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  1. I feel bad but I can't help myself... Prozacnation
    Any one reckon our man Prozac shaved off his beard packed on a few pound and became an internet star?
  2. 10/27/12 - Mencel vs. Zawadzki - Double KO
    Marcin Mencel vs. Mateusz Zawadzki from 10/27/12 at MMA Night of Champions. I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often when both fighters change levels at the same time....
  3. How many of you log in just to see who...
    ...has prop(ed) you? Sometimes I lurk discretely to hide the true amount of timessss I spend on PG....but when I stumble upon my own posts and realize someone has just prop(ed) me, I get all excited...
  4. USC fires student manager for deflating game balls
    USC fired a student manager for deflating five game balls below regulation levels for theĀ USC-OregonĀ game last Saturday, the school announced late Wednesday The manager, who was not named, admitted...
  5. Don't F**k with the Duck
    Im sure some of you have seen this but its still funny QUACK
  6. MythBusters takes on Breaking Bad
    Throughout Breaking Bad's four and a half seasons on AMC, we've seen Walter White use fulminated mercury as a weapon, burn through zipcuffs with exposed wires and dispose of bodies with hydrofluoric...
  7. MMAPG on Facebook
    We have a page and we would appreciate it if as many as you as possible could please LIKE the page. Here is the page: MMAPG on FB Also, I will post updates on the Primary and Seconday League and also...
  8. Legendary WALLPAPER
    X-Mas has come early fellow CHAELgrounders....I'm feeling generous, attached is a token of my appreciation from yours truly.... May your desktop's be covered in (P)erfection
  9. Coolest thing ever
    Life Straw
  10. The Adventure Thread.
    This topic was inspired by Prophecy's Life Straw thread. As many of you know, I like to share my stories. It seems I have a story to tell every time a topic comes up. I have done a lot of things in...
  11. Hey fellas, Chris from the MMAPodcast here....
    How ya'all been?!/ Been awhile since I have been on. I don't have a good excuse and will do my best to be more active. I wanted to ask you guys about the podcast, if you have listened. What do you...
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  12. 7 Navy SEALs Disciplined Over Leaks To Video Game
    Seven current members of the Navy's elite SEAL Team Six, including one involved in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, have received non-judicial punishments for having served as paid consultants...
  13. Star Wars 7 footage!
  14. Sarah Silverman's dirty iphone Hack
    Nice littly party favor. Starts at about the 1:00 mark.
  15. I've had a sh*tty day but, what the f*ck has happened to manners!?
    I might be getting bitter in my old age or I might just be having a bad week but what the fuck has happened to manners!?!? I've always thought manners reflect what kind of person you are, someone...
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  16. I hate it when people say they are going to do something...
    ...and then don't follow through. I am a supervisor at my job, and invited my team out for a team building thing at a local pub. Now I am not naive, I know that some people don't like to mix work and...
  17. I just realized I have 420 props...........
    Everybody roll up
  18. 2012-2013 NCAA Basketball Thread
    Kentucky barely escapes, Maryland took it right to them the entire second half but made some mental mistakes down the stretch. Looking forward to seeing Syracuse play on Sunday. Huge College...
  19. Breaking News!!!!!!!
    Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have split up!!!!
  20. Favorite James Bond Actor
    With the release of the new 007 flick "Skyfall" I was wondering who everyones favorite actor was who played Bond
  21. Some Of The Greatest Moments In Sports History HL
    Some of the nostalgia brought tears to my eyes. Link
  22. Happy Veteran's Day
    I must say I'm disappointed there was no thread for this special day. Maybe there aren't any veterans on this site except for me but regardless - Veteran's Day is a day to honor all those who have...
  23. It's Thanksgiving
    watch this 2011: Rebecca Black 2012: Nicole Westbrook
  24. Team Chael
    Must see tv ladies and gentlemen
  25. Stoked
    I regularly stop by Best Buy on my way home from work since its on my drive home. One of my boys is a Manager so I just go in to shoot the shit and get the new movies that come out. Well I went in...
  26. Who's good with Microsoft Excel?
    Im trying to make a chart, but when I do the print preview the lines don't show up. I DO want the lines to show up when I print it, how so I make this happen? Thanks
  27. If you ever decide to see Ellen live, Rule #1....
  28. Cabrera, Posey win MVP awards
    Link Buster Posey of the San Francisco Giants was voted the NL Most Valuable Player on Thursday after returning from a devastating leg injury and becoming the first catcher in 70 years to win the...
  29. Fear the Beard : An infograph
    Fear the beard, celebrate the beard
  30. Happy Birthday!!!!
    It's Fleek's birthday bitch. Have a good one!! Hope Bocek wins for you
  31. need a little help guys
    ok so Im looking at a buying a used truck for short money its got 191,966 miles and thats my problem its a 2002 DODGE RAM 1500 no accidents or major repairs the only drawback is its been around...
  32. I've got Machida beat fellows
    How to be better than Lyoto
  33. Closed: For every post this thread gets is a beverage ill drink, 1 per person
    For every post this thread receives = a beverage I shall consume, Max 1 beverage per person However: For every prop I receive = another beverage Thread closing at 7ET 12UK 1 Teh King 2 Budge
  34. I missed the playground
    Been away a few months, checked out some posts here and there but havent made any in awhile. I shall be on more regularly. How many OGs still kicking around on here
  35. Happy Birthday to.............
    Justin Byrd aka FastKnockout Hope you enjoy your day mate
  36. What is it about our favorite sports teams
    What is it about our sports teams that makes us so emotional? I ask this because im still in a shitty mood after my Oregon Ducks lost to Stanford last night ending any Championship hopes we may have...
  37. Von Miller is...
    The BEST pass rusher in th NFL by far.
  38. Cell Phones - Post your's from first to present day.
    Sanyo SCP-6000 Samsung A737 Slider LG VU Samsung Evergreen
  39. Loveline Archive
    I don't know about any of you guys, but as a young middle/high-schooler I used to listen to Loveline on the radio as I went to sleep. Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla are a great comedy duo. Just stumbled...
  40. Man's Obituary Lists KC Chiefs as Cause of Death
    It's bad enough when you're the worst team in football, as the Kansas City Chiefs most likely are. The Chiefs are 1-8, they have a negative point differential of minus-110, a turnover differential of...
  41. I f*ing love
    The PG
  42. Raising Hope
    Great show. Love me some Maw Maw!
  43. Help Me Janice!
    This is kind of old so sorry if it has been shared already but Poor kid. His aunt is hilarious. Utubes
  44. Happy Thanksgiving!
    I won't be having the regular Thanksgiving I usually have with my family but I will have one - a small one with just my immediate family. But anyway, I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Eat well...
  45. Jack Taylor scores 138 for Grinnell
    Jack Taylor scored an astonishing 138 points WOW. I dont care who you are or who you played that is an absolute remarkable feat. Link
  46. Happy Turkey Day from the TUF House
    Before anyone asks....yes, my hair does look that damn good!
  47. Victor Cruz plane catch
  48. Grey Cup Game tonight
    CFL finals tonight for the Canadians. Calgary stampeders vs the Toronto argonauts
  49. John Dodson moves up in weight (pic)
    I didn't think he could put that much bulk on
  50. Favorite Director/Actor
    I've been watching a ton of movies lately, and, while I'm sure we've got a thread like this burried somewhere here, I've never actually seen one, so I figured I'd do one myself. I'm wondering what...
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