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  1. What is your record?
    Your street fighting record. I figure I start this thread after watching white boy put an ass whoppin' on ghetto thug. KungFuMaster 1 - 0 I have been in one fight my entire life. It was in the 8th...
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  2. Another "zombie-like" attack?
    link That shit Cray!
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  3. [6.29.12] FINAL EPISODE OF MMA@WORK (w/BuffaloDave & Josh Webb) - w/Guests: Chris Tickle, Siyar "The Killer" Bahadurzada. & Mark "Super Samoan" Hunt
    We go out with a bang!
  4. MMA Tycoon (I've started an Org in London)
    Hey guys i've started an org in London called Outkast Warrior Championships! It's for fighters 155lbs and lower so please create lower weight class guys in London and i'll sign em up to good...
  5. Numero Uno
    Hey kids, guess what's #1 on Amazon's Best Sellers in Mixed Martial Arts??? Well, don't worry, I will EDUCATE you and ENLIGHTEN y'all........again.
  6. Coach of the Year?
    Apparently even minor hockey is serious business in BC. VANCOUVER - The RCMP said Wednesday it plans to recommend assault charges against a minor hockey coach who tripped a 13-year-old player...
  7. NBA Draft
    Hope all fans of NBA will be watching tonight. One of the deepest drafts ever which should mean a shit ton of trades
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  8. [6.29.12] FINAL EPISODE OF MMA@WORK (w/BuffaloDave & Josh Webb) - w/Guests: Chris Tickle, Siyar "The Killer" Bahadurzada. & Mark "Super Samoan" Hunt LIVE
    Come on!
  9. Anderson Silva reviews Chael Sonnen's pizza
  10. "The Voice of Reason" Amazon review
    Ok, so I'm browsing around in the sports and outdoors section for kindle when I come across "The voice of reason" and I notice that it has a pretty decent rating so I click on it to read some...
  11. get ready to be frozen in time later tonight
    The transition from June to July will be delayed by circumstances beyond everyone's control. Time will stand still for one second on Saturday evening (June 30) because a "leap second" will be added...
  12. It's Showtime Two part card live at 12pm ET!
    Today is It's Showtime 57 & 58, live from Belgium and featuring a stacked, two part card. Throughout the show, we hope you'll join us here at Bloody Elbow for our live discussion post. The show...
  13. X Games Los Angeles 2012: Hot Wheels Double Dare Loop
    Pretty awesome stunts. They make em look so easy. ENJOY! Double Loop Last year's World Record Jump
  14. DON PEDRO and Chael Sonnen
    To my fellow CHAELzillians - - - (Uncle ChaCha has quite the following in the City of Chael believe it or not.....) July 7, 2012 Brazil again win its independence. On this day the Brazilian people...
  15. SWAT team throws flashbangs, raids wrong home due to open WiFi network
    The long-standing, heavily documented militarization of even small-town American police forces was always going to create problems when it met anonymous Internet threats. And so it has, again—this...
  16. Simply amazing!
    Look at the bone structure and chiseled jaw-line....have you ever seen something so (P)erfect? Hah, I didn't think so.
  17. Trivia - - FREE Chael shirt inside!!!!!!!!!!
    Quick Chaelzillians - - can you name how many times anDEE has used an injury excuse either leading up to a fight or post fight???? I know the answer - - - question is, do you? The correct answer wins...
  18. Scientists may announce discovery of Higgs Boson
    GENEVA, July 1 (Reuters) - It has been fancifully dubbed the angel of creation and, to the particular scorn of physicists, the god particle. The Higgs Boson is said to have appeared out of the chaos...
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  19. Raptors offer Steve Nash 3year/$36M
    The Toronto Raptors have offered free agent point guard Steve Nash a three-year, $36 million contract, according to sources. Nash, a two-time NBA MVP, has spent the past eight seasons with the...
  20. Nets, Hawks in Joe Johnson talks, sources say
    The Brooklyn Nets and Hawks are engaged in ongoing talks on a multiplayer deal that would send several expiring contracts to the Atlanta for All-Star guard Joe Johnson, according to sources briefed...
  21. Trail Blazers Offer Roy Hibbert Max Contract
    The Portland Trail Blazers have offered restricted free agent center Roy Hibbert a four-year, $58 million contract, sources confirmed to ESPN The Magazine's Chris Broussard. The $58-million offer...
  22. Firecrackers and SPIDERS!
    Hey fellow CHAELzilians - - Before you blow your fingers off lighting firecrackers this Wed., I also want to take the time to remind you to protect your skin against the ugly, creepy, filthy,...
  23. Tiger Woods wins at Congressional, moves into second on PGA Tour's win list
    Congressional reopened its gates Sunday to thousands of spectators who got what they expected in the AT&T National -- another win by Tiger Woods. Only this win didn't follow a typical script. Caught...
