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  1. Another video Im sharing Its a really touching boxing commercial,from HBO.
  2. What did you throw away/give away/sell cheap?
    So I've been ebaying some stuff laying around my house for a few quick bucks, and ran across a couple PS1 games I had. I had thrown out a good pile of them a year ago, as Gamestop wont take them and...
  3. New NFL Rivalry?
    Screw the Colts, I think the Patriots have found a new foe! It's not even the end of the first quarter, and the heat generated between these two teams is friggin awesome! Usually I hate shitty...
  4. teh kingsmasher
    Listen king-mo smasher, After your Saturday evening fiasco calling your fellow interweb Chaelgrounders "idiots" and what not, I decided in the next couple of days, I will do a home invasion on you....
  5. do you need a pick-me-up?
    This will work. Guaranteed
  6. Mark hunt vs Cormier?
    Lets start another Mark Hunt campaign!!!
  7. Happy Birthday to
    Aether He probably can't reply but it's his birthday, have a good one man!
  8. Global Bacon Shortage 'Unavoidable' Next Year
    ...Says U.K.'s National Pig Association I know this may be troubling news for some. Source
  9. NFL Fantasy Football-Help/Advice on a trade.
    I figured since the PG has a lot of Football fans I would turn to you guys for a little help with a possible trade that was offered to me today. Our league is a FOX Sports standard 10 team league. So...
  10. Always Sunny in Philadelphia's NEW Cast!!!
    LINK Idk what's funnier, this promo or people who think it's real...
  11. Fantasy Football Question
    I am thinking of trading RGIII for Aaron Rodgers. I believe this is Rodgers lowest point before he ascends to the top of the league in points again. I also believe RGIII is going to get wrecked in...
  12. Zinedine Zidane Headbutt Statue Erected in France
    Zinedine Zidane Headbutt Statue Erected in France The historic head-butt that marked the end of France great Zinedine Zidane's international football career is now more than just a memory. A...
  13. Sons of Anarchy Season 4
    Does anyone know a channel online besides Hulu and those types where I can see Sons of Anarchy season 4? btw Hulu doesnt have it I think
  14. Hong Kong 'playboy tycoon' offers $65 million to find husband for lesbian daughter
    Hong Kong property and shipping magnate Cecil Chao ?Sze-tsung announced he would offer HK$500 million (about $65 million) to the man who can woo and marry his 33-year-old daughter, Gigi Chao, the...
  15. Where did you grow up? Whats it known for?
    Grew up in Syracuse, NY - Big mall and College University are big in the city. Split time living in Boca Raton, Florida - Nice Beaches, Intercostal and shopping.
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  16. let us draw and do every drug possible
    The Art just click the link
  17. Still Working Out
    Thanks to my daughter, I am still working out; for two months. I have lost 27.5 pounds. I'm still at it, and I feel great! Does anybody have any good advice on workouts to shed pounds quickly.
  18. Cowcatcher's last fling
    So I met this girl about 2 weeks ago and we started texting. She was seeing another guy, but it wasn't serious yet(they hadn't gotten horizontal) so I figured it was ok to talk to her. We had only...
  19. Who is the best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?
  20. HOMELAND (Season 2)
    Season premiere this Sunday! Anyone else stoked? Love this show!
  21. Just found out what my house was appraised not happy
    Ok, ill lay it all out to make it easier to understand. When my dad passed away he left my sister and I each a house and $42,000. Well, we had to distribute it evenly so we had the houses appraised...
  22. I got the blues....
    I got two job rejections today, broke off a friendship with someone yesterday that I am kind of regretting, and it's raining... Anyone else with bad news? Let's sulk together.
  23. What a month
    I noticed a few posts yesterday where people were feeling a bit down. For me at the moment its the complete opposite, September has been a great month for me: My September highlights: Weekend away at...
  24. In honor of the coming halloween season
    Ken shamrock vs scarecrow Ken Shamrock fights a scarecrow
  25. who could forget......
  26. Ehhhhhh Sexy Lady...
  27. I found BlueSkiesBurns youtube account
    Seriously, this is the coolest guy I've ever seen! I'm in a frat
  28. The BlueSkiesBurn Appreciation Thread
    I just wanted to put this out there, and I'd like to apologize to the mods because this may be a sensitive subject around the playground. But I just have to say that in my opinion, Josh really is a...
