...
  30. For Admins
    I have a duplicate prop from the same person and I shouldn't have it, so can you please fix it? It was on the same thread, and I believe you can't get a prop back to back. It's one extra that I...
  31. In Honor of My 600 Props
    I will copy whoever did the number of props per person list Poor_Franklin - 35 pmoney- 35 Prophecy033 - 34 Bubbles - 33 Chael_Sonnen - 28 Kpro - 24 Airkerma - 22 Budgellism - 20 Kopower - 20 JLS1980...
  32. ipad question
    I just bought a ipad but it won't let me post on the PG. It poos up a error msg every time I try. My question is if there are any other ipad or iphone users that have had the same thing happen and of...
  33. Omar little vs Chalky White
    Both men are bad mothers to be sure but a debate at work has arisen and me being the Assistant Manager of the company I have to settle this once and for all! Omar little or Chalky White?!!!!!! If you...
  34. Deer Crossing
    Youtube Have you guys heard this yet? I can't tell if she is trolling or just.....well stupid.
  35. Pacific Rim
    Trailers Been waiting for the trailer for quite some time now. Del Toro's next movie and it looks pretty good.
  36. Josh Hamilton to the.......
    Angels. Thoughts?
  37. ESPN College Bowl Mania
    it's time again for ESPN's Bowl Pick'em Games!!!!! I started 2 groups. One w/ Confidence Points & one w/ Straight Points. They are public leagues, so anyone can join. GottaSpreadTheLove = Confidence...
  38. Children among 27 dead in shooting at Conn. elementary school
    NEWTOWN, Conn. — At least 27 people were killed, including an unconfirmed number of children, in a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., on Friday, according to reports from...
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  39. TUF Alumni, Ray Elbe fractures penis in bizarre sex accident
    TUF alumni, Ray Elbe, details a graphic story of how he sustained a penis fracture during an enthusiastic romp with his girlfriend. WARNING: GRAPHIC Link
  40. I'm really concerned for Jon Jones.....
    Ever since the taping of TUF, young jj has been frequenting the local strip clubs in Sin City - - - ((making it rain every night)) - - and ((making it snow on the weekends)) and as a result, it has...
  41. Trapt's newest single
    Use to be a big fan of the band. Figured I'd post their first music video from the new album since it follows a MMA theme. Link
  42. Im officially....
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  43. It's been a record 288 days...
    Since we had snow in Milwaukee, but the streak is now ova! I've got about an inch on the ground here now, and will probably get a little more. To be honest, I like a white Christmas as long as it's...
  44. Ke$ha's 'Die Young' And Sandy Hook
    In the wake of last week's tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, it's not all that surprising to learn that Ke$ha's "Die Young" has been taken out of rotation at radio stations across the country...
  45. It's been pretty depressing these past few days...
    ...and I would like to brighten up the PG with a song. I'm rusty because I haven't played in a while but I managed to put in some good hours to bring you this song. We all need a hug every now and...
  46. My first accolade !
    i also just passed the 150 mark in props and just over 600 posts. Really enjoy this site more than ever, and still have not missed a ufc live event for years....with one exception.....Leben vs...
  47. RIP Jet Set Hudson
    Jesse Hudson, known for his role as "Jet Set" on Workaholics has passed away at 59. RIP to one of the better underrated roles in recent TV history LINK
  48. The 10 worst songs of 2012
    Listen here Pretty bad list of songs, and this guy nails each one perfectly
  49. Golden eagle tries to snatch kid
    video Some are claiming this video is a hoax, but it sure looks real to me. Don't parents have to worry about enough without asshole birds swooping in and grabbing their kids?
  50. Who do you blame ? NHL VS NHLPA
    This NHL lockout has me super pissed. So i ask...who is to blame for the majority of the doucheness.
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