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  1. NYC officer arrested in ghoulish kidnap plot
    A city police officer was charged Thursday in a ghoulish plot to kidnap and torture women and then cook and eat their body parts. Gilberto Valle sent numerous emails and other Internet communications...
  2. Tyrann Mathieu, 3 others arrested
    Tyrann Mathieu and three other former LSU football players were arrested Thursday on drug-related charges. Mathieu and former LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson were charged with simple possession of...
  3. Octagon Girl Palmer Will date A Fat Guy If He’s Funny
    get in line, fatties
  4. How do the accolades work?
    Sorry Im new to the site just wondering how somethings work.
  5. Badr Hari facing Attempted Manslaughter charge, could get 10 years in prison
    Former K-1 kickboxing champion Badr Hari has been in legal trouble for a while and things are just getting worse. He's been in a Dutch jail for a while now and according to (a major Dutch news...
  6. Gold Rush season 3 starts in 15 mins!
    GOAL-1000oz They now have 2 teams with plenty of money to get them top dollar equipment. WTF happened to Gold Rush: Jungle as season 3?
  7. Gilbert Gottfried Reads Fifty Shades of Grey
    video #1 . video #2
  8. What TV Shows Do You Like? New or Old
    This has probably been done before, but I just joined the site yesterday so sorry if it has. Shows that are still running: Boardwalk Empire, Sons of Anarchy, Walking Dead, How I Met Your Mother, The...
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  9. Marcus Lattimore of South carolina
    Anyone see his leg get broken today...By far the worst I have seen in sports that I can remember....Very sad he had a NFL career coming...Seriously doubtful now... Very Brutal
  10. Who are you voting for? And let's use this thread to discuss Hurricane Sandy.
    If the mods will allow this topic, I would like to know how PG will vote? I know political debates are not allowed but this is simply a poll so PLEASE just vote and if you must post, you can post...
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  11. Tales From The Crypt
    I just downloaded the first season of Tales From The Crypt. I always watch the same movies every Halloween so I thought I would switch it up this year! I also got the second season on download...
  12. Man trolls feminist rally, hilarity ensues..
    -Link- This guy got his penis out and waggled it at a feminist rally - they wanted his blood. Thoughts and opinions? Apparently they were screaming "CUT IT OFF". Just imagine public reaction if the...
  13. Who would be your ideal President/Prime Minister? (hypothetically, not real politics)
    I ran this by CC and he OK'd it as long as it doesn't turn into political talk Basically if there was one fictional character or celebrity you would want to run your country, who would it be? Some of...
  14. Sandy leaves death, damp and darkness in wake
    Millions of people from Maine to the Carolinas awoke Tuesday without power, and an eerily quiet New York City was all but closed off by car, train and air as superstorm Sandy steamed inland, still...
  15. Footage of Hurricane Sandy
    This is some pretty crazy footage taken from inside someone's house. I'd suggest full screen, since they didn't rotate their phone. Language is slightly NSFW Video
  16. Taunting Gets You Knocked Out
  17. Disney buysLucasfilms Star Wars 7 coming in 2015
  18. Mike and Mike's Gangnam Style parody
    The Goods
  19. Who are you voting for? Political debate thread.
  20. Funny Halloween pic
    Just a funny as hell pic I came across add your own if you wish.
  21. Awkward shopping trip
    Basically went into a supermarket with my hood up and the security guard said can you take your hood off please... Sure? Did my shopping went to the till, all the staff are in Halloween outfit cause...
  22. Halloween Costume
    For those that went out this past weekend or those that are going out to the bars tonight. What did you dress as, or going to dress as? I was an 80s hair band rock star Wig, tight lepoard print girl...
  23. MOVEMBER 2012
    Starting tomorrow we should post our clean shaven upper lip and then our finish product. Maybe some progress shots along the way. This thread can also double as a "mo" conversation. ROCK THE MO
  24. New face of horror
    I saw the advertisement for this movie. It looks pretty good. We need something new. It looks pretty scary. Hopefully, it turns out as good as it looks.