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  29. U.S Ryder Cup Collapse
    Anybody catch the EPIC collapse of the US Ryder Cup team? Broke my damn heart The US went into the singles matches on Sunday up 10 points to Europes 4. The possibility of a European come back was...
  30. Movie: Looper
    Anyone see this movie yet? I saw it over the weekend and thought it was amazing. Very good movie and great story. 1 word to describe it Craziness! Just wondering who else has seen this movie and your...
  31. Justin Bieber Puking
    We all get sick at work from time to time, but usually not in front of so many people. LINK
  32. Movie: Here Comes the Boom
    So I just got back from a screening of this, and I have to say that it was far better than I expected. Bas was great in it, like surprisingly good, and Kevin James was more bearable in this than...
  33. special meat served at Kentucky Chinese restaurant
    Customers at the Red Flower Chinese Restaurant in Williamsburg, Ky., alerted authorities after they spotted something they probably wish they hadn't: restaurant employees wheeling roadkill back to...
  34. NBA2K13
    Picked it up yesterday, I like the new additions including All-Star weekend events and the 92 Dream Team. What I don't like (or at least haven't mastered) is the right stick dribble controls There's...
  35. Happy Birthday to the Samurai!
    Mr. Playground_Samurai! Today is the day of your birth. Have a good one man!
  36. Simple Political question. Not debate.
    When is the US election? I'm tempted to put a bet on and I want to know when this whole things decided so a betting account doesn't have my money for too long I don't want you guys turning this...
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  37. FANTASY FOOTBALL: 'Not Soccer League' Discussion
    Flacco is available. Anyone interested? I'll also entertain offers for Aaron Rodgers. I'm ooking to upgrade at all skill positions.
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  38. Leaving mma playground
    Hey dudes and gals...this will be my last season on mma playground. will miss u crazy kats.
  39. Cuban Sandwiches?
    I decided to make cuban sandwiches as a special at my cafe today, and had one for lunch, as I've never eaten one before. It was perhaps the oddest food experience I've ever had. Honestly, I don't...
  40. Should Election Day be a national holiday?
    Someone in my history class brought this up. He stated having a national holiday would heavily benefit those who are stuck at work/school and don't have an opportunity to vote on Election Day. I...
  41. Need some help on where to crash
    Hey PG, so today me n my bud bought 2 tickets to UFC in Seattle this December, we're planning on driving out there from Vancouver, and spending Friday and Saturday in a cheap hotel room. It now just...
  42. Must see TV
    Guess who will be stopping by 'Kelly and Michael' on Friday (formerly Kelly & Regis) THE ONE.... THE ONLY.... MR. ABS OF STEEL David frickin' BLAINE!
  43. Soldier sues hospital over amputated penis
    Sad Story A former US soldier is suing the US government for 10 million over an amputated penis. Disabling him from having sex and taking a piss like a normal guy. Id be suing for a SHIT TON more
  44. October 5 - a great night of TV
    2 MLB wild card games UFC on Fuel Bellator TUF
  45. If NFL QBs had facebook.....
    Do not drink while reading this , otherwise you may need a new keyboard/laptop/tablet/whatever.
  46. The Voice Versus Steven Seagal
    Here's the promo: Video Can't wait to watch the whole thing
  47. An Amazing Story From World War II
    I have never heard of this guy before today. Definitely someone who deserves more mention in the history books....
  48. Whack ways of staying fit
    Other than just being plain awesome and the obvious gym sessions, seen or experienced any cool and whack ways to stay fit? Apart from f**king sheep here in NZ, this is how my mate and I do it.
  49. Official Fantasy Football Sit 'Em/Start 'Em & Advice Thread
    Figured I'd start one up for anyone with roster dilemmas on their fantasy football team. Here's my dilemma today. Matt Forte is probable against the Jags with a bum ankle. Michael Bush already...
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  50. Females on the PG
    During my short time on the PG, I have noticed there are more guys than girls (I know!) I have also noticed that females get special treatment, both good and bad, in many ways. Now I'm not bitching,...
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