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  1. Kpro, get in here!
    Look at the fight camp rankings and tell me what you see.
  2. The zombie apocalypse has started!
    Brace yourself, fellas! Police forced to shoot naked man eating another man's face
  3. River Monsters
    I just watched the season finale of River Monsters. I have watched every episode and now it seems I have watched the last episode. This is one of the greatest reality TV shows ever produced. It...
  4. Workaholics Season Three Premier Tonight
    Who's watching? I know we have a lot of fans of the show on the site Oh and there's the tosh.0 premier as well, which is entertaining from time to time
    Watch it, you won't regret it
  6. Hidden camera prank gone wrong
    I've seen this video around Youtube hundreds of times in different knockout videos and whatnot but just now realized the story behind it. Watch this video Crazy! Apparently it was all staged for a...
  7. MMA Avengers
    Don't forget to check out the helicopter
  8. RIP Ween
  9. What other sports do you watch?
    Assuming everyone on this site is a fan of MMA, so what other sports do you enjoy watching?
  10. I Thought USC Was Badass Before.....
    Apparently, and nobody seems to know how, a porn was shot at the Coliseum, during football season, on September 16th, 2001. The film, Gangbang Girls #32, was shot on taxpayer ground while nobody was...
  11. The War on Terrorism
    If this is not an acceptable topic then I apologize and it can be deleted. I was just wondering what this phase in history will be called or referred to a few hundred years from now. We had the...
  12. Athletic dog has hops
    Thought this was impressive enough to share. He might even have KFM beat. video
  13. Pacman vs Bradley: any chance for an upset?
    A lot of us on here are boxing fans, so I ask: can Bradley beat Manny? Bradley isn't a guy that KO's a lot of people, but he's the kind of guy that can turn this into a fight and not a boxing match,...
  14. Zombie Apocalypse continued......
    Link curious to see how this face eating epidemic started? Check out the link. If true it is very strange how it all does connect.
  15. Just bought my tickets to Strikeforce: Rockhold vs Kennedy
    As soon as I found out Marquardt vs Woodley was on this card I bought my tickets. 100 level center court. $75 apiece for me and my boy Chokesetterjake. Oh, and this will be my first live event so I'm...
  16. And another Zombie
    YIKES A 21-year-old Morgan State University student told investigators that he ate the heart and portions of the brain of a man whose dismembered remains were found in his Joppa home, according to a...
  17. Pissed-Off College Student Leaves Greatest Voicemail Ever (NSFW)
    EVERY college student EVER needs to listen to this. Please listen to this and tell me that you wish you hadn't done the same. Fuckin' Amazin'
  18. Rant on Dislocated Fans
    If you move somewhere, obviously you're going to keep the same allegiance to certain teams that you used to like. For instance, you move from Boston to LA. You're always going to be a diehard...
  19. Paranormal/Ghost/Alien/Weird Stories
    It is one of those nights for me where I am looking up random youtube videos and I was supposed to participated in a Ouija board thing tonight but I couldn't. So that leads to me ask you guys if you...
  20. Relationship question
    so my girlfriend on accident left her facebook open on my computer. When I was about to log off someone messaged her, but my computer isn't the best so I have to always click the little message thing...
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  21. My mind is blown away.
    I know some of you will claim my mind was blown for some time now but really - this time, it has blown to new heights which I cannot begin to fathom. Where do I begin? Oh yes, I was bored and decided...
  22. Charity Bike Ride
    Doing a 50 mile bike ride today to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support. Wish me luck.
  23. I feel this is necassary
  24. Tito & Jenna Forced To File Restraining Order On Friend Who “Terrifies” Them
    Link Has to be Chuck
  25. Dragon's Dogma
    Anyone pick this up yet? It's a really well done dungeon-crawler by Capcom that plays similiar to a fight game without the finger dexterity and combos, etc. You play with a party of yourself, a main...
  26. 147 New Poster
    T-Minus 35 days until Chael Perfection Sonnen defends HIS belt for a third time!
  27. Had my first "Oh Sh*t!" moment as a parent
    So my son is almost 9 months old now. He has been crawling like a baby on crack lately. I mean the kid doesn't sit still, ever. He is also pulling himself up on furniture, stairs, etc. So, on...
  28. Keurig nightmare
    I'm just throwing this out here because it's crazy and wanted to share. Not sure about the rest of the world, but in New England we have sugar ant season every year. Around the same time every year,...