  25. People Still Believe the Earth is Flat?
    Members of the Flat Earth Society claim to believe the Earth is flat. Walking around on the planet's surface, it looks and feels flat, so they deem all evidence to the contrary, such as satellite...
  26. Watching a Horror Film Burns Nearly 200 Calories
    Viewers who put themselves through 90 minutes of adrenaline-pumping terror can use up as much as 113 calories, close to the amount burned during a half-hour walk and the equivalent to a chocolate...
  27. Italian Seismologists Face Manslaughter for Failing to Perform Magic
    Anyone who has been feeling that life these days is not sufficiently medieval need look no further than the Italian seismologists just sentenced for manslaughter for failing to predict an earthquake...
  28. Happy Halloween MMA Playground!!
    Happy Halloween everyone! I know I am late, bit I just wanted to put it out there. Perhaps it's that it falls on a Wednesday (and I go to work soon ) but this has felt the least like Halloween out of...
  29. Can we bring this back boys
    Remember this
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  30. Jeff Monson's Halloween Costume.
    Nothing, and I mean nothing says anarchy like Tinky Winky.
  31. Another playground meme
    I am an admin of MMA Meme's on facebook.... So I've created another meme. Generate your own
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  32. Reptile owners?
    Any reptile owners on the playground? I am thinking about getting either a bearded dragon, leopard gecko or a ball python snake. I want something that is active whether it be day or night or during...
  33. Alabama Football
    Forrest Gump put them on the map.
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  34. Straight Up
    1988 forever Straight up up tell me Dont pretend if youre a late 80s to early 90s kid that this doesnt take you away from the shitty pop of today to remind you of yesterdays shitty pop mmm mmm
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  35. Playground End of Year Poster Awards
    Private message me your nominations, use the below message as a template You have plenty of time and you can always edit your picks You have between now (3rd of November) to the 31st of December You...
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  36. I Told My Kid I Ate All Their Halloween Candy...Again
    Jimmy Kimmel, for the second year, issued a Youtube challenge to parents on Halloween. This is the result: Video
  37. Gagnam Style....translated in English
    watch here This is done by NovaFM's Australian weekday radio host Jarrod Walsh with his partner in crime Wolfgang. Apparently PSY said they were pretty accurate in an interview on a Toronto radio...
  38. Just wanted to say
    Oregon Ducks beat the USC Trojans 62-51 Kenyan Barner sets a school record of 321 rushing yards with 5 touchdowns OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  39. Turkey Dubstep
    I'm not a fan of how dubstep is taking over every aspect of media, but this...this is funny. Turkey Dubstep ...and for good measure Dubstep Dog
  40. Early UFC 155 Poster
    I like JJ's replica belt....not bad.
  41. Let me bang, bro!
    Title says it all: Let me bang, bro!
  42. Louis CK as Lincoln
    I know there are some Louis fans here and this is pretty funny. Hopefully Hulu doesn't geo-block other countries. SNL: Lincoln
  43. UFC 170 - The Reality
    I had a dream last night about the number 170 popping up on and off throughout my sleep last night, in a weird random kind of way, then in part II of that dream, I remember Jon Jones begging me for a...
  44. I'm currently watching American Mullet on Netflix (2001)
    What a wonderful film. Mullets Galore
  45. Guess who's back?
    its on motha f**kas!!!! lol whatd i miss?
  46. Colorado and 64
    The legalization of marijuana currently up 67%. Looks like it's going to pass.
  47. The triumphant return
    Hey don't know if anybody remembers me or not, but I've finally found the time to return to the playground. Can't wait to get caught up with the current MMA events again!
  48. Obama gets re-elected
    Not a political discussion, just an announcement. Looks like another 4 years for better or worse...
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  49. Just what you need after the election.....Fighting Baby
  50. Which Sports Personality Would Make The Worst U.S. President?
    Which sports personality would make the worst US President? Please keep the thread clean so it doesn't get locked or deleted
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