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  1. Face Memory IQ Test
    Found this test online today. Thought it would be interesting to see how the PG stacks up Test Test takes about 10 minutes. Post your score. I scored a 116 with 91% correct
  2. Happy birthday!!!
    To Bubbles aka Michael Angelo! Hope you have a great day buddy! Love you
  3. Happy Birthday Bubbles!
    Have a good one bro!
  4. I found out how to make openweight fights happen on Undisputed 3
    For those of you still playing and still wishing you could do Wanderlei vs Cro Cop 3 in the UFC I have a tutorial for you. Openweight tutorial Personally I was really wanting Chael vs Forrest and...
  5. Anyone watching the live broadcast of Felix Baumgartner's Jump?
    For those unaware a guy named Felix Baumgartner is attempting a free fall from 23 miles (about 120,000 feet) above sea level today. The previous record was about 108,000 feet back in 1960. Along the...
  6. Funny Simpsons Clip
    Youtube Sounds like Jon Lovitz...I won't elaborate on the joke. Edit: it's a BJJ joke, it's in the title of the clip FFS. Edit Edit: still funny
  7. Bear does Tito Ortiz impression after mauling trainer
    I saw this on youtube and made my first gif just so I could show you guys. The bear does Tito's gravedigger routine LINK TO FULL YOUTUBE VIDEO OF ATTACK
  8. anyone have C++ experience?
    I am taking a basic class right now and I am stuck on a project that is worth 70 points. I was just wondering if anyone could help.
  9. Favorite Horror Movie Character...
    I figured it was that time of the year, and plus I am bored as hell at work. I am on internet time the rest of the day, just completely checked out. Mine is Freddy Krueger. Love his look, can't beat...
  10. The Official RATE The Song Above You Thread
    I'll kick things off Little Black Submarines- The Black Keys I heard this song and was struck at how similar the song sounds to stairway to heaven. The black keys sound very zepplin-esque
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  11. 2012-13 NBA Season Thread
    Was surprised to see that the NBA pre-season has started. Watching the Rockets/Thunder game now Look for the Lakers to put up a very strong push for the title
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  12. Strikeforce not yet licensed for Nov. 3 show
    According to the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission, Strikeforce has yet to apply for a promoters license for their November 3rd event. The Commission said there won't/shouldn't be any problems of...
  13. Arrow
    series premiere was tonight. Overall I thought it was pretty solid 7/10. Action was pretty cool. Very parkour moves I suppose you could say. He even threw in an armbar. Acting is a little poor and it...
  14. Photoshop Time!
    It's Gangnam Style time!
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    you may remember this thread a few weeks ago. Every so often I will be bringing back the good ol' days of wrestling
  16. Ravishing Rick Rude vs Val Venis [POLL]
    Not who would win a wrestling match but Who is the better "Ladies Man"? No Homo.
  17. How would you deal with an annoying person on the bus?
    Annoying might be underselling it a bit, but WOW For the record I don't condone this sort of behaviour, but I couldn't help but laugh
  18. Top 10 You're a D*ck moments in videogames
    I found this video a moment ago and thought it was pretty funny, and as a gamer whose been around and played most of these games, I have to agree 100%. I'm sure those of us here on the playground...
  19. Not Only Is Today UFC 153.....
    Today is my two year MMA Playground anniversary! In lieu of gifts, I recommend enjoying the fights, having a beer or a smoke, and watching The Adventures of Pete and Pete This is the best MMA site...
  20. Man....... Bonner sure has a nice tan
    I wish I had one that nice
  21. I am no longer the father of a boy...
    I am the father of a man! My son turns 18 today. Time to let the old man jokes fly...
  22. finally got promoted!!! again!
    After being demoted as manager last Dec after 5 plus years as a manager. I am back on the saddle but with mixed emotions. I got demoted cause my work hired a worker who said she was a cake decorater...
  23. Felix Baumgartner's Live Jump - 23 mile free fall (*Jump now complete*)
    For anyone that was watching the other day when the launch was cancelled due to wind, it's on. The capsule was just launched, so it's officially a go. I believe they said it will take a few hours to...