  29. Question about Podcast Statistics
    As Im sure most of you know me and Jay (jjeans) host a weekly podcast where we interview MMA guests. We've been running for about 14 weeks and up to know are listining figures are normall quite low...
  30. The Champ is Here
    There ya go guys and gals! Future UFC champ and probably NFL all pro. Kaiden Allen Bailey
  31. Birthday Video
    Hey Guys, basicall Hey guys heres a link to a video my girlfriend made for me for my birthday and it features a few playground members, whom I want to say thanks to again! If you don't want your day...
  32. Another relationship question
    Ok guys forgive but i need multiple opinions, cuz I haven't gotten a whole lot of input from any of my friends. This is what I posted in the 'Relationship question' thread from the other day and I...
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  33. The Playground Meme - prozac's epic pic
    First we had this Super Saiyan Prozac Then Kpro continued the craze Now we have grappler jumped on the bandwagon! Scoozna Cowcatcher Prophecy Bubbles Budgellism Kpro Hippysmacker!!! Gartface Epic Sax
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  34. Miami Zombie's connection to MMA
    A former boxer said he encountered the 'Miami Cannibal' five years ago after he flew into a rage over something trivial and threatened to kill him. In 2007, former heavyweight Melton Bowen...
  35. any one a horror fanatic of movies
    I own a lot of dvd bluray. Over 500 movies. I do love scary films. Horror films. Never seen a film to give me nightmares or have to get turned away. Last movie I saw was piranna 3dd Movie sucked. I...
  36. New Release Tuesday
    Guess what came out today interwebbers? The greatest show ever created....that's what! Uncle ChaCha is gonna steal a great quote from the Immortal Walter Hartwell White. I Won (ya got that Andee?)
  37. So I asked a girl out today at work...
    ...and I thought it was pretty smooth, but I'll let you guys be the judge. I have been flirting with this girl at work, but I won't bore you with the details of girl meets boy. I finally felt the...
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  38. Just wanted to say.......
    That the latest and greatest Avatars have me rolling Keep it up I have some nice Andee photo-SHOOP's coming up in the upcoming weeks....stay tuned!
  39. wikipidia can be fun
    i dont know how to screen cap it or w,e but look at the dennis hallmen fight click me under notes
  40. joe rogan interviews on dmt, lsd and weed
    just wondering if any of you have seen the numerous videos on youtube with joe rogan discussing and being interviewed about the drugs dmt, lsd, shrooms, weed etc ? having personally dabbed in...
  41. UEFA EURO 2012
    Alright, so the 2-year cycle of hating soccer is over for me (I only watch EURO and World cups). Action starts this Friday and this edition should be a good one... Back in '94 while browsing channels...
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  42. Leaving for Vegas tonight
    Going to the Electric Daisy Carnival, it's gonna be sick! Anybody know of any cool spots on the strip?
  43. What happened to the playground?
    So what happened here? It looks like there were far more members. when I look back, a lot of people have been banned Is this normal? Did MMA get...
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  44. anyone have a history or any knowledge in food chemistry?
    I got an assignment due Friday night and a couple of these questions will probably kick my ass. If you have some knowledge in this and would be able to help me out, it would be greatly appreciated...
  45. Nogueira feeling the beat.
    Big Nog
  46. To all those with children...
    ...or those like me, who deal with children on a day to day basis. You'll probably enjoy this. Link
  47. Prometheus
    Going to go see it tonight at midnight. Starting the thread now so I don't forget to make one later. Will post how I think it is later. All I know is I am pumped even with the mixed reviews.
  48. How to ruin someone's life on Twitter
    Tip for modern adulterers: If you’re planning to cheat on your wife of 10 years by awkwardly hitting on the model seated next to you on your flight out of Los Angeles, make sure she isn’t...
  49. 'Dead' Brazilian boy 'sits up in coffin at his own funeral and asks for water before laying back down lifeless
    A two-year-old boy sat up in his coffin and asked for water before laying back down again lifeless, according to a Brazilian news website. In a case that seems almost too incredible to be true, ORM...
  50. Need some help
    Im having issues with my new site and Ive had to set up a new database. Im hosted by GoDaddy and I use Drupal, does any body know how to move the file sfrom the old database to the new database, Ive...
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