  24. Summer heat getting PG tempers flaring
    Hey guys, there's been a ton of bickering, name calling, and general BS around here the past few days or so and it's probably time to give it a rest. I don't want to hand out bans or even warnings,...
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  25. The difference between nationalism and patriotism
    Ok, with all the anti-american/brazilian shit going on, I thought I'd post this... Nationalism vs Patriotism Nationalism and patriotism both show the relationship of an individual towards his or her...
  26. 2012 NBA free agency thread
    I think we should have a thread dedicated to this instead of separate threads (no offence proph). Lakers pickup option on Bynum. Not sure why they didnt just offer him an extension. full list of FAs...
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  27. The Amazing Spider-Man
    I will be seeing it at midnight tonight and I will post what I think about it later. I am hoping not to be disappointed.
  28. Here Comes the Boom MMA Comedy!
    Not gonna lie but the movie actually looks like it might be funny. What do you guys think. Trailer
  29. The Official Nostalgia Thread
    So after seeing Grappler's post a pic of the old school WWF wrestling ice cream bars, in the funny pic thread, I thought we need a thread dedicated to stuff we grew up with, so use this to post...
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  30. Be part of our new PC based fighting game - characters wanted
    Hey, we're a small team of hobby game programmers from Germany. Some years ago we started creating our own non-commercial 3D fighting game. Due to lack of time (school etc ...) we had to cancel this...
  31. So THIS Is How Texas A&M Gets Pumped Up For Football
    So, apparently the Texas A&M Yell Leaders decided to post a video of how they get ready for football games. Let's just say that they probably should have thought twice about this one. Um, just why?
  32. Here Comes the Boom
    Link trailer for a new MMA movie. It is a comedy starring Kevin Smith and also some surprise people. You can find out who those are for yourself
  33. Prozac Prop
    Just wondering if any has ever got a prop from prozacnation? I noticed that i haven't when i did my "500 Props" thread. Not a knock on the man with the most epic of avatars, the one that inspired...
  34. UFC 148 will crown a new champion???
    Listen 15 seconds in .
  35. 5 Year Anniversary
    Today is my 5 year Anniversary here on the Playground. Just thought I'd put that out there. I'm actually pretty proud of that
  36. Happy 4th of July
    Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and fun 4th of July. I know ill be hitting the firework stands tonight Anyone else like mixing all of their fireworks together and making one huge fuse?
  37. The July 4th GOAT
    6th title defense Seeing as how it's July 4th and all
  38. have you ever wondered who would win between Batman and Spiderman??
    video here Batman sucks at trash talking
  39. Ruthless Brazilians
    Photo making the rounds in Brazil.
  40. LA Lakers Acquire Steve Nash
    In a sign-and-trade deal, the Suns send Steve Nash to the Lakers. In return, the Suns get four draft picks -- first rounders in 2013 and 2015 and second rounders in 2013 and 2014. This obviously...
  41. While I was gone.
    I purchaced the UG app on my phone and went deep into the Otherground. They pulled SpiderSilva away from my home here at the PG. Sure I was coming back to make my picks. I've never really ventured...
  42. Attn: Southern Florida PG Members...Help.
    Someone I know is going to be in Key Largo for the fights this weekend and needs to find a place where he can watch the fights. He's already looked up bars on and nothing comes up. Anybody...
  43. Insane Story of the Day: Woman Goads Her Infant Child Into a Fight, Then Records It
    Whenever I am involved in a discussion regarding crime and punishment, I am often dubbed a “sociopathic”, a “loony”, or a “stay the fuck away from me and my family” kind of guy as a result of my...
  44. ‘The Man With The Iron Fists’ Trailer Confirms That Wu-Tang Clan Still Ain’t Nothin’ to F*ck With
    Written (along with Hostel’s Eli Roth), directed, and starring RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan, the first trailer for The Man with the Iron Fists hit the interwebs recently, and we gotta say, it looks like...
  45. A Conversation With My 12 Year Old Self
    Thought this was fairly amusing: Video
    Anybody feelin this where theyre at?! I know i am here in east tennessee!
  47. Good to see the Playground Buzzing
    I know I'm not the only one on here that is excited as shit for the fights tomorrow. I'm happy to see the site rocking out for the Silva/Sonnen fight Chael has been a little devil while pissing Silva...
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  48. What If???
    Not to be a downer, because I'm just as stoked as the next guy for the big fight tonight, but what if this card doesn't deliver?? Since it's being hyped as the biggest UFC fight ever, will that make...
  49. Today is Christmas Morning for MMA Fans
    Anyone else have that feeling today that a kid gets on Christmas morning? I can't wait for this main event!! I have a few friends coming over and we're actually springing for the $60 PPV. What about...
  50. How to Improve Your Life, in Three Easy Steps
    Step One: go to the bookmarks in your web browser. Step Two: Delete MMA Mania Step Three: Delete Bloody Elbow And you are done! I followed my own advice a few months back, and what a difference it...
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