  24. Guy on a Buffalo attacked by Cougar while Buffalo kicks Wolf's face in (video)
    The best video you'll see all day...enjoy! Video Mirror
  25. The Walking Dead Thread (Spoilers)
    Before you start on this, let me just say... SPOILER ALERT Nice start to the season so far! That jail scene was pretty fun
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  26. 50 years after Cuban missile crisis: closer than you thought to World War III
    “My fellow Americans, with a heavy heart, and in necessary fulfillment of my oath of office, I have ordered – and the United States Air Force has now carried out – military operations with...
  27. Bike Thief Leaves Handwritten Apology Note, Plus $10 for New Lock
    It seemed miraculous enough to Paul Gilmour that police recovered his bike, but even more surprising was the thief's handwritten apology note that came along with it. "A police officer brought me my...
  28. BBC film crew held at gunpoint after trying to sneak into Nevada's Area 51
    This is the moment a BBC film crew were held by security teams at the notoriously secretive Area 51 - where conspiracy theorists believe the American government is hiding a flying saucer. Irish...
  29. Fantasy Basketball
    Hey guys! Anyone want to play some fantasy basketball? I have set up a H2H league. I ran one last year that was a huge success. Here's hoping this year's league is even better. Password is shaqattck...
  30. need some help
    i won my avatar bet uploaded the picture but it isn't showing up on the guys profile? Anyone know how to fix this?
  31. Browns Fan Dunks Head In Bucket Of Piss For $450
    Video Best part, he used the sanitizer before he dunked his head.
  32. Freaks and Geeks
    did anyone watch this show or watching this show? It is on Netflix. Only lasted 1 season. Had a cast of James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel are some of the big names. There have been appearances by...
  33. Last Book you have read...
    Long day for me and it gets work has us on mandatory 10 hour days again. So between Monday and today I am already at 21 hours, and still have more to go today. Need some topics to get me...
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  34. My car got broken into last night
    I woke up this morning & stumbled half asleep towards my car to find it had been ransacked! The little buggers stole some Wu Tang Clan CD's, a couple G`s of herbal medicine ( ) I had stashed under...
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  35. I need all of you to stop what you're doing and listen...
  36. Human vs Zombies campus games
    So I'm walking to my office and saw this customized Jeep Wrangler completely armed with machine guns,camo, and survival shit. Around it 4 dudes also armed. Nothing to panic, all the weapons are Nerf...
  37. Drake graduates high school!
    The Tweet It only took him like 11 years!!!
  38. Indian man becomes world’s oldest dad at 96, claims to have sex three times a day
    The oldest dad in the world has just been blessed with his second child at the extremely ripe old age of 96. Ramjit Raghav won the title of world's oldest father two years ago when he fathered his...
  39. Catch the ice dude ... Video
    Hello guys, Not sure if you have seen this before, but i thought i'd post it up on here to give you a laugh ...
  40. Dirty Blue tries something new - NSFW
    Tried something new.... Had inspiration from "someone" on the PG. But I attempted to write some erotica.... Please give me some criticisms (if your ballsy enough on the thread if not via PM)...
  41. Turned on the TV and......
    La Bamba is on. Waiting for MrsSpiderSilva and now she is gonna have to wait to go out cause I fucking love this movie.
  42. Last night my girlfriend asked me to kiss her somewhere dirty.....
    So I took her to Hamilton! (inside joke for Bubbs, Budge, Sparky, and all the other 905 homies).
  43. internet home page advice
    iGoogle is about to expire apparently, and now I am left without a good and neutral home page. Are there any out there that anyone uses that allows for customization with gadgets like news, weather,...
  44. I'm running a marathon tomorrow
    I'm running the Detroit Marathon in just under 12 hours. Wish me luck, Playground!
  45. Photoshoppers
    I have an request to ask if anyone has some time and is super awesomely cool and wants my respect for life Can anyone make me an epic facebook cover photo? At first I was thinking I just wanted a...
  46. Polish thieves accidentally steal van with 12 coffins inside
    A group of Polish car thieves got some unexpected cargo when they stole a van in Germany: 12 sealed coffins.Polish police said the coffins were found early Tuesday in the woods near the western...
  47. Season 3 of the WIRE is
    Fucking AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
  48. Finally a new thread. : D
    What preparations will you be making for the coming winter months? I will be cutting the grass one more time and give the bushes a good trim - and hopefully I won't have to worry about them until...
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  49. Solar eclipse, 13th November
    Sorry to rub it in, but most of you guys are gonna miss this mofo For aussies, its on the 14th. NZ is gonna be smack bang in the middle of it
  50. Hey fellas - - - back of the line!